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It’s time you stop guessing and spending money on brain supplements and nootropics that don’t provide desired results. Instead, get a personalized nootropics plan tailored to your brain chemistry, goals, and budget. 

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"I went from taking 8 capsules daily to only 3 and my performance skyrocketed."

"After spending over $700 on brain supplements, Greg made a simple nootropic plan based on his evaluation of my performance. Months later and I perform better than ever, I only take 3 capsules daily, and I've saved about $150 per month. Best decision ever!"

-Ziga P.

The supplement industry lies to you

A typical high-achiever spends over $300 per month on various supplements for focus, energy, stress support, immunity, sleep, and other reasons. 

This leads to taking over 10+ capsules of multiple supplements throughout the day without understanding how different supplements work together, what kind of side effects they cause, how and when to take them for optimal results, how to cycle them, and how to avoid long-term health issues. And to be completely straightforward with you, I have made the same mistake for years, which led to me spending over $50.000 on supplements that I didn’t really need. What’s even worse – most of the supplements I took had ZERO effects on my performance.

Luckily, there is a better way to go about it. The reality is that you don’t need to spend so much money on ineffective and potentially risky supplements that don’t deliver the promised results.

What you need to do is to understand how well your brain performs and how your lifestyle supports your brain health. Based on that, I can create a simple, effective, and personalized nootropic plan that will suit your brain type, goals and budget.

And that’s how you will get the desired effectsavoid side effects, and save thousands of dollars each year. Oh, and you probably won’t have to buy 5-10+ different supplements anymore. Isn’t this a win-win?

How it works?


Complete the brain assessment

My team and I have developed an advanced assessment with 80+ questions to help me understand how well your brain performs. ​​


I will analyze the data and create a report

After you finish the assessment, I will analyze the data, which will give me a clear understanding of the activity in your brain, your primary problems, and how to address them with the right nootropic supplements.


You will get a list of the best nootropics

Based on the results, I will create a list of nootropic supplements that will help you boost your brain performance. The list will be adjusted according to your current performance, goals, and monthly budget. ​​


I will create a personalized plan

You will also receive a personalized plan for taking the chosen nootropics for the best long-term results and avoiding potential side effects.

Transformational stories


"I have saved $2480 in a year and I have never felt better in my life!"

"I wasn't sure whether I should invest in the personalized nootropics plan at first, but then I did anyway. In just a few days, I got a plan which resulted in getting rid of tens of supplements that didn't deliver any effects. I went from taking 14-18 capsules to 5 capsules daily. My monthly supplement budget was cut in half, and since I've followed this personalized plan, I have never felt better. This was one of the best decisions of the last decade!"

-Andrew H.

Why a personalized nootropics plan?

Don’t just buy a bunch of random supplements you find on a random review site marked as “the best brain supplements of the current year.” Such supplements are a waste of your money and time, don’t provide the desired effects, and can harm your health. 

Personalized Nootropic Plan

Generic Brain Supplement

Who is this for?

I have created the Personalized Nootropics Plan for health-conscious professionals who want to boost their brain performance, care about their brain health, and are willing to invest in top-quality brain supplements. 

The plan is perfect for individuals who can afford at least $50-100/month for purchasing quality brain supplements, care about long-term health, and search for premade nootropic stacks. 

If you are a biochemist, biologist, or neuroscientist who has been researching nootropics and prefer creating your own nootropic stacks at home, then this program is probably not for you.

Entrepreneurs and professionals


Health-conscious individuals

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CEOs, managers & executives

What's included in the $197 price?

Personalized Nootropic Stack Report

Why should you trust me?

My name is Greg Gostincar and I'm a certified brain health coach from Amen Clinics and the creator of Your Inception. I started Your Inception in 2015 to help people just like you find the most effective ways to boost brain performance.

Since then, I've helped over a million people boost their focus, enhance their memory, increase their energy, improve their well-being and mood, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety.
I've invested over $50,000 in nootropics & brain supplements since 2015.
I have created this coaching program to help you unlock your true brain potential with nootropics in a matter of weeks without spending too much of your money and time, or harming your health to get there.
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My happy clients


"I love coaching with Greg!"

"I really like coaching with Greg. I've learnt many new things I didn't know before and he suggested many effective supplements to me."

-Mohd N.



"The best decision of this year!"

"Working with Grega has been a huge lifestyle change that I am grateful for as he is truly passionate about communicating and finding the best approach to optimize my mental health and performance in such thoughtful detail."

-Daniel H.

Frequently asked questions

I generally recommend multiple simple or advanced nootropic stacks (like Qualia Mind) that best fit your needs. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about purchasing individual nootropics, combining them at home, etc. The whole user experience will be much better, saving you time and money.

However, if you have any other specific questions or requests, I will help you out.

No, the price does not include nootropics or supplements. However, you will receive my special discount codes to save up to 50% on supplements.

Yes, I will personally be advising you with the support of my expert team. 

Of course, you can order nootropic supplements without my help, but with that, you risk ordering the wrong stack (this happens in about 50% of cases), you don’t get dedicated supplements that will help you achieve your goals, you don’t get a personalized plan, etc.

As many as you need to achieve desired results.

I highly doubt this will happen, but if it does, you have 14-days after you get the plan to tell me, and I will gladly refund your money. In addition, I will offer you a 30-min free coaching to try to understand what went wrong. 

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