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Catuaba is a fascinating Amazonian tree primarily known for its aphrodisiac abilities. Not the beautiful yellow flower nor the fruit, but it is the bark of Catuaba that hides a whole range of fantastic benefits. Which ones? Let’s find out.

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It’s a great aphrodisiac

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Catuaba Review

Catuaba (Anemopaegma mirandum) is the bark of a tree that has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac.

First users (Brazil’s Indians) were apparently amazed by the aphrodisiac power of Catuaba. 



However, later use cases show that Catuaba is not only a great aphrodisiac, but it can very well stimulate the central nervous system to calm you down and to boost your memory.

Sadly, due to a massive lack of research, most benefits are based on traditional uses and anecdotes.

Having said this, Catuaba might be exciting (and still a secret) nootropic that may potentially provide tons of benefits.

Read further to see why.

Catuaba Benefits

Despite the lack of research, I’ve decided to do a research on my own about this Amazonian hidden tree to see what to expect from this potentially very strong and potent nootropic.

Here is what I’ve found out.

catuaba benefits

1. Catuaba Is An Aphrodisiac 

As mentioned previously, Catuaba has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac.

It’s trendy in Brazil, but you can already find it on Amazon and many other countries around the world.

Its popularity is growing, and by having said this, I believe more research will be done soon.

Until then, we have to rely on anecdotes and traditional use cases.

2. Catuaba May Boost Your Cognitive System

Another potential benefit of Catuaba is the power to boost your cognitive system.

This tree (well, bark) has been traditionally used as a cognitive and memory booster.

While there are no studies to support this, it shows some potential.

3. Catuaba May Help With Brain Damage

I found a 2012 study of Catuaba used on rats to measure its potential effects to treat brain damage. [1]

The study found that Catuaba may be useful as a preventative agent against brain damage.

4. Catuaba May Help With Anxiety & Depression 

A study from 2005 conducted on mice shows quite convincing evidence that Catuaba might be an effective antidepressant [2].

Keep in might a lot more research has to be done to prove the benefits of supplementing Catuaba on humans, but again, current data seems promising.

Since preliminary studies show potential antidepression benefit of catuaba, it’s realistic to believe that this compound might be effective for anxiety disorders and potentially even for sleep-related issues.

5. Catuaba Has Antimicrobial And Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

While I’m not a doctor, I was quite fascinated to read a study from 2014, which found that Catuaba inhibited PLA2 activity, which is involved in the anti-inflammatory process. [3]

Besides that, another study from 1992 showed potentially positive benefits of using Catuaba as an anti-HIV drug/supplement. [4]

I believe we are still far from proving those benefits, but results are promising.

6. Catuaba Might Help Patients With Cancer

Last but not least, according to a 2007 study, Catuaba contains unique alkaloids called tannins, which are potent antioxidants and might have anticancer properties [5].

To make a short conclusion, Catuaba lacks a lot of studies and research, but preliminary data and studies are promising.

Therefore, I’ll keep on learning more about this tree and hopefully, we’ll soon get more data about the (proven) benefits of using it.

catuaba extract side effects

Catuaba Side Effects

Due to the lack of studies, it’s hard to discuss Catuaba side effects. That’s why it’s even more important to be cautious about it.

What is essential to do is to find a reliable vendor of Catuaba (if you decide on supplementing it of course), and follow the recommended daily dose.

If you do experience any side effects (such as headaches, stomach issues, etc.), immediately stop taking it and consult your doctor.

Catuaba Dosage & Suggested Use

Due to the lack of studies, there is no recommended daily dosage of Catuaba.

Until more research is known, I’d suggest avoiding supplementing it.

Do consult your doctor for additional information.

catuaba buy

Where To Buy Catuaba?

I’ve found a Catuaba supplement here>>

It’s 4:1 Catuaba extract. I couldn’t find it in powder form though.

But as mentioned before, I’d avoid supplementing it until we have more research about it.

I believe it’s just too risky, mainly because we don’t know the recommended daily doses.

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception does not recommend supplementing Catuaba. 

We suggest avoiding Catuaba and instead use of one of the nootropic stacks that provide scientifically proven benefits, are safe to take, and work.

You can find my best recommendations here >>

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