french maritime pine bark

French Maritime Pine Bark is a relatively new entrant in the nootropics industry. What is it, what benefits does it provide, and should you supplement it? Let’s find out.

Your inception recommends

Improves neurotransmitter activity

Enhances cerebral circulation

Prevents neurodegenerative diseases

Your Inception does not recommend

May cause some dizziness or headaches

May cause some drug interaction

May slow down blood clotting

Maritime Pine Review

Maritime Pine is a pine native to the Mediterranean and goes by the formal name of Pinus pinaster.

It is typically found along the coastal areas of southern Europe having emigrated from its original Mediterranean home.

It is now found in other parts of the world including the US, UK, India, and parts of South America.

Maritime Pine Review

Maritime Pine Review

Historically, the bark of this tree has yielded a few different uses other than improved cognitive functioning. For instance, Maritime Pine bark has been used for treating scurvy, but its entry into the nootropics foray is relatively recent.

This is given its extremely potent antioxidant content.

The most popular form of Maritime Pine bark goes by the patented name of Pycnogenol.

This is an extract that has been standardized to contain 65-75% active compounds, which give the pine bark its most potent properties.

As a nootropic, it improves memory, cognition, reduces ADHD symptoms, and plays a part in preventing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

Other than boosting brain health, it is equally useful for several other conditions such as regulating diabetes and hypertension, increasing stamina and sports endurance and offering skin and joint health benefits.

Most of the research done is on Pycnogenol, although there are other extracts available under different names.

Pycnogenol, however, remains reliable for research purposes with 400 scientific publications, including 135 clinical studies and over 10,000 participants involved.

The extract derived from the bark of the Maritime Pine contains a particular blend of antioxidants known as oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds or OPCs. These compounds give the Maritime Pine bark is the most potent properties.

Antioxidants are crucial since they can counterbalance free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are produced by the body naturally to get rid of toxins and fight diseases when the body gets exposed to pollution and stress.

But if the number of free radicals exceeds that of antioxidants counteracting them, then your cells become compromised through oxidation.

The OPCs present in Maritime Pine bark is beneficial by yielding a dual function.

For instance, they are not only capable of boosting the anti-oxidative power of the cells but can also catch free radicals in the bloodstream.

When translated into nootropic benefits, this has the effect of improving cerebral blood flow and enhancing cognition.

Both mechanisms stand out in terms of yielding brain-boosting power, while also offering other benefits.

french maritime pine bark benefits

French Maritime Pine Bark Benefits

Let’s have a look at some of the essential benefits of Maritime Pine Bark.

1. Maritime Pine Bark Reduces Oxidative Stress

Many antioxidants struggle to reach the brain, but OPCs seem to be particularly adept at crossing the blood-brain barrier.

This feature makes them especially suited to rid the brain of potentially damaging free radicals.

This helps promote long-term brain health and performance.

Other than granting cognitive benefits, reducing oxidative stress also has a significant impact on different aspects of health.

For instance, more and more diseases are being linked to free radical damage. But reducing their numbers can help prevent the onset of conditions like certain cancers, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and atherosclerosis.

2. Maritime Pine Bark Boosts Nitrous Oxide (NO) Production

Another property of OPCs is to boost the production of Nitrous Oxide.

For blood vessels to function optimally, they need NO, which lets them dilate and retain healthy levels of blood pressure. 3

Now, blood vessels release NO through their endothelium or interior walls.

Once released, NO relaxes constricted blood vessels and expands them. This allows more nutrient-rich blood to flow through and reach all parts of the body, including the brain.

This brings me to the point of cerebral circulation in particular.

With more blood reaching the brain effectively, there is enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells.

Areas of the brain that may not be receiving sufficient blood also start getting the fuel they need to thrive. In this manner, age-related cognitive decline that may be caused by the degradation of blood vessels can be prevented or at least delayed.

By protecting brain health, you can also protect your long-term mental performance.

In the same manner, improved circulation to the heart can prevent the blood from clotting and arterial restriction brought on by stress.

Studies have also shown that the OPCs found in Maritime Pine bark extract can strengthen the lining of blood vessels as well as of capillaries.

3. Maritime Pine Bark Improves Cognitive Performance and Brain Function

Supplementing with pine bark extract seems to have a significant effect on memory, focus, decision making, and mood.

Evidence gathered from several different studies indicates the brain-boosting power of this remedy.

For instance, one 12 week study conducted in Italy involved 60 subjects, half of whom were given pine bark extract daily while the other half received a placebo.

After 12 weeks, the group receiving pine bark extract showed more significant improvement with free radicals reduced by 30.4%. They also exhibited improved spatial memory, alertness, anxiety, and contentedness. [1]

In another study that examined the effects of pine bark extract on working memory involved 101 subjects in a double bind, placebo-controlled study.

Participants received 150mg of the extract every day for three months.

Results were compiled based on cognitive tasks, including attention, working memory, episodic memory, and psychomotor performance.

The group taking the extract developed a better working memory. [2]

4. Maritime Pine Bark Enhances Athletic Performance

Because it is an antioxidant, acts as a vasorelaxant, and has some anti-inflammatory potential, Maritime Pine bark extract can also help with improving physical performance.

Together, these mechanisms can have a supportive outcome of athletic performance. This happens by bringing oxygen, and hence energy, to the muscles more effectively.

The same will also affect speeding up recovery after exercise and reducing cramps, aches, and pains once the workout is over.

Along with performance, pine bark extract also seems to improve athletic stamina.

147 participants involving recreational athletes taking 100 mg of the extract over an 8-week training program exhibited improved endurance levels.

Professional athletes preparing for a triathlon took 150 mg daily with improving their overall time, enhancing swimming, biking, and running scores while reducing cramps and muscle pain. [3]

5. Maritime Pine Bark May Improve ADHD Symptoms

The antioxidant content of Maritime Pine Bark can help balance the immune system.

The same can also lower inflammation and reduce oxidative stress in ADHD. Additionally, individuals with ADHD also have higher than usual adrenaline and dopamine levels, which can aggravate oxidative stress.

One clinical trial administered a controlled dosage of pine bark extract to 57 ADHD children for one month.

After the trial period was over, the children exhibited reduced hyperactivity symptoms by lowering levels of dopamine, adrenaline, and increasing the antioxidant glutathione. [4]

6. Maritime Pine Bark Lowers Blood Glucose

Pine bark can potentially lower blood glucose levels and improve blood sugar readings. But results are only observed if administered for at least 12 weeks.

One such trial with 77 participants received the extract administered at 100 mg daily for 12 weeks.

Results showed that not only did blood sugar levels lower, but so did HbA1c, which is a marker for long-term blood glucose levels. [5]

Taking the extract resulted in significantly lowered blood glucose levels and improved endothelial function.

Another similar study of 48 individuals with diabetes and hypertension receiving 125 mg daily also showed promising results.

More than half the participants were able to normalize their blood pressure as well as reduce medication intake for the condition.

This improvement also reduced the risk of heart disease complications. [6]

7. Maritime Pine Bark Improves Skin Health

Natural antioxidants have long been known for their skin-friendly benefits. In the same manner, pine bark extract has been studied for reducing skin damage.

The skin is extensively exposed to toxins, pollutants, UV rays, and other factors that compromise its health and defense mechanism.

Pine bark extract may be able to protect the skin from many of these factors, including UV rays, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tanning.

At the same time, it may also improve skin strength, elasticity, and hydration.

Its use as an anti-aging agent was studied in a clinical trial with 20 post-menopausal women.

Receiving 12 weeks of supplementation improved the skin’s elasticity and hydration. The same also enhanced gene activity that produces collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body. [7]

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Side Effects

When taken at the recommended dose, Maritime Pine Bark extract does not present any severe side effects.

At most, some people may feel some dizziness, mild digestive issues, or a headache.

But since it has the potential to boost the immune system, anyone taking an immune suppressant should avoid using this supplement.

Since it can also lower blood glucose levels, you need to be careful sticking with the recommended dosage as too high a dose may potentially lower blood glucose too much, especially for diabetics.

Maritime Pine Bark is considered to be very safe.

french maritime pine bark extract dosage

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract Dosage

The recommended dosage of pine bark containing 95% OPCs is up to 100 mg 3 times a day.

Since it is a water-soluble compound, it can be taken with water or mixed in a smoothie.

The dosage for this supplement varies based on the condition you are trying to treat.

The most commonly recommended numbers for daily dosage are given below, but it is always best to consult with your doctor before starting supplementation:

  • High blood pressure: 50-200 mg daily
  • Diabetes: 50-200 mg
  • Joint health: 30-150 mg
  • Menstrual discomfort: 30-100 mg
  • Sports endurance: 50- 500 mg

The effects of this nootropic are not felt instantly but can take up to six hours to set in.

As the effects build up over time, biohackers have reported a surge in energy, clearer thinking, and getting more done.

With continued use, biohackers also report hair, nails, and skin taking on a healthy glow, not bruising as easily, and their allergies and sinuses clearing up.

Do stick with the recommended dose for optimal performance and safety!

Maritime Pine Bark Reviews and Feedbacks

I gathered some feedbacks on maritime pine bark extract from people that take it:

“I take this for my ear to help maintain circulation to prevent vertigo. I take one every day and have not had vertigo in a few months.”

“I didnt take this for a while and my blood pressure started climbing. I have taken it for a couple of years now. Then I quit. Now I am taking it again and my BP is starting to fall again. Works for me.”

I buy these for my mother, who swears by them for her skin health. She’s in her late 60’s.”

Where To Buy French Maritime Pine Bark Extract?

If you want to buy Maritime Pine Bark, my recommendation is to get it as a part of a nootropic stack.

I’d recommend you ordering Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro Review

That’s the most affordable, convenient, and effective way to boost your cognitive functions and get other health benefits of Maritime Pine Bark.

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception recommends supplementing  French Maritime Pine Bark supplement.

Based on long-term user reports, we would say that this nootropic is one that best yields effects in the long-term.

It has been reported to make users feel calmer, think quicker, and have improved memory.

In fact, this nootropic does the work of many all rolled into one by acting as an antioxidant, an antihistamine, and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Along with optimized cognitive and athletic benefits, it also has applications for the eye, joint, and skin health.

So if your medical practitioner gives the go-ahead, and you’re looking for something to maximize cognitive function over time, we would recommend you give Maritime Pine Bark a try.


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