rhodiola rosea review

Many herbal supplements take on the tag of adaptogen, but few wear it better than Rhodiola Rosea. This climate herb is used for a variety of functions, including reducing stress and fatigue as well as improving your mental capacities. Let’s take a closer look at it. Here is my full Rhodiola Rosea review.

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Reduces stress

Eases fatigue

Boosts brain function

Improves physical performance

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Rhodiola Rosea Review

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant that grows mainly in the northern hemisphere, preferring those cool temperatures.

It is found in many European nations, stretching its reach out to Asia – northern India, Western China, and Russia.

It has also colonized a few areas in North America, including Alaska and northern states in the US.

The herb – growing to about a foot tall – has a striking appearance. The thick leaves spread out and make a revered bed for the flower.

Many of the benefits, however, are gotten from the extracts of the root which has over 140 active compounds.

What is Rhodiola Rosea, which benefits does it bring, and where should you buy it follows next.

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits

Though the root of this herb has plenty of active ingredients, two of them stand and head and shoulders above the rest; rosavin and salidroside. [1]

rhodiola rosea benefits

Here are main health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea: 

1. Rhodiola Rosea For Anxiety

As an adaptogen, Rhodiola employs different ways to ease your stress. It contains several active ingredients that interact with various systems in the body.

These active ones include SHR-5, rosavins, and salidroside.

2. Rhodiola Rosea And Fatigue

It also relieves you from fatigue. A low dosage over several weeks can give you a much-needed energy boost.

3. Rhodiola Rosea And Depression

It works as an anti-depressant to improve your mood.

When your neurotransmitters are out of balance, extracts from the herb can restore this balance and bring you out of the depression.

4. Rhodiola Rosea And Brain Function

The herb also improves brain function, such as memory retention and performance.

It lets you get better sleep and eases mental fatigue. All this boosts your mental capacity.

5. Rhodiola Rosea And Athletic Performance

It increases athletic performance. Studies show that it increases endurance during exercise while reducing perceived exertion.

6. Other Benefits

Salidroside, an active component of the herb, has shown some cancer cell killing properties, especially bladder cancer.

Also, initial research shows promise regarding the use of Rhodiola in controlling diabetes.

Not bad from the root of a small herb.

How Does It Work?

Researchers have conducted many studies to determine the effects of this herb and its various extracts. These studies found different adaptogenic effects of these Rhodiola extracts on the body. [2]

One of the extracts of Rhodiola Rosea is SHR-5. This compound confers a revitalizing impact on the person who takes it.

By following a repeated low dose, it reduces the fatigue you feel and increases your mental performance. [3, 2]

The extracts also interact with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which controls the release of cortisol – the stress hormone. [2]

Salidroside is also very water-soluble and, therefore, can quickly get into many areas of the body like the urinary bladder.

Once there, this Rhodiola Rosea extract is involved in several physiological functions and pathways that retard the growth of cancer cells.

In particular, it takes up a role in the mTOR pathway, which is a signaling pathway that is vital in the proliferation of cells. [4]

Add this to its ability to repair DNA, and you have an herbal extract that is well placed to fight cancer.

rhodiola rosea dosage

Rhodiola Rosea Dosage

Using Rhodiola Rosea supplements usually refers to taking products that contain mainly SHR-5 as an active ingredient.

You can also opt for products that contain 3 percent rosavin and 1 percent salidroside.

If you experience stress and fatigue on a daily basis, you can take the supplement daily, but a low dosage.

This means you should aim for 50 milligrams per day and no more.

For a one time use against stress and fatigue, you should endeavor to stay within 288 mg to 680 mg. [5]

Past this amount, the beneficial effect of the active ingredients in Rhodiola Rosea reduces so low it becomes ineffective.

rhodiola rosea side effects

Rhodiola Rosea Side Effects

Supplementation with Rhodiola Rosea doesn’t cause that many side effects.

In fact, in the numerous clinical trials carried out, just a few undesirable effects are mentioned. [6]

Common side effects of supplementing Rhodiola Rosea:

  • A headache
  • Insomnia
  • Hypersalivation

The side effects from Rhodiola Rosea are mild, and the herb doesn’t interact adversely with other drugs, making it quite safe to take. [2]

Rhodiola Rosea Reviews 

Many people have turned to Rhodiola Rosea to help them out with their stress and fatigue.

Here’s some feedback from a handful of them:

“This extract is included in a supplement that I am taking. I suffer from low energy level and energy drinks and caffeine cause me to crash within hours. This is working wonders for me. it is changing my life 1 day at a time. The first day I took the supplement, I was up for 20 hours. I did not feel jittery, instead I was focused and able to complete a few projects that were outstanding. This is an awesome solution to fight fatigue! I continue to take this product every day, 2 times a day.”

“I started with this supplements 4 days ago,after reading all benefits , I work doing inventory and deal with lots of numbers , I was pretty tired and finishing my day with headache and stressed , after 4 days I felt calm, no more pressure in my head and less tired, it helps me a lot with my daily task and help me with my mental fatigue .”

“This is just the best herb I ever tried in my life. Helps me focus well. Helps me with stress and depression even insomnia. It gives me a lot of energy even when I’m on sleep-deprived. I’m 18 years old. And I have been in stressful lifestyles and this herb helps me with all my stress (:”

“Have used this root for 2 years with resounding success. I’ve dealt with severe depression my whole life and have been healing for the past few years. I used to take the extract, then the pills, now I purchase the actual dried root and chew 1/4 tsp of that every morning and sometimes a little more around 2/3:00 (do not take it after 5 as it will keep you up). The dried root is MUCH more affordable and it’s pretty delicious after you get past the rooty flavor. (usually let my saliva break it down then chew it) This root is immediately uplifting, energizing, and it sticks with me through the day, letting my energy lower after about 8 hours so I fall asleep peacefully. I clean houses, and I hardly go a day without it, it is non-addictive and will not produce jitters or nervousness of any kind. You almost can’t OD on it, but there are some concerns about heart conditions (usually only if you take a lot). Of course, do your own thorough research and make your own well-informed decision. I trust ancient cures more than something cooked up in a lab with only two years of “research” any day. Namaste.”

rhodiola rosea buy

Where To Buy Rhodiola Rosea?

So, you find Rhodiola Rosea beneficial, and you want to try it out?

You have two options.

If you want to buy the individual compound, then you can do it here >> 

However, I’d recommend you something much better. 

Instead of buying Rhodiola Rosea as an individual compound, I would recommend you to take it with other effective nootropics that can provide multiple benefits.

My favorite nootropic stack that contains a high dose of Rhodiola Rosea is Mind Lab Pro.

You can read more about Mind Lab Pro here: Mind Lab Pro

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Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception recommends supplementing Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the most popular and most effective nootropics.

That’s one of the main reasons you can find it in every serious nootropic stack.

It provides a whole range of benefits, including cognitive and physical energy boost.

It’s considered a very safe nootropic, and therefore, we’d definitely recommend it to you.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I take Rhodiola Rosea?
The herb contains several active ingredients that ease stress and reduce fatigue. Research also shows that it can improve your athletic performance, and it also provides several other benefits.

2. Is Rhodiola rosea safe?
Yes, Rhodiola rosea is considered a safe nootropic. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before supplementing it.

3. Rhodiola Rosea Interactions
Currently, we have no data regarding any interactions with Rhodiola Rosea. Until more is known, Rhodiola is considered a safe nootropic.

4. What is the half-life of Rhodiola Rosea?
The half-life of Rhodiola Rosea is 4-6 hours. This is the time it takes for half of Rhodiola to disappear from the body.

5. Is Rhodiola Rosea a stimulant?
No, Rhodiola rosea is not a stimulant, but it is an adaptogenic herb. As such, it provides several benefits similar to those of stimulants.

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