Is Rainbow Dust by Spacegoods one of the best brain boosters on the market? Does it provide better effects than coffee without its side effects? How about its taste? I’ve been using it for an entire month, and I have lots of tea to spill! Read my complete Space goods Rainbow Dust review.

What Is Rainbow Dust?

Meet Rainbow Dust, a unique coffee alternative loaded with adaptogens and mushrooms to help you generate energy and focus while boosting tranquility levels. It is one of the most exciting coffee alternatives I’ve tried because it is supposed to provide many of the caffeine’s positive effects without its side effects.

But is it worth substituting with your regular cup of coffee or nootropic supplements? Well, let’s get right into it.

Rainbow dust is a real-time coffee substitute, so you should have it every morning for an eventful and energy-packed day. It does contain 80 mg of coffee extract, so it’s not caffeine free. A regular cup of coffee contains about the same amount of caffeine, so there isn’t a huge difference here.

People repel coffee because it increases their dependency, causes crashes, negatively impacts sleep, etc. When coffee becomes a part of your morning routine, it’s hard to let go of it. The after-effects of coffee include exhaustion, jitters, and to some extent, anxiety.

That’s why Rainbow Dust was designed to reduce the caffeine side effects. It relies on the power of cordyceps mushroom, chaga mushroom, and other nootropics to boost energy, cognition, and immunity altogether.

But does this product deliver the result we all need in the morning?

What To Expect?


From my experience, I think it definitely packs a great punch of energy. The effect is strong and noticeable, and it also lasts a good 3-4 hours! To be honest, I expected such a result because there is 80 mg of caffeine in it.

We find this amount of caffeine a bit concerning because this energy rush comes from it, not the other compounds. So you may experience jitters or anxiety like drinking a regular cup of coffee.

I experienced a similar crash after drinking Rainbow Dust by Spacegoods than with a regular cup of coffee. Many of the brand’s claims are incorrect – at least based on my experience.


But moving on to the taste, I find it way too sweet. It does taste better than many of its alternatives as it is somewhat of a blend between rich cacao and chocolate, but there’s just too much sugar (well, stevia) pinching on the palette. It tastes very much like cacao which not everyone will like, especially not in the morning.

As far as my research is concerned, I’ve seen many people hating this taste. Well, unlike some other energy shots, Rainbow Dust tastes better, just way too sweet.

Artificial Sweetener

Another issue with Rainbow Dust is that they used sucralose as an artificial sweetener until people got mad, so they switched to stevia. Now, sucralose is a synthetic sweetener, so while the brand was promoting its products as 100% natural, they used a synthetic sweetener, which is a big red alert for me.

Since I have tried a lot of different coffee alternatives, I have felt the need to supplement them with a creamer or sweetener to adjust the taste to my preference. But for Rainbow Dust, I feel like this is an all-in-one drink, so you probably won’t need to add anything. In fact, you might even need to dilute it because of the extra sweetness!


Now, before I share what happened during my 30-day test, I would like to point out that I am not a big fan of the packaging of Rainbow Dust. The powder comes in a ziplock bag, and as soon as I opened it, the dust fell all over my clothes. And when the back got emptier, I always got my hands dirty – sort of like with protein powders, so that you know.

My 30-Day Experience

Okay, now let’s talk a bit about my personal experience and how I felt after using Rainbow Dust by Space Goods. I used this coffee alternative for an entire month to give it an excellent chance to prove its worth. I usually enjoy our morning coffee nice and rich but also healthy, so that is exactly how I made it. I used it with water and various plant-based milk.

After sipping one whole cup of Rainbow Dust for the first time, I felt nothing for the first 10-15 minutes, but then the effects started kicking in. The effects were similar to the cup of coffee – I got the energy boost, felt more focused, and was very motivated. After about 2 hours or so, I started getting slightly nervous and anxious, and then the effects started winding off.

I took the entire dosage on my first day, which is like 3 scoops or 8 grams of powder as recommended on the package, and for me, that was just too much sweetness and caffeine.

So the next day, I decided to lower and cut down the dosage in half, and not surprisingly, the effects were weaker, but I didn’t have the jittery feeling. So if you don’t react well to caffeine, I don’t think Rainbow Dust is for you, at least not the total dosage.

The longer I was drinking Rainbow Dust, the more I got used to the too-sweet taste, but the more I saw it works very similar to a cup of coffee. So this doesn’t mean it’s not a decent alternative, but its effects and side effects are similar to coffee. With one big difference – Rainbow Dust contains a few powerful nootropics for brain performance.


Let’s check out all the crucial ingredients in Rainbow Dust.



First of all, the powder contains a trio of mushrooms. The lion’s mane mushroom contributes to long-term benefits for the brain as it is responsible for growing new nerve fibers and therefore acts as a good memory booster. The cordyceps and chaga mushrooms work together for the body’s wellness – they enhance immunity and add to your physical strength so you can feel energetic for long periods of time.

I have tried a couple of mushroom-based coffee alternatives, and most of them are bitter, but rainbow dust has eliminated that bitterness of the mushrooms by adding a lot of sweeteners.


Moving on to the rest of the ingredient list, we see a significant amount of caffeine, but I see another excellent ingredient: ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha & Maca

Ashwagandha has tremendous physical and mental benefits; I’ve used it alone as a supplement; it lowers fatigue and makes you active. This, combined with the Maca root, can also contribute to enhanced libido, but the levels of maca are just too low to expect any effects anyway.

I don’t think taking ashwagandha in the morning is brilliant, but if you drink Rainbow Dust, you don’t have another option.

Rhodiola Rosea

Then we have Rhodiola rosea, another herbal nootropic, which is said to improve concentration levels. Sadly, the level of Rhodiola is also low – so you can’t expect any severe effects from it.

Vitamin B5

And lastly, we have Vitamin B5, which is probably in the formula so that the company can make claims about the effects of the product. I’m not sure if the type of vitamin B5 is natural or synthetic, but it doesn’t provide any serious effects or benefits.


So to wrap it up, let’s skim through a few pros and cons of this product. First, the pros:

  • The effect is prolonged and intense, and it can help you get a lot of work done

  • It provides other benefits, such as improved brain function and better immunity

  • It does taste better than most of its alternatives

That’s where the pros end. Now let’s shed light on the cons.

  • The first and foremost downside is that it’s too sweet for me; they could have gone easy on the sweetener!

  • I’m also not a big fan of the packaging

  • The amount of Rhodiola rosea is too low

  • The ingredients quality seems to be relatively low

  • And since this product has a significant amount of coffee, I can’t negate the after-effects of the caffeine coming through. You may or may not have trouble sleeping; the same goes for nervousness and anxiety.

Where To Buy Rainbow Dust?

The regular monthly price is $62, but if you subscribe, you can get it for 49$, which means you pay about $1.30/day, which is very reasonable, in my opinion.

If you want to buy it, click here.

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Rainbow dust is a good coffee alternative despite many negative reviews I’ve come across. It delivers what it promises, and it’s not a mild or incompetent coffee alternative; it is quite the real deal!

But it also comes with some of the adverse effects associated with coffee. They can easily be avoided if you lower the dosage and stick to the morning regimen, but then again, you won’t get the benefits of other potent compounds in this product.

So I don’t it is the best product out there, but I’m sure some of you will like it.