Calm App Review: Mind-blowing Meditation App (2019) 4.2/5 (10)

calm app review

Are you keen on learning how to meditate? Or you just need some additional help to become even better at meditating? There are many ways to tackle this challenge. My absolutely favorite way of meditating by using an app with a guided meditation. To be more specific – by using Calm App. Check out my full Calm App review.

Your inception recommends

It is my favorite meditation app

It offers tons of useful features and great guided meditation

It has a free version available

Your Inception does not recommend

It’s not the cheapest app available

Calm App Review

Guided mindfulness meditation helped me to create my daily habit of meditating.

I have to admit, it was challenging at first.

But as soon as I found the perfect guided meditation app, it got easier and more fun.

More importantly, as soon as I started using the Calm App, I got visibly calmer.

Besides, it seems like I can handle every stressful situation you can imagine.

But why do I like the Calm App so much?

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

How To Use Calm App?

As soon as you download and install the app on your smartphone, you have to choose your primary goal.

You can choose among the following options:

  1. Reduce Anxiety
  2. Better Sleep
  3. Improve Focus
  4. Learn To Meditate
  5. Increase Happiness
  6. Build Self-Esteem
  7. Develop Gratitude
  8. Reduce Stress

Don’t worry, you can change your daily goals later on.

Personally, I most often want to improve my focus since I’m very passionate about this topic.

As soon as you chose your goal, sign up with your email and password, you can choose among a huge variety of meditations and music, but there is also a masterclass available.

When daily meditation guide is chosen, just find a comfortable spot in your home, sit straight, use your earbuds and you’re good to start.

Calm App Benefits

Calm App Benefits

How Often / Long Do I Meditate?

I usually meditate in the mornings, at least 2-3 times a week. I used to do it more often, but since I started combining meditation with gym training, 2-3 times per week works the best.

I started with 3-5 minute daily meditation, but when I got more experienced, I slowly increased my daily meditation to 8-15 minutes daily.

Following those rules, I dramatically improved my focus, I have my mind more “under control,” and I can be extremely productive and calm even in very stressful situations.

I could probably do it without using Calm App, but it is so much fun and easier with tons of guided meditations.

Where to Download Calm App?

If you want to try Calm App, you can download it here:

The Calm app is available as a free version, but the Pro version offers more programs.

The subscription starts at around 2,99 $/month, and it provides a whole bunch of interesting meditation programs and cool features.

I would recommend checking out the free version first, and you can subscribe later on.

Stay calm and focused!

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