The Limitless you


Hi there, thanks for reading my book The Limitless You. As promised, you can find the list of all useful resources below. I'll make sure to constantly update this list. Enjoy!

1. Increase your energy

2. Improve your rest & sleep

3. Get focused & become productive

4. Get motivated like never before

  1. J.K. Rowling Motivational Speech:

  2. Death Clock Extension:

5. Become a master of your time & tasks

6. Fix your environment

7. Make physical & mental activities part of your daily regimen

8. Tools, gadgets & applications worth using

9. Advanced tips

  1. Food Sensitivity Test:
  2. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements + resources:
  3. DNA tests:
  4. All about nootropics:

10. Advanced +++

11. Recommended books

  1. The Fastlane Millionaire:

  2. How not to die by Dr. Greger:

  3. Becoming the Iceman:

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