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The Brainhacker

The Brainhacker System™ is our proven holistic approach to uncovering the root of your brain issues and optimizing your brain performance.

6 level of performance

Our main goal is to help you grow from your current performance level to the Next Level.
Level 1
Underperforming brain
Level 2
Low Brain Performance
Level 3
Average Brain Performance
Level 4
Superior Brain Performance
Level 5
Peak Brain Performance
Level 6
Genius Brain


In the unstable world of constant pressure, stress, anxiety, mental disorders, new pandemics, and a gazillion other disruptors, it is more important than ever to have complete control of your brain, protect it against invaders and take care of it so that you can live your life to the fullest. It is our mission to understand the science behind peak performance and use the knowledge to help you achieve your desired results.


We are combining science and nature’s power to develop cutting-edge products and services that empower people and support them on their journey to optimized performance and holistic health.


We are a group of experts, researchers, and enthusiasts focusing on enhancing performance in health-driven professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, students, and individuals who strive for better performance and health.


By going through our clinical-proven advanced assessments, we get an overview of your health, lifestyle, personal history, habits, brain health, and other important data. After we analyze the data, we offer a personalized approach that meets your needs and requirements. Our goal is to optimize your brain performance in the shortest time possible in a sustainable, long-lasting way. Besides our top-rated online courses, we offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions, individual protocols, supplements, and gadgets to support you on your journey.

When we started

I decided to launch Your Inception at the end of 2015 after my thorough research of brain supplements didn’t yield any specific results. My initial goal was to start researching and analyzing brain supplements and nootropics to help people optimize their brain performance. But I quickly realized I need to do more than just give people the right supplements. And that was the moment that I started developing my own holistic approach to peak performance.