Are Nootropics Safe? My Ultimate Study

The safety of nootropics has never been as debated as it is at this moment. One of the reasons is that the popularity of nootropics is clearly increasing and there are more and more supplements and nootropic stacks available on the market. So, are nootropics safe? 

are nootropics safe

Are Nootropics Safe?

The term nootropics were first used in 1972 by the Romanian chemist Corneliu E Giurgea. [1] Since then, a lot has changed on the market of nootropics.

There are many products on the market, providing fantastic effects such as improving our memory, focus, and mood. At the same time, I came across nootropics that have no proven impact while potentially some harmful side-effects.

But where is the truth?

Talking about the safety of such a wide range of compounds, ingredients, and stimulants is exceptionally challenging. The main reasons for such a complexity lie in the fact that first, there is a lack of studies and secondly, nootropics are not pharmaceutical drugs, so they do not undergo clinical trials.

Saying it differently, until a nootropic is proven unsafe, it will be treated as a safe product.

And this can be a big issue for all of us.

Based on the research I’ve done in the past years, most nootropics are considered safe if taken as recommended, but as always, some exceptions worry me. Before we talk about them, let’s see how to identify safe nootropics.

Nootropics And Research 

As I mentioned earlier, there is a lack of research done on healthy individuals for most nootropics that I know.

Safe nootropics

Why is this trouble?

Well, first of all, even if certain nootropics benefit people with some sickness and disabilities, this doesn’t mean they’re going to work on healthy individuals.

Secondly, since there is a lack of research, no serious guidelines were established, which makes supplementing them difficult and potentially unsafe.

There is another thing to put into consideration – while one compound (one nootropic) may be safe, what about when you combine it with ten other compounds?

What happens then?

Now, when it comes to research, you can find lots of reliable sources online.

I often check,, and of course,

There you’re going to find tons of data available. Even if you have no idea about how nootropics work, well, type in the name of a particular nootropic you are interested in and whoila, you’ll immediately gain access to tons of data.

If there have been any research done, of course.

Another important thing to mention is most nootropics are vitamins, minerals, herbs (that have been used for centuries), amino acids, etc. and there are only a few synthesized nootropics currently available on the market.

While this doesn’t prove that all nootropics are safe, it should make you worry less.

So, what’s the next step?

Single Nootropic vs Nootropic Stacks

If you favor one single nootropic to achieve one specific effect, you’ll definitely minimize potential risks. However, at the same time, this specific compound might be less effective.

What’s the alternative?

Nootropic stacks – a mix of several nootropics. When it comes to nootropic stacks, you can either stack nootropics at home (NOT recommended for beginners) or buy already stacked nootropics which are produced by several manufacturers from all over the world.

To learn more about safe nootropic stacks, click here: Nootropic stack.

Safest nootropics

Nootropics And Capsules

I often see some “fantastic nootropic stacks” that look WOU & MMM from far away, but as soon as I do some digging, I come across things such as:

  1. This product contains gluten
  2. This product contains soy
  3. The product contains artificial colors, preservatives, carrageenan or lots of caffeine
  4. The product contains some “shady” ingredients

Now, you don’t want such things in your nootropic stack. Period.

The cleaner the formula and the product, the better.

If you take a low-quality product, you can expect adverse side effects, so be careful.

Safest Nootropics

So, which are the safest nootropics?

There are many safe nootropics on the market, but there are a few that stand out.

I’ve prepared a list of the best nootropics (which are also the safest), which you can check by clicking the button below. 

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