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Learn How To Stop Being Tired.

In this fantastic free e-book, you will get 13 practical strategies to help you gain your energy back. Once and for all. 

About Greg

I’m the creator of Your Inception, a blogger, and a YouTuber. From the quantum physics point of view, I’m just a bunch of molecules made out of nothing. But you may perceive me as a joyful, motivated, and mindful person, which is also true.

I share science-based life-advice that will help you live a productive and meaningful life. It took us 13.8 billion years to be in this exact moment, so why waste it?

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Boost Your Productivity

The most unique strategies, habits, tools, and apps to achieve long-term productivity.

Enhance Your Brainpower

Learn how you can boost your cognition with nootropics and nootropic supplements.  


Challenge your limiting beliefs to drastically optimize your life and performance. 

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