Best Nootropics 2019 5/5 (3)

Best Nootropics 2019

With 2019 upon us, now is an ideal time to think about getting a new stack of nootropics. My list of the best nootropics is here to help.


No matter what kind of nootropics you are looking for (nootropics for memory, nootropics for anxiety, nootropics for energy, nootropics for sleep…), my best nootropics 2019 lists a wide range of excellent nootropics, from the most advanced ones to others that provide the best price-performance ratio.

I’ve been researching nootropics for over 5 years and I’ve tried over 50+ nootropic stacks and over 100+ individual nootropics. All nootropic stacks that are on my list have been carefully researched, they have been tested by me personally and by my team, and I can guarantee you they are Crème de la crème of nootropics.

As I wrote on my best nootropics 2018 list, you should keep in mind 4 important things:

  1. This is still my personal judgment, so you might have to try several nootropics before you find the best nootropics for yourself
  2. It takes more than a week to really feel the effects of taking nootropics. I’d recommend sticking to 1 nootropic stack for at least 2-3 weeks before making a decision
  3. Talk to your doctor before you order any nootropics if you want to be 100% on the safe side
  4. I am NOT SPONSORED by any brands – I have found those brands, asked for samples or ordered products, used them and only after that I’ve decided to share the best of them with you

So, which are the best nootropics of 2019? Let’s check them out!

Btw, I’ve put them into different categories so it’s easier for you to follow.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these products, and I recommend them because they deliver on their promises, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

#1 Overall Best Nootropics 2019

Natural mood enhancers review

Are you a CEO, manager, student or someone else who wants to achieve ultimate cognitive performance and productivity? Do you want to improve your memory, increase your focus & attention? Do you want to boost your energy?

This list contains absolutely the best nootropics for memory, nootropics for focus, nootropics for energy, nootropics for productivity and nootropics overall brain health.

If you want to boost your productivity, if you need nootropics for studying, if you want to achieve better cognitive performance, the following nootropic stacks can definitely help you out.

1. Performance Lab

The most advanced line of nootropics ever available

Performance Lab is the most advanced line of nootropics designed to reach peak human performance.

RECOMMENDED TO: Everyone who is serious about upgrading their performance

Performance Lab formulas upgrade biological functions that give you an edge in life. They were developed to help you improve your energy, focus, memory, strength, brainpower, vision, digestion, overall health and even sleep. With a close collaboration of a university and a specialized laboratory, there is no doubt Performance Lab nootropics are the most advanced product of 2019.

Why do I recommend Performance Lab? 

  1. Scientifically researched ingredients of the highest-quality
  2. Fast development of new formulas and upgrades of the current products
  3. Affordable despite being high-quality
  4. Amazing experiences and great feedbacks

What I don’t like about Performance Lab?

  1. You have to order several separate products
Performance Lab

Performance Lab set a bar of making effective nootropics extremely high…I wonder what happens next.

Performance Lab Mind ExperienceGreg Gostincar, MSc & CEO of Your Inception

Use discount code: YOURINCEPTION for 10% discount!

Qualia is remarkable. Clarity, focus, and fluidity of thought. Like those 45 mins after a perfect cup of coffee, except it lasts for 6 hours and you never crash. Alertness and empathy increase, which leads to a kind of openness of experience and more balanced and timely judgments.

Zachary SteinDr. Zachary Stein , PhD Psychometrics Lectica

2. Qualia Mind

One of the most effective nootropic stacks ever developed

RECOMMENDED TO: Anyone who is looking for an advanced, all-in-one supplement.

Qualia Mind is definitely one of the comprehensive nootropics in the world today. With 28 scientifically researched ingredients, Qualia’s formulation has been designed to amplify all the aspects that matter most for optimal cognitive and nervous system functioning.

Why do I recommend QUALIA?

  1. 28 scientifically researched ingredients
  2. It tackles focus, mood, energy, and creativity
  3. Some of the worlds most famous health and fitness experts recommend it
  4. It’s a premium product
  5. You get all the ingredients within one product

What I don’t like about QUALIA? 

  1. You have to take 5-7 capsules for the maximum effect
  2. The package is kind of a big and not that transportable

3. Mind Lab Pro

Great nootropic for memory, focus, overall productivity & long-term brain support

Mind Lab Pro positively influences memory, overall performance, mindset and has a structural impact. 

RECOMMENDED TO: Beginners & people who search for a long-term brain support.

Mind Lab Pro has been one of my all-time favorite nootropic stacks. It’s caffeine free, Non-GMO, soy-free, allergen free, gluten free and vegan-friendly.

Why do I like Mind Lab Pro? 

  1. Mind Lab Pro is great for those who are just starting to explore nootropics and its effects
  2. The formula was designed to improve your overall cognitive performance (memory, speed, clarity)
  3. Besides the short-term effect, Mind Lab Pro uses several nootropics that can improve your brain health in the long-term
  4. The formula was optimized in 2017 and it is now even stronger as before (also, they removed one doubtful ingredient from the formula)

What I don’t like about Mind Lab Pro?

  1. Compared to Performance Lab or Qualia Mind, it lacks ingredients for the ultimate performance & health support
  2. It’s a very straightforward formula, but not for those who search for the ultimate solution because of the lack of vitamins & minerals
Mind Lab Pro Review

After I was introduced to Mind Lab Pro, I started taking it. I did start to feel sharper, I had that extra edge, I was more alert and more concentrated,…

Nigel Short, Best nootropicsNigel Short , Chess Grandmaster
Alpha Brain review

It definitely helped me get through the long days and stay focused all the way through.  I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in my ability to spend hours at a table without a break in concentration. This product really works.

Martin JacobsonMartin Jacobson, World Series of Poker 2014 Champion

4. Alpha Brain

Great for memory & focus

Alpha Brain improves concentration, alertness, and our memory. 

Alpha Brain is quite a popular nootropic stack that was designed to improve our focus & memory. The product has clinically proven results, which is a great benefit. To get higher on the list, I’d love to know the exact amount of each ingredient in the stack.

Why do I recommend Alpha Brain?

  1. High-quality ingredients
  2. Great personal experience
  3. A lot of positive feedbacks

What I don’t like about Alpha Brain?

  1. Some people experienced side-effects such as headaches (including my girlfriend)
  2. We don’t know the exact amount of all ingredients in the stack (a big issue)
  3. The formula lacks several Vitamins B

#2 Best Nootropics For Sleep, Relax & Anxiety

Do you have troubles falling asleep? Or you might be waking up tired? Maybe you are just anxious during the day? Or are you under severe stress and need something that will help you relax?

Here I’m going to share my most recommended nootropics that can help you improve the quality of your sleep, they can help you fall asleep faster, relax during the day and provide long-term support for ultimate performance.

Performance Lab Sleep Benefits

1. Performance Lab Sleep

Best nootropic for ultimate sleep

Performance Lab Sleep promotes restful sleep, supports circadian rhythm and helps to optimize sleep pattern for optimal sleep. 

RECOMMENDED TO: Everyone who is serious about achieving ultimate performance and improving his/her sleep

Performance Lab Sleep is one of the latest inventions of the Performance Lab brand that managed to develop one of the most fascinating sleep nootropics I have ever tried.

Why do I recommend Performance Lab Sleep? 

  1. It helps you fall asleep faster, it increases the quality of your sleep and you wake up rejuvenated
  2. An outstanding combo of nootropics
  3. My experience with Performance Lab Sleep has been amazing

What I don’t like about Performance Lab Sleep? 

  1. The package design – they could do better!

2. Gaba Brain Food + MagTech

Great nootropic for relaxation & sleep

Gaba Brain Food combined with a high-quality Magnesium supplement ensures a high-quality sleep and relaxation.

RECOMMENDED TO: Everyone who wants to feel more relaxed during stressful situations and wants to optimize sleep

GABA Brain Food was developed to support restful sleep and promote feelings of calmness.

Why do I like Gaba Brain Food? 

  1. It is using high-quality natural ingredients (open-source formula)
  2. It helped me dramatically improve my sleep (I also have fewer nightmares)
  3. Great feedback from users

What I don’t like about Gaba Brain Food? 

  1. It is missing Magnesium, therefore you have to combine with MagTech or another Magnesium supplement
GABA Brain Food Review

Use discount code: YOURINCEPTION15 for 15% discount!

I take Gaba Brain Food as part of my sleep stack. After adding it in, I immediately noticed deeper sleep and more dreams (good, of course). It works beautifully as part of my sleep.

Stephanie+K.Stephanie K

How Do I Evaluate Nootropics and Nootropic Stacks?

We all know that evaluating nootropics is a very subjective task. But everyone desires and asks for objective answers. So, it was on me to find a solution that’ll satisfy my high standards and your requirements and wishes.

Here is how my usual review works:

  1. Before I decide on testing a new nootropic stack, I make a thorough analysis. I check EVERYTHING I can find on reliable sites such as / WebMD and similar sites.
  2. Based on what I figure out in the first step, I decide if I’ll try a nootropic stack or not. If yes, I ask for a sample (sometimes I simply buy it).
  3. As soon as I receive a new product, I stop taking any nootropics that I was taking before. I wait for at least a couple of days to “clean my body” before I try anything new.
  4. Then the test period starts.

Now, I’ve tried several different approaches and most of them failed at the beginning. It was always the placebo effect that I was afraid it would harm my review process.

One day, I was playing a so-called dual-n-back game (it’s an advanced memory game) and I achieved great results. It was during a test period of one of my favorite nootropics. So I said to myself – what if I include playing the brain games in the review period? And so it started…

From then on, I have increased the length of my review process to at least 2-4 weeks (with some exceptions). Based on my experience, this is long enough for me to evaluate the results of a certain nootropic stack and external factors that influence my everyday feeling.

What I look for during my test period?


  • How do I feel after I take a nootropic?
  • Are there any crashes, headaches, stomach issues, etc.?
  • Am I focused? Motivated?
  • Am I in the mood?
  • Do I still need a coffee or am I feeling energized enough?
  • How do I sleep?
  • How is my multi-tasking?
  • Do I get easily distracted?

In addition, I use the test period to play the dual-n-back game a couple of times and compare results (please understand that this game is so challenging that if you don’t play it every couple of days, you’ll suck the next time).

When it comes to the dual-n-back game, I specifically observe:

  • Do I feel like playing the game?
  • Am I playing the game for the sake of winning or just finishing the task?
  • How many repetitions can I do before I get tired?
  • What’s the best result I can achieve?
  • Am I close to beating my best score?


  • How well do I sleep?
  • How do I feel upon waking up?
  • How well can I relax during the day?
  • How do I act in stressful situations?

Based on all the results and answers I collect, I write a short summary and then compare each product to other nootropics.

And that’s about it. Now you understand my process. It’s nothing spectacular, it’s not super-scientific, but it works and it delivers results. 

Please keep in mind I’m not a doctor, so there is no professional bias in my reviews. I’m “just a random enthusiast” who finds nootropics super exciting and loves testing them.

The only thing that matters at the end is that we all find a nootropic stack that delivers an outstanding performance AND that is safe to take. 

Luckily, all of those nootropics on my Top nootropics of 2019 list deliver great results. Now it’s on you to decide which one you prefer the most!

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