What is Redcon1 Fade Out?

Redcon1 Fade Out is advertised as a sports-specific sleep aid with an expansive nutrient profile.

The supplement encapsulates a massive 15 nutrients within each serving as opposed to the typical 4-6 ingredients found in most sleep aids.

A quick look at its contents will tell you that Redcon1 Fade Out takes ZMA as its starting point and builds on from there by using some of the most potent sleep-enhancing combinations.

ZMA manufacturers claim the supplement to boost muscle growth and strength, improve endurance, recovery and sleep quality. The purpose is to increase testosterone levels, aid exercise recovery, improve slumber, and build muscle and strength during the night.

The supplement, manufacturers claim, is designed to work in levels by first optimizing deep, restorative sleep. And as you rest, it promises growth hormone support and maximizing recovery for muscles. Its primary ingredients ensure a natural sleep experience, and the secondary ingredients then add in an additional layer that improves sleep quality.

Redcon1 Fade Out Ingredients

Vitamin C

An antioxidant powerhouse, vitamin C is most often associated with improving immunity. However, its health-promoting abilities may also extend to sleep when taken alongside other antioxidants.

One 2009 study showed that combining 100mg of vitamin C with 400IU of vitamin E in supplements administered twice a day reduced episodes of sleep apnea. The combination of vitamins C and E also improve how well you sleep at night and decrease daytime drowsiness. [1]

Redcon1 Fade Out yields 100mg of vitamin C which is a good amount for its sleep-boosting properties.

Vitamin E

Another powerful antioxidant, vitamin E may also resolve sleep-associated problems.

Those with low vitamin E levels often experience sleep apnea, but when treated with vitamin E alongside vitamin C and other antioxidants were shown to improve nighttime breathing and the quality of sleep. [2]

On another note, vitamin E supports healthy cell function and prevents cellular damage. In this capacity, it has been considered useful for sleep-related memory protection.

Finally, a lack of sleep has been linked to lower testosterone levels. But maintaining healthy levels of this vitamin may protect testosterone production from the effects of sleep deprivation.

The Redcon1 Fade Out sleep formula gives you a sufficient 9mg of vitamin E in each serving of their supplement.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6’s part in sleep promotion is linked to its role in the eventual production of melatonin and serotonin, both of which are important to sound, restful sleep and to mood.

During the process tryptophan and dopamine are dependent on B6 for synthesis. Tryptophan is important for mood regulation and improving sleep so needs an adequate amount of B6 to achieve results.

A lack of B6 can disturb tryptophan metabolism which can also affect serotonin production. This disruption can then potentially lead to disturbed sleep patterns and insomnia.

Redcon1 Fade Out yields 6mg of B6 which is plenty as the recommended dose is at 1.3 mg a day for adults.


Found in many such products, magnesium plays an active part in triggering the parasympathetic nervous which helps the mind and body relax. [3] It also assists in regulating melatonin levels for a peaceful night of rest.

Magnesium is also needed to bind GABA receptors in the brain which also eases the mind down and gets you ready for sleep.

Redcon1 Fade Out gives you 450mgwhich we believe is a bit much per serving.


Zinc is often combined with magnesium as the two have overlapping roles in the body. Among other things, both nutrients can be helpful for reducing muscle fatigue and regulating testosterone levels due to exercise. [4]

It is also the third ingredient along with magnesium and vitamin B6, in ZMA supplements which are typically taken by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Redcon1 yields 35 mg of zinc per serving which is plenty when combined with other synergistic ingredients.


Gamma aminobutyric acid, otherwise known as GABA, is one of the most popular ingredients to be used in sleep supplements. It’s the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter that acts as a reliable relaxant and presents some caffeine blocking potential. This makes GABA highly useful for people who use caffeine but need to wind down at the end of their day.

In terms of resistance training, GABA is useful as it releases the growth hormone. [5]

Together these mechanisms have the potential to create optimal sleep-supporting conditions to not only sleep better but also to recover better through hormonal change.

Redcon1 Fade Out provides 3g of GABA which we feel is dosed too high.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that may help promote blood and nutrient flow which in turn, helps with improved sleep. But supplementary arginine doesn’t do this optimally and most of it breaks down during digestion. Whatever is left may not be enough to do much else.

You get 1g of arginine from Fade Out.

Mucuna Pruriens

A top-rated source of L-dopa in supplements, mucuna pruriens is the one of the best ways to enhance dopamine levels. Dopamine then increases the amount of growth hormone the body secretes. [6]

Mucuna Pruriens is also added to supplements for its testosterone-boosting properties which can then improve the quality of sleep. And since Fade Out is a sleep-specific supplement, muscle growth during sleep is a prerogative.

Hence, the 1g of mucuna pruriens added to Fade Out is a plus.


Phenylalanine is an iffy ingredient, and we’re not too sure about its inclusion in the supplement. Its role in the body isn’t understood completely and it’s not a proven compound.

Plus, there is the concern that while the recommended dose for phenylalanine goes up to 500mg, Redcon1 Fade Out contains 750mg.

Valerian root

Valerian root has a strong track record of reducing anxiety and having some mild sedative properties in the herbal medicine community but lacks any hardcore scientific evidence.

The most that can be said is that valerian root is often used alongside other, superior sleep enhancers in supplements so it’s hard to determine how effective it could be on its own.

Some limited research indicates 400-900mg of valerian root to be helpful for sleep-related issues so the 600mg from Fade Out is a good number to consider.

L-Ornithine HCL

L-Ornithine is an amino acid that isn’t involved in protein synthesis. As such, it doesn’t have a role in muscle development or on how well you sleep. We’re really not sure about why a 500mg dose of this nutrient was added to this Fade Out formula.


A great addition to the Redcon1 Fade Out nutrient list, theanine can boldly combat the worst effects of caffeine, leveling them out in the body and reducing the risk of headaches and jitters.

Theanine is also a relaxant and can help by reducing resting heart rate. It also contributes to GABA production which can help with minimizing stress and anxiety and prepare you to fall asleep more restfully.

Although there is nothing to complain about adding theanine to the formula, it is dosed at 500mg which is on the high side for a sleep aid.

Chamomile extract

Chamomile, when consumed as a calming tea or taken in extract form, presents anti-anxiety and mood enhancing benefits. As a result, it could also support improved sleep at the end of the day.

Dosed at 350mg, it seems to work nicely when combined with the other contents of Redcon1 Fade Out.

Hops extract

Another herbal remedy that exhibits relaxant and pro-sleep qualities, hops extract is often used alongside valerian root for maximum potency. Some research shows the two to be a synergistic combo. Both raise GABA levels in the brain while hops can also potentially lower body temperature.

Dosed at 300mg, hops seems to be a sensible addition to this sleep aid, especially alongside valerian.


There isn’t much to debate here about including melatonin in the formula. After all, it is included by default in most sleep aids and with good reason too.

Typically, up to 3mg of melatonin is used to promote a restful night of slumber but Redcon1 Fade Out contains 5mg which is dosed very high for a sleep aid. The efficacy of taking this much melatonin per serving, for us, is rather questionable.

Fade Out Side Effects

There are too many red flags in Redcon1 Fade Out ingredients for us to completely consider this supplement safe. There are severely high dosages of certain nutrients known to have side effects.

Also, Fade Out is something that should not be taken every night.

The one good thing that happened for Fade Out is when the manufacturers updated their formula in 2017 and removed 4-amino-3-phenylbutonic acid also known as phenibut.

Phenibut was originally included in the formula with the intention of helping users relax and fall asleep.

However, the problem with phenibut was that Fade out used 1,000mg per serving whereas recommended doses range from 250-270mg. 1,000mg of phenibut was an extremely high dosage with warning labels specifically stating never to take more than 1,000mg at a time.

To make matters even more risky, phenibut has strongly been associated with side effects like severe withdrawal symptoms. So, it was a good move on the manufacturers’ part when they decided to remove this notorious ingredient from their product.   

At the same time, they also tripled the dosage for GABA from 1g to 3g, which we feel is too dosed, especially since ingested GABA can’t pass the blood-brain-barrier.  

We don’t completely consider RedCon1 Fade Out’s ingredients safe because there are high dosages of certain nutrients which are known to have side effects.

Customer Reviews

Overall, Fade Out has received positive reviews by users with many stating that the product works as advertised. The sleep aid starts working in as little as 35 minutes and the quality of your shuteye improves as well.

For those who were less than pleased with the Redcon1 Fade Out sleep formula, review the sleep aid as making them loopy and drowsier than usual the next morning.


Based on our Redcon1 Fade Out Review, we can safely say that Redcon1 Fade Out uses a smart combination of nutrients that work independently, and then add secondary ones and synergists to enhance the effects. All in all, an effective product to troubleshoot sleep issues by addressing not only falling asleep but also improving the sleep experience.

The manufacturers take this product seriously, but perhaps a bit too seriously for we find certain contents to be too dosed which could result in unpleasant side effects for some.