Best Nootropics For Studying: Check Our Ultimate List

Studying can be exceptionally tough and hard. But no matter your IQ, mental capabilities, or motivation, there are ways to make studying more efficient and easier. And nootropics for studying can help. Let’s find out which.

best nootropics for studying

How Nootropics Helped Me

Anyone who read my story should know two things about me:

  1. I used to be a complete failure for most of the youth; also I’m not exceptionally talented
  2. No matter the previous fact, I was chosen as the BEST student on one of the worlds top 60 universities (while I was launching a start-up, that was later worth over 2.5 million dollars)

Many people believe this happened due to the extreme amount of luck that I had because there is no other explanation.

Now, I cannot say I was particularly unlucky during my studies, but no, I wasn’t particularly lucky either.

However, I have done everything I could to dramatically change my daily habits, which finally allowed me to outperform the majority of the people around me. And nootropics helped a lot.

But I had to spend tons of money and my time to find high-quality, effective, and affordable nootropics for studying. To help you save your time, I’ll share the best nootropics for studying below.

Just before I do, let me quickly explain to you, how can nootropics help you during your studies. 

Nootropics And Studying

Many students wonder how exactly can nootropics help them with studying. Let me quickly try to explain.

First and foremost, nootropics can positively influence different aspects of cognitive performance. This means that they can help with:

  1. Focus and attention
  2. Short and long-term memory
  3. Motivation and mood
  4. Speed of thinking
  5. Creativity
  6. Productivity

If you smartly combine the most effective nootropics, you will get all the mentioned benefits without any side effects whatsoever. But that’s not all …

Nootropics can also help you relax when necessary. Also, they can increase the quality of your sleep. I remember when I was a student, there were many occasions when I was extremely nervous and anxious. I also had a hard time falling asleep days before an exam.

So, as you can see, nootropics provide several positive benefits. They can help you outperform others while staying relaxed and healthy.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Trust me.

But picking the right nootropics can take quite some time, and they can also be quite expensive.

Let me now share with you the most effective single nootropic compounds. At the end of this post, you will find the best nootropic stacks for studying.

Best Nootropics For Studying

So, which are the most effective nootropics for studying? Here is our top list. 

1. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is an adaptogen herb that has been used for centuries in the traditional Indian (Ayurveda) medicine. Even though we know that Bacopa Monnieri (also called Brahmi) was first mentioned in the 6th century, modern medicine discovered this potent herb much later.

Bacopa Monnieri can improve your memory, focus, attention, it can help you relax, and it can help with anxiety. A lot of research confirms many anecdotal benefits of Brahmi.

It is one of the nootropics you definitely want to have in your nootropic stack.

2. Citicoline

Citicoline is another nootropic that you want to see in a nootropic stack for studying. Even though the name sounds very unnatural, it is an entirely natural compound that your body produces.

Why would you need to supplement it then? Because you might not get it enough from food. Also, if you need additional brainpower (as most students do nowadays), supplementing citicoline can be very beneficial.

This nootropic can boost your memory, it can help with circulation, it can protect your brain from harmful agents (a great long-term benefit), and it can improve your mood.

3. L-theanine 

Caffeine And Theanine

I can imagine that most of you also heard of L-theanine – the famous amino acid hidden in green tea that can help you relax. But did you know what happens if you combine it with caffeine? MAGIC! Well, kind of …

While caffeine gives you a great energy kick, L-theanine ensures maximum focus and attention. Also, caffeine can leave quite bad side effects (you know, I’m talking about nervousness and anxiety), which never show up if you take it together with L-theanine.

Drinking coffee and green tea at the same time sounds ridiculous (and it is, trust me). That’s why you can get both substances in capsules, which makes it easier to consume, and it is cheaper.

And if you combine them with other nootropics, you can achieve even better results.

4. Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is another adaptogen herb that you can easily combine with other nootropics from our list. Due to the similar effects as Bacopa Monnieri, it makes your nootropic stack even stronger.

Besides, Bacopa Monnieri can help with fatigue and also your athletic performance. That’s why I recommended to add it to your stack.

5. Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane mushroom

Lion’s Mane mushroom is a nootropic that doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of benefits in the short-term but can be very beneficial for long-term use. Since I expect you will spend at least a couple of years studying, then I would suggest adding Lion’s Mane to your stack.

This medicinal mushroom has anti-depressant properties, it fights inflammation, and it can help with neurodegeneration. So there are a lot of reasons why you want to see this nootropic in your supplement.

We just covered the best nootropics for studying. I guess you want to avoid buying all ingredients separately, weighing them at home, and playing a chemist (if you are not studying chemistry). So, the best solution for you (and for 99,9% of other people, including myself) is to find a high-quality nootropic supplement that contains all the mentioned nootropics.

Best Nootropic Supplement For Studying

There are a few fantastic nootropic supplements that I could recommend to you. The issue is that most of them are expensive. Now, I’m not saying you don’t have the needed budget of $120+ per month.

But also, most complex nootropic stacks contain nootropics that you probably don’t need as a student.

However, there is one exceptionally high-quality nootropic supplement, it contains all the necessary compounds, it is pretty affordable, and it works amazingly well.

I’m talking about Qualia Focus.

Qualia Focus

Yes, I believe that Qualia Focus is the perfect nootropic stack for studying.

If you want to try it out, get the best price here >>

I managed to get a special discount code YOURINCEPTION, which will secure you an additional 15% discount.

Oh, and just so you know, I’m NOT sponsored by this brand – it is genuinely among the best of the best in this awesome industry. So, if you are serious about achieving great results at the university, then keep in mind that nootropics can help you out.

If you go with Qualia or you find other supplements, that’s on you. But you won’t get a better supplement at such a price anywhere else.

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Qualia Focus is among the best nootropic supplements in the world. There are many reasons for that – it contains 24 high-quality nootropics, it delivers excellent short- and long-term benefits, and it works exceptionally well. What’s more important is the fact that this nootropic stack seems to be designed for students. It’s also among the more affordable ones, so we expect students to be delighted with it. That is why we recommend it.



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