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schisandra berry

Schisandra berry has been unknown to me until the beginning of 2017. I first read about it in one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine books, and it looked like something to explore further. After my additional research, I’ve figured out that Schisandra berry is not only an adaptogen, but it was also traditionally used as a performance enhancer. But is it something I’d recommend to you?

Your inception recommends

It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years

It may improve cognitive performance and reduce anxiety

Your Inception does not recommend

There is a lack of long-term research 

What is Schisandra Berry?

Schisandra berry (which is also named Bac Ngu Vi Tu, Baie de Schisandra, Beiwuweizi, Bei Wu Wei Zi, Chinese Mongolavine, and Chinese Schizandra) is a woody vine native to China and Russia.

It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and has several proven benefits.

If you search for better digestion, increased energy, and cognitive performance, Schisandra berry is something to look at.

But is it safe to take? Do I recommend it?

Let’s learn more.

schisandra berry uses

Schisandra Berry Uses

Schisandra berry is used as an adaptogen for increasing overall cognitive performance such as concentration, attention and thinking speed.

Also, there are quite a lot of other positive effects that are known for this berry, such as [1]:

  • It increases exercise performance
  • It has a positive influence on people with Hepatitis
  • It is used to reduce anxiety and cortisol
  • Schisandra is used for preventing aging and increasing your lifespan

However, there is still insufficient evidence, so let’s not take all those benefits as a fact.

Anyhow, Schisandra berry is more than an exciting plant with lots of potentials.

Since I’m a big fan of Traditional Chinese Medicine (it helped me overcome Candida), I took the time to explore the benefits and the side-effects of it.

Let’s check them out.

Schisandra Berry Benefits

schisandra berry benefits

I already mentioned some schizandra benefits, but let’s dig a bit deeper.

Here are the 5 health benefits of taking Schisandra berry:

1. Schisandra lowers inflammation

Schisandra has been used as an antioxidant due to its strong antioxidant effects. Based on the study, long-term treatment with schizandra could enhance the mitochondrial antioxidant status and improve its integrity. [2]

This means that Schisandra helps fight free radicals, which are one of the reasons for diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

2. Schisandra improves mental performance

One of the main benefits is also increased cognitive performance. The research shows that Schisandra improves attention, speed, and accuracy without leaving any side-effects. [3]

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Schisandra to improve their cognitive performance.

What I also found out is that it was used by hunters in Russia as well.

3. Schisandra improves memory

Schisandra shows a lot of potential being a cognitive enhancer in Alzheimer’s disease.

Its antioxidative action positively influences and improves short-term and spatial memory. [4]

4. Schisandra helps us deal with stress

As I mentioned before, Schisandra is an adaptogenic agent.

As you might know, adaptogenic herbs have been used for ages to help us deal with stress and anxiety.

Studies show that Schisandra is as effective as Rhodiola and ginseng. [5]

5. Schisandra protects liver & improves liver function

Studies show that Schisandra can be used for cleansing the liver. [6] Besides, patients with hepatitis use it for treating, since some studies showed positive effects.

So, as you can see, there are several positive effects of taking Schisandra berry.

Sure, we lack some more research to prove all the benefits, but the potential is great!

Let’s check out how and how much of it should we take on a daily base and where can you buy it.

How To Take Schisandra Berry?

I’ve seen and read about several ways of consuming Schisandra berry and other adaptogenic herbs.

Based on what I found, the most effective way is to take it by mouth in the following doses:

  • For improving mental and physical performance: 500 mg to 2 grams of extract daily or 1.5-6 grams of crude Schisandra daily.
  • For hepatitis: Schisandra extracts standardized to 20 mg lignan content (equivalent to 1.5 grams crude Schisandra) given daily.

As we know, there is still a lack of additional research and clinical trials, but those are the numbers that have been studied. [7]

I also found out an alternative way of taking Schisandra berry, which is as follows:

  • Dried fruit extract in a 1:6 w/v ratio against liquid (95% ethanol) and administered at 20-30 drops daily
  • Dried fruit extract in a 1:20 w/v ratio against water, 150mL drank twice a day with meals. [8]

Schisandra Berry Side Effects

schisandra berries benefits and side effects

What are the side effects of Schisandra?

Based on my research, most side effects of this fascinating herb are related to upset stomach, decreased appetite, stomach pain, and itching.

I couldn’t find any studies that would discover any harmful (short- and long-term) side effects, but I’d still recommend that you don’t overdose it, and stay within the recommended limits.

There are special precautions for pregnant women, people with epilepsy, people with Gastroesophageal reflux disease, and people with high brain pressure.

Based on the user’s feedback (find some of them below) on taking Schisandra berry, the majority had no issues with taking it, while a few experienced some stomach issues.

Schisandra Berry User Reviews & Feedbacks

Since Schisandra berry seems to be a very popular adaptogenic herb, it wasn’t very challenging finding tons of reviews and users feedbacks on taking it.

Here I share several interesting (mostly positive) reviews:

“Increases my energy; reduces my appetite, nervous energy, mood swings, and acne! By the second month, my PMS was almost nonexistent (I suffer from Endometriosis- crippling menstrual pains). I take two around 7-8am and two around 2pm. If I take the second dose any later I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. If you are stopping this, I recommend first dropping the dosage to half for a week to avoid any hormone upsets. Be patient if you don’t see immediate results. It make take up to two months.”

“Excellent product. Though it is an adaptogen (supposed to calm you if you are tense, and give you energy if you are tired), it definitely falls on the ‘energy’ side for me. I take it mornings & early afternoon, but later than that it makes it harder to go to sleep. Great value & quality, as always from iHerb.”

Great product – totally eliminates allergies! Thanks for carrying it because I can’t seem to find it except online.

As mentioned before, some negative comments were related to stomach issues, blood pressure issues, and itching.

Funny enough, the majority of negative reviews were because of the shipping issues, etc., so nothing really related to the Schisandra Berry side effects.

Where Can You Buy Schisandra Berry? 

If you want to buy Schisandra Berry, this is my favorite provider >> 

You can also order Schisandra berry on Amazon.

If you want capsules, check this brand.

If you prefer oil, then I’d go with the following brand. 

All products have lots of positive feedbacks and reviews, so I’m sure you will be satisfied with them.

Let me know which one you prefer the most!

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception recommends supplementing Schisandra Berry.

When we started researching this adaptogen berry, we were slightly reserved due to the lack of studies.

Since we are already used to such things (because we review lots of nootropics), we decided anyway to dig deep into it and try to understand how it works.

We have to admit that we never tried it, but we’re planning to do so in the next weeks.

When we do it, we’ll add our experience to this review of Schisandra berry.

Based on our research, we believe it is a great adaptogenic herb with lots of benefits for many of you who search for an additional energy boost and improved cognitive performance.


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