Do you want to enhance your brainpower, get rid of brain fog, become mentally sharp, improve your memory, find the right nootropics for you, or simply learn new brain hacks to protect your brain?

Learn more about different coaching options below.

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Many choose to work with Greg on optimizing their FULL brain performance. This is the ultimate coaching program that will help you achieve optimal cognition, mental clarity, memory, focus, and overall performance. You will also learn how to mitigate your stress and anxiety. Finally, you will learn how to find your true passion and live a life worth living. 


He can suggest specific products or brands if you wish. He may offer special discounts for some of the products due to his excellent relations with a few leading supplement businesses.

Based on your wishes and goals, Greg will:

  • Create the right supplement protocols for you to help you achieve desired results
  • Suggest specific supplements and nootropics depending on your needs
  • Tell you how & when to take them for optimal results 
  • Send you a detailed questionnaire to objectively analyze your brain performance
  • Based on the results, prepare a custom-made brain protocol 
  • Help you optimize your brain performance, focus, memory, and attention
  • Assist you if you suffer from ADD/ADHD, depression, or other cognitive impairments

Important: Greg invested tens of thousands of $$$ in coaching to find the most effective strategies to help you achieve optimal brain performance. He is a certified expert on Brain Biohacking from Emory University. He has finished multiple trainings in brain science, nutrition, sleep, supplements, biochemistry, and memory. 

Also, he has tested and analyzed hundreds of supplements to find the most effective and potent supplements for long-term use. 


$ 97 Per session
  • Introductory session
  • Analysis of your goals and lifestyle
  • Complete protocol for supplements
  • Complete protocol for optimizing your brain/mind performance
  • Check-in Zoom session to analyze your results, provide support and further recommendations
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As a bonus, you will get special discount codes on a variety of supplements. If you use them, you will save more on supplements than you will spend on this coaching program.


"Grega is an excellent brain consultant who can accurately assess your specific situation thoroughly and recommend the right stack of nutritional supplements. He listens to your issues patiently and addresses them well via emails and conference calls. I found him to be very friendly indeed. His recommendation for me to use a particular stack of nutritional supplements over the other helped me improve my executive functions. "
"I really like coaching with Greg I learn new things I didn't know before also great effective supplements and I like that it is all safe. "
Mohd Nasser




If you are unsure about the supplements & nootropics you are currently taking, let Greg (and his team) evaluate your daily protocol. He will look at the supplements you currently take, how and when you take them. 

Based on your current status and your goals, he will recommend unique supplements specifically for your needs. In addition, you can get special discounts on some of the top-rated supplements. 


$ 250 For complete analysis
  • Complete scientific brain assessment
  • Analysis of your current supplements
  • Optimization of your supplement regime
  • Personal recommendation on the best supplements for your needs
  • Special discounts
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As a bonus, you will get special discount codes on a variety of supplements. If you use them, you will save more on supplements than you will spend on this coaching program.


"Grega jumped out of the average world into a high-performing world in a couple of years. After he explained how he did it, I got so motivated I wanted to do it myself."
Casper B
Key Account Manager
"Grega has helped many entrepreneurs, including me, with his advice on how to improve my brain performance. It has been a great pleasure working with him."
Monica Horvat
Monika Horvat
Digital Marketing Specialist
"What can I say about Greg - he is an outstanding guy, extreme performer and a great motivation for me."
Gustav Soderberg
"I've known Grega since UNI and we instantly connected. He is that type of a guy who thinks a lot about the world around him, but with one MAJOR difference. He believes (and rightly so) that he can manipulate and change the world not just for him, but most importantly, for the people around him. Breaking the rules is in his DNA."
Klemen Selakovic
Klemen Selakovic
Award-winning UI/UX designer
"Greg has been pushing the boundaries for years. I've known him since he was really struggling and underperforming and the way he changed is just unreal."
Rok Lozej
Rok Lozej
CEO & Entrepreneur
"After I started listening to Greg, I feel like my IQ doubled. Seriously, my memory is better, I have no brain fog, and I feel more capable than ever before."
Tina B