How Do We Evaluate Nootropics? Our Scientific Approach

We all know that evaluating nootropics is a very subjective task. But everyone desires and asks for objective results. So, we have decided to find experts who could help us develop the most scientific approach to evaluating nootropics so far. Here is what we’ve done.


Why No Other “Experts” Use Scientific Methods?

If you search for “your desired nootropic review”, you will come across hundreds of different blogs, where “nootropic experts” of all kinds share their “experience” with nootropic supplements.

Everything looks fine from far away, but as soon as you dig deeper into the topic, you figure out that most reviews are fake. What’s worse – all reviews (without an exception) are either made up or based only on personal experience.

Now, we have nothing against sharing a personal experience when it comes to evaluating nootropic supplements. Actually, we do it ourselves.

However, picking up the best supplements based on personal experience only can be problematic. Especially because we see a damaging trend of changing the personal experience towards the brands that offer the highest commissions.

To fight this terrible trend, Your Inception decided to be the first brand that will come up with a partly scientific method for evaluating nootropics.

Since we’ve been one of the first reviewers on the market, we felt an urge to do it.

Here is the result.

We Hired A Team Of Experts

Before developing a system, we wanted to understand how does typical scientific research look like.

So we hired a small group of experts – one psychologist, a group of neuroscientists, a biotechnologist, and MD.

After hours of brainstorming, we knew what we had to do.

That’s when we started developing our system that would be as objective as possible.


We Tested Different Tools And Methods

Once we had a plan, we started testing different tools, online softwares, apps, and other scientific methods (like psychological tests) which could help us find the most valuable scientific tests.

After weeks of testing, we got closer to our final goal.

During this process, we figured out that we need a system which would be:

  1. Easy to use
  2. As fast as possible
  3. A combination of objective and subjective methods
  4. Applicable to all groups of nootropic supplements

We got across some very detailed cognitive tests that would take hours of our time to test one supplement only.

Sadly, we cannot afford (nor do we believe it makes sense) such advanced tests.

But through trial & error, we got closer and closer.

Here are a couple of tests that we tried:

  • MAAS (for measuring attention)
  • SF36 (for measuring energy)
  • State Anxiety Test
  • Perceived Stress Scale
  • WMS (working memory span)
  • and many others…

We also used different platforms which proved to be more or less valuable for our cause.

one of our first tests
One of our first comparison tables

We Came Up With Over 50 Evaluating Factors

The result of intense testing and brainstorming was over 50 factors that we decided to use for the evaluation of nootropic supplements.

They were separated into objective factors (results from different testings), subjective factors (personal experience), and relative factors (pricing, safety, etc.).

By removing a few unnecessary tests, we were able to cut down the review time to below 1 hour per supplement. 

After a couple of reviews, we removed a few more factors, and the whole testing procedure started to look very useful, appealing, quick, and reliable. 

And that’s exactly what we wanted. 

Here Is How Our Review Process Looks Like Today

Currently, we have a 3-step review process.

Firstly, we check all the objective factors that we came up with. We perform the tests, get the results, and adequately weigh them. 

Secondly, we check the subjective factors such as our personal experience, feelings, side effects, etc. 

Kognizen benefits

Thirdly, we check all relative factors, and again, we accurately weigh them.

As a result, we get a final score of all three factors included.

Until recently, only one person did the full review. Now we started doing more advanced studies where three people test the same supplement for at least 7 days. 

And the resutlts we are seeing are amazing. 

What Do Our Average Scores Show?

We are currently delighted with our review process. 

It is as scientific as we could imagine, but it also includes all other crucial factors you would want to see included.

And the results we are seeing are quite fascinating – some of the previously well-scored nootropic supplements lost quite a few positions, while some totally random supplements hit the first positions. 

We are still optimizing the process, which we want to connect to our website automatically.

Basically, we want to remove any serious chance to interfere with the results. 

We are currently in discussion with a very famous group of neuroscientists who developed a fantastic platform for cognitive testing. 

Potentially, we could start using their platform from where the results would get automatically exported to our list of best nootropics. 

We’ll soon know if this is possible to do. 

Trying to stay focused during the dual-n-back-game

How Do You Know We Tested A Supplement Using Our Method? 

We tested most nootropic supplements using our new method, but we haven’t been able to process all data and change the final scores (+ some other essential data).

We plan to do this in the upcoming weeks.

But here is the thing to remember – if you see the following symbol on our post review, then you can be sure we have done a full review.

Your Inception Guarantee

It’s our personal guarantee that hopefully will soon set new standards in the nootropic industry.

What Are Brands Saying?

We were positively surprised that a few great brands that are developing outstanding nootropics were amazed by our system.

But not everyone was happy…

Many spammy brands use terrible strategies (such as buying blogs and doing fake reviews) who were very mad at us. 

They offered us tons of money (well, a couple of thousands of dollars) to change our reviews. 

Of course, we didn’t do it.

Anyhow, a few of them started sending us fake backlinks, reporting our activities to Google, Facebook, etc. 

As a result, we lost a lot of traffic, and some terrible untrue things were said about us.

But we are in it for the long-term. And we want to see the truth win. 

So we will continue fighting, improving our systems, and portraying the best supplements on the market.

We are happy to see you supporting us.

And if you are one of the scammy brands – good luck. 

Because you will need it. 

How Do You Know We Are 100% Honest With Our Reviews?

As you have probably seen, we have different disclosures on our site saying that we participate in various partnerships, ownerships, agreements, affiliate cooperations, etc. with different companies.

Actually, we are very proud to work with some of the best companies in the biohacking community in the world. We invest quite some time and funds into different companies to help them develop the best products possible.

We cannot be happier to have such agreements in place, so we can offer additional insights about products and brands to people who read our blog.

By doing that, we can grow our business, continue providing even better research, and of course, even more know-how to you.

To ensure 100% honest reviews, we developed advanced, semi-automatic evaluating systems, which altogether remove any possible chance to influence the results of our tests manually, and consequently, our final recommendations.

As far as we know, we are one of a few brands in any industry that ever existed who showed such commitment and honesty to provide the most accurate results.

In addition to that, we’d like to point out that we absolutely refuse any sponsorships for reviews, we do not change our rankings based on potential financial aids, and we often recommend products from brands that we have no ongoing partnership with.

We wanted to make that clear so that you can 100% trust in our results.

And The Absolute Winners Are…

So, I guess you are wondering which products scored the highest, right?

Well, let us show you our best nootropic stacks list.

Check it out – and if you have any questions, do let us know. We are here to support you.


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Grega Gostincar, MSc, is the founder of Your Inception. He has been researching, testing, and experimenting with nootropics since 2015. Greg, a certified expert in nutrition and brain biohacking from Emory University, is one of the most recognized researchers in the field of nootropics.

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