Artichoke Extract Review: Is This Nootropic Worth Your Money? 4.6/5 (5)

artichoke extract review

The artichoke has mainly made a name for itself in the kitchen as a common vegetable, often boiled and served. However, due to the various benefits it possesses, extracts have been taken out of it. The artichoke extract is mainly used in bringing down cholesterol levels, easing digestion, and treating gout. But should you supplement it? Check out my full artichoke review.

Your inception recommends

Lowers cholesterol

Improves digestive health

Has antioxidant properties

Your Inception does not recommend
May cause allergic reactions

Can worsen gallstones and bile duct occlusion

Artichoke Extract Review

Artichoke extract is gotten from the edible artichoke vegetable, also known as the globe artichoke – Cynara scolymus.

You shouldn’t confuse it with other types of artichokes like the Jerusalem artichoke and Chinese artichoke, which are the totally different genus and species of plant altogether – Helianthus tuberosus and Stachys affinis respectively.

Artichoke Extract Review

Artichoke Extract Review

Originating in the Mediterranean region, the vegetable has been treated as a source of medicinal properties.

The natives used it to treat digestion related issues like irritable bowel syndrome mainly.

Now, the extract is gotten from the leaves, and it contains plenty of minerals and polyphenols.

The minerals include manganese, potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, and zinc.

The main beneficial polyphenols include the starchy and sweet-tasting inulin alongside luteolin, cynarin, and caffeoylquinic acid – the antioxidants. [1]

With the extract, you can now get the benefits in a concentrated manner without having to peel back the leaves of the bulb during mealtime.

And this advantageous because many people prefer to hunt for the core of the bulb and discard the leaves in which the main benefits lie.

Artichoke Extract Benefits

The artichoke extract proffers plenty of benefits to your body.

Let’s examine them in more detail here.

artichoke extract benefits

1. Artichoke Extract Lowers Cholesterol Levels 

As we’ve seen earlier, the artichoke extract contains an antioxidant known as luteolin.

This compound prevents the formation of alcohol. The extract also enables your body to process cholesterol more efficiently. [2]

A study that was conducted on over 700 people found that taking the artichoke extract daily for a period lasting from 5 to 13 weeks had a positive effect on the levels of cholesterol.

The low-density lipid cholesterol – considered the bad one – reduced in this instance. [3]

2. Artichoke Extract Improves Gut Health

The artichoke extract contains a starchy substance that comes from the leaves.

This is known as inulin. Inulin is what is known as a prebiotic, meaning it promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut.

Taking an extract that contains inulin enables these beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to grow and thrive in the gut, making it healthier. [4]

Furthermore, artichoke extract improves gut health by treating indigestion. The cynarin found in the extract promotes the secretion of bile.

The bile, in turn, stimulates peristalsis (gut movement). Bile also emulsifies fats in the gut, making it easier for them to be absorbed.

By improving the health of the gut, other ailments that affect it like bloating, heartburn, and irritability are taken care of. [5]

3. Antioxidant Properties Of Artichoke Extract

The artichoke extract contains plenty of antioxidants that remove dangerous free radicals from the system. Left unchecked, these free radicals have the ability to cause cancer.

The primary antioxidants like cynarin and luteolin are especially effective against chelating free radicals that cause oxidative stress. [6]

In other cases, the antioxidants in the extract stopped the progress of cancer cells and also killed them in some other cases.

4. Artichoke Extract Improves The Health Of Your Liver

Several studies have shown that the contents of the artichoke extract improve the health of the liver and can even protect it from further damage. [2]

Many obese adults who have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can benefit from the extract.

It has been shown to improve liver function when taken daily for about two months. It also reduced the amount of fat deposited in the liver. Liver inflammation also went down.

The ability of the artichoke extract to increase the secretion of bile is beneficial to the liver.

This is because the bile eliminates toxins in the liver.

artichoke extract side effects

Artichoke Extract Side Effects

The artichoke extract is relatively safe for consumption, with only a few possible side effects that you should be on the lookout for.

If you are allergic to plants or products from plants in the Asteraceae family like daisies, sunflowers, and dandelions, you should not take the artichoke extract. [2]

I talked about the extract being beneficial to gut and liver health by stimulating the production of bile.

This bile production can be dangerous if you have gallstones or bile duct occlusion.

The increased flow of bile will worsen the pain you feel when you have gallstones or when your bile duct is blocked. [7]

There’s also a lack of comprehensive information discussing the safety of the artichoke extract.

For this reason, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t take the extract.

I recommend consulting your doctor before supplementing Artichoke extract.

artichoke extract dosage

Artichoke Extract Dosage

If you have regular indigestion, you should take a daily dose ranging from 320 mg to 640 mg of the artichoke extract nootropic. 

Do this three times a day for two months to see the best results.

For the management of cholesterol, a daily dose of 1800 mg was used in human studies.

This amount was broken down into four doses of 450 mg administered orally throughout the day. [8]

Artichoke Extract Reviews and Feedbacks

The reviews from those who have used the extract are mainly on the positive side, with a few noting side effects.

Here is a handful of them:

“After several months with an IBS treatment with no results, I find Artichoke something interesting to try. I buy just artichoke, not the weight loss program, and in 3 weeks I don’t know what is constipation. This work perfectly for me, with the Amitiza I just have one or to bowel movements a week, and with this, I have 3-5 a day. I think would help to lose weight because is a diuretic too.”

“I started taking artichoke extract for my IBS. I felt great for two days and now have had uncontrollable diarrheal for four days. I can’t find anywhere if this is a side effect of the herb or just a fluke for me. I am going to try and stick with it and see if this is just a short term effect.”

“I have fat malabsorption due to my chronic pancreatitis. The artichoke extract helps with my bile flow resulting in increased absorption of fat.”

“I had heard of this product from a friend at work and I decided to buy and try them so I started off which a month supply noticed I was losing weight clothes were starting to fit me loose so I got another box of 30 vials so for the 2 months that I had taken alcachofa while exercising I had lost total 40lbs went from 176 lbs size 13 to 136lbs size 5-7 so I highly recommend it good luck to u..! ;)”

“1 Box – Alcachofivida Artichoke With 10 Ampoules is the name of the product. I started taking to lose weight. In the first 2 weeks of use, I lost 6 pounds. In the 3rd week, I lost 4 pounds. I feel great with lots of energy. I get very thirsty and not really hungry. My husband lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks of use. He also gets very thirsty and not hungry. I had no idea it helped with all these other problems I’m so grateful I started drinking this. I drink with 4oz orange juice.”

artichoke extract buy

Where To Buy Artichoke Extract?

If you want to try Artichoke Extract supplement, you can order it here >>

However, I do prefer taking Artichoke as part of a more effective nootropic stack.

In this case, I’d recommend Qualia Mind.

Qualia Mind is one of the most advanced nootropic stacks that was developed to improve your focus, motivation, energy, productivity, and offer brain-support for optimal cognitive performance.

And besides all, it contains a moderate dosage of Artichoke Extract.

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Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception recommends supplementing Artichoke Extract nootropic. 

Artichoke extract is not a typical nootropic.

It more serves as a supplement with several health benefits.

Honestly, we would only take it as an individual compound if I had issues with cholesterol, gut, or liver.

However, if you can get it in a nootropic stack, it’s still very beneficial for its anti-oxidant effects.

So we’d give it the green light.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is artichoke extract good for you?
Artichoke extract is packed with antioxidants that help your body prevent and fight off cancers. It is also good for your general digestive health, ensuring that probiotics thrive and that fat is easily digested. The extract is also good for normal liver function and cholesterol management.

2. What are the side effects of artichoke extract?
If you are allergic to daisies, sunflowers or chrysanthemums, you are likely to have an allergic reaction if you take the artichoke extract. The increased bile production and flow brought about by the extract can exacerbate gallstones and bile duct blockage.

3. Does artichoke extract help you lose weight?
Many people claim they have lost weight by adding artichoke extract to their diet. However, there are no studies that definitely prove that artichoke makes you lose weight. Like with all foods with rich fiber content, the element of weight loss is still there.

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