Who Is Greg?

My name is Greg and I want to get real with you for a minute.

I’ve always dreamed of making a huge impact in the world. “If only I could help more people”, I often said as a kid. But things didn’t look that good at the beginning – I was born in a tiny country in the middle of a war. My parents were broke, and I lived in a small village where I had no real friends. I wasn’t really popular in school, I was the “fat kid” and got often bullied.

Even though I was a hard-working kid and had good marks in school, no one really believed in me (including my parents).

Years later, when I was in high school, I got very sick and that’s when my real struggle began. I lost my motivation, I couldn’t really focus, I visited more than 25 doctors in a year and no one really knew what was happening to me.

Since I had no energy, I was often very lonely and I started losing it…When I was around 23 years old, I’ve decided to move to Sweden for a year. That’s when something weird happened. I was studying Entrepreneurship and I was in a hub of very motivated students who were fighting for the best marks and ideas and whatnot.


When I was watching those guys, I got a bit of motivation back and that’s when I started learning more about how to live a healthier life, how to train your body and mind, how to meditate, how to get more energy, how to be more productive, etc..

Since I had nothing to lose (I was almost completely broke for most of the time), I dramatically changed my habits. It looked awful at first and no one really understood me. When everyone was drinking and partying, I was eating avocado and reading motivational books.  And about 3 months later, just before I almost gave up (I got sick again), I started noticing some weird changes on myself. I felt much more energised, I was able to focus for hours, and I became a very productive person.

I decided to insist following my new habits (eating super healthy, training on a daily basis, meditating,..) and today I’m extremely grateful for that.


I can definitely say that I became a hyper-productive lifehacker, a passionate entrepreneur, and high-performance mentor. For the past 8 years, I’ve been experimenting, testing, comparing and reviewing tools, tricks, strategies, apps and everything else that could increase my productivity level.

When people who were around me started asking me what the hell am I doing with myself, I started sharing my story. As I result I also started Your Inception.

Today, I absolutely enjoy working on new projects, sharing ideas, building companies and helping people. That’s what defines me. I often push myself to the limit in order to maximise my productivity and performance. 

I’ve already helped thousands of people achieve ultimate productivity and that's just the beginning. Luckily, your Inception allows me to help thousands of people every single day.

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I am genuinely interested in life hacking, productivity hacking, brain hacking, sleep hacking, bio hacking and other ways that’ll help you unleash your true potential. 

Every change is hard at first (and even harder a couple of weeks later), but sooner or later you notice positive first results. This brings motivation and consequently, before you even realise it, you are making your dreams come true. 

Because if you don’t pursue them, what’s the point of your life anyway?

Stay true to yourself, push yourself and follow your dreams.

Trust me, you’ll succeed.

With love,


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