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How many times does it happen that you get kind of tired and sleepy during the day? It’s 11 am, you had “enough” sleep, but you are still tired and you can only think about drinking coffee? Or it’s 3 pm, you ate your lunch and you can’t wait to start your power nap.

Drink More Water

Drink More Water

I often had the same issue!

Sure, drinking coffee or Yerba mate tea usually helped, but that was not the solution to the problem. I often wondered why am I always so tired and what’s the reason for my exhaustion.

“There must be a cause for it, huh?”

And when there is a cause, there is a solution.

Looking back to those days, I tried really hard not to listen to my body. It felt like my body was screaming: “Drink more water, you a***)”

And I was like: “Hm?”

So, one part of the cause of my constant tiredness was dehydration.

I know what you are thinking – what did you do to get dehydrated?

Well, mostly I didn’t drink enough. I didn’t train for a marathon, I didn’t spend hours per week in the gym (even though I should move my ass more often) and I didn’t do any hard physical work.

I simply didn’t drink enough water. Sometimes I forgot to drink the whole day. Seriously, I had a glass full of water on my table until the evening and I wasn’t smart enough to use it. I kind of a had the feeling that I should drink more water. But I didn’t.

Sometimes I drank 0,5 – 1 L of water day. Sometimes even more. But usually not. I was just too lazy, I guess. Or I simply forgot to drink.

And then I came across an article which screamed: Drink more water! You SHOULD drink more water!

I said to myself: “Why are you telling me that? I know that! Actually, everyone does!”

But do I really know it?

Do you really know how important drinking water is?

Do you know how much water should you drink every day?

Do you even drink enough every day?

My guess is – you don’t know. I don’t want to be a smartass, but that’s my wild guess. Most of the people should drink more water every single day.

And because they don’t, they get tired, sleepy, their brain is foggy and so on.

Now, I’m not saying that being dehydrated is the ONLY cause for our tiredness. It’s not – but, it’s an important part of it.

So, what can you do about it?

Let’s check out my 4-step process!

Step 1:  If you are often tired or sleepy, check how much water you drink per day

Step 2:  Is the number below 2 L? If yes, there’s probably a high chance you need more. Is the number below 1 L? I’m 99,99% sure you need more water!

Step 3: Make a test – drink more water every day in the upcoming week. Even if you don’t like it – c’mon, push yourself a bit.

Step 4: Check out how you feel after the week.

a) Are you feeling MUCH better? The issue is solved. You’re welcome.
b) There’s no change? Well, let’s find what else influences your tiredness.
c) If you feel super tired, speak to your doctor. Seriously!

Sometimes we’re all too naive when our body is sending us signals. It’s like the easy way is in front of us and we are searching for more complicated causes and solutions.

Yeah, I don’t know why, but that’s how we are. At least some of us.

Why is drinking water so important anyway?

You probably know that we are made out of water (66% of our body is water). You can survive for weeks without eating, but you would probably die in 3-7 days without drinking water (and I’m usually the optimistic guy)!

If you are dehydrated, your blood starts getting thicker, your heart has issues to pump the blood through the circulatory system and your performance slows down.

Instead, if you drink enough water, you’ll notice several benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Your energy level and mood will improve

As soon as you drink a glass of cold water, you feel the freshness running through your body and mind. Your energy increases, your focus becomes stronger and you simply feel better. You will feel more energised!

2. You could lose weight by drinking more

“Yes, seriously.”

First of all, drinking water will make you feel fuller. Have you ever tried drinking 1 Litre of water in one sip? I hope you didn’t because you would feel like Samsung Galaxy Note – hot, but about to explode.

Secondly, drinking water boosts your metabolism. Also, water also helps us dissolve fats and fibre.

3. Your headache might go away

If a headache is triggered due to your dehydration, a glass of water or two will help you overcome it. If there is another reason for your headache and drinking water doesn’t help, please visit your doctor.

4. Say goodbye to your stomach issues

In the process of digestion, water plays an important role. If you are not hydrated enough, you might have stomach issues and heartburn. This annoying burning sensation can be solved by drinking more water.

5. No more hangover

We both know it’s difficult to get over hangover (I only have the theoretical knowledge about this issue, of course). Drinking more water after a hardcore party will help you to recover earlier. If you still feel hangover in the morning, drink a lemon juice and a lot of water and eventually you will feel better.

Preferably before the next party begins.

Since we now (hopefully) agree on the importance of drinking water, let’s quickly jump to the kitchen and drink a glass of water.

Stay hydrated!

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