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Being the most prominent and most respected brand that is reviewing nootropics and nootropic supplements brings enormous responsibility, but also a few exciting perks. One of them is the exclusive coupons that we can often negotiate and offer to our followers.

nootropic coupons

Nootropic Discount Codes

The fact is that we have reviewed over 100+ nootropic supplements, and we will continue doing that in the future. Some of the supplements stand out from the crowd. Since we are on a mission to make the nootropic industry as transparent as possible, making exclusive deals with a few of the best businesses in the industry allows us to give the best brands an additional push.

At the same time, it is easier for us to make a deal with carefully chosen brands and negotiate exclusive coupons that can save you money on buying supplements.

Why Are We So Transparent

If you apply any of the coupons that we present below, we will get a small commission from the order that you will make. This means you will get the lowest price possible for buying a specific nootropic supplement, and we will use the funds to continue being the market leader in providing objective reviews of nootropic supplements.

That is the reason why you won’t find many coupons below – because we only show the best of the best. Sadly, most brands that are on the market (and offered us special coupons) hadn’t developed great enough supplements for our high-standards. Until they do, we will not feature them below, and we will not have a chance to get additional commissions.

We need to be 100% transparent, which we believe is the only way to follow our mission.

How To Apply Discount Codes

To apply discount codes, you do not have to register for an account. You only have to insert the code at the checkout page, and you will receive an additional discount.

In general, discount codes provide from 5 – 15% discount, but there might be some exceptions during special promo events.

If you already chose your favorite supplement brand, check below if there are discount codes available for it. If you are still not sure, don’t forget to check our list of best nootropic supplements to find out our favorite nootropics.

#1 Neurohacker Collective (15% discount)

#2 Onnit (10% discount)


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