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Nootropic Basic

Before you start taking nootropics, there are several things you should understand.

You know, nootropics can provide tons of benefits, but they could also cause some issues such as headaches, stomach pains or potentially some more serious health-related issues.

In most cases, people experience only positive effects. Why? Because they follow the rules.

Cycling nootropics

In order to avoid tolerance and dependency on nootropics, experts often suggest cycling nootropics. This means taking them periodically.

Most often I recommend taking them 5 days on, 2 days off (this means you take them during the week, but not during the weekend), or taking them for 3 weeks and then being 1 week off.

That’s how you can avoid most issues. However, there are some exceptions which I’ll tell you more about later.

Following the daily recommended dose

One day before writing this chapter, I had intentionally “overdosed” with B vitamins, vitamin D and Lion’s mane mushroom.

Result? I had a severe headache.

I’ve done this in order to test my performance, but it happens quite often that we accidentally overdose by not reading the guidelines. Even worse, some people do it intentionally.

If you really understand nootropics, then you know the recommended doses (for those nootropics that the doses were already established). In this case you can, of course, do some tests and experiments.

But if you are new to nootropics, I urge you to follow the rules and the guidelines. At least until you know how nootropics influence your performance.

You really want to avoid any kind of health-related issues, trust me on that.

More is not (always) better

There are many nootropics that have the best effect at relatively low doses. I know we are used to thinking the other way around, but that’s not always the case with nootropics.

Please keep that in mind.

The frequency of taking nootropics

As I mentioned before, nootropics are usually not a “quick-fix”. For most nootropics, to get the benefits, you have to take them on a daily basis for days, weeks or even months. It’s often recommended taking them for at least 1 month before “judging its effects.”

There are exceptions such as caffeine for example, but these exceptions are rare.

Nootropic dependency 

Similar to alcohol and drugs, some nootropics have habit-forming properties. If a nootropic has been taken continually at above-recommended doses, suddenly quitting it may cause nasty symptoms. Again, follow the rules and you should be on the safe side.

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