Best Nootropic Stack 2020: Our Top Picks

the best nootropic stack

With over 85 individual nootropics and hundreds of nootropics stacks on the market, it is quite a challenging task defining the best nootropic stacks. After years of research, we created this list of the best nootropic stacks you can find and buy on the market. Let's check it out. 

Last update: February, 2020

What Is A Nootropic Stack?

When most people talk about nootropics, what they have in mind are nootropic stacks. Nootropic is a single compound (single ingredient) which usually provides one main effect or benefit.

What is a nootropic stack?

A nootropic stack is a mix of nootropics that work synergetically, and provide multiple effects.

Luckily, many nootropics complement each other, so as soon as you stack them together, you can get a very effective nootropic supplement. That’s why combining many enhancing substances into a nootropic stack is so popular.

Now, there are always two ways to go about nootropic stacks – you can either make them at home (DIY nootropic stack), or you buy a premade nootropic stack. Without a doubt, premade nootropic stacks are what you should be looking into if you want to take high-quality, effective, safe, and affordable nootropic supplements. 

Nootropic Stack Guide 

After years of researching and reviewing nootropics, we have tested over 100+ different nootropic stacks - from the fundamental ones to such advanced formulas that shouldn't be sold as supplements. 

The more we are involved in the global biohacking community, the more we realize that the majority of biohackers recommend pretty much the same (or very similar) supplements. 

Sure, not every supplement will work for everyone, but the science is precise. And our extensive research and testing confirms it. 

As a result, we have created this list of the best nootropic stacks you can currently find on the market. 

It's based on what is considered to be the most complex evaluating system that we have been developing for the past for years. So, you can be sure that the products that we recommend are by far the best in the world.

No matter what kind of nootropics you are looking for, here you will find a wide variety from the most advanced ones to others that provide the best price-performance ratio. 

​We have been updating this list several times a year since 2015 when we started reviewing nootropic supplements. And we'll ensure this list is always up-to-date. 

Best Nootropic Stack

The nootropic supplements you will find below are the ultimate supplements that everyone should consider supplementing. These are the nootropics that we take, and we also advise our friends and family. 

Now, there are many factors that we consider before choosing our favorite nootropics. As mentioned before, we have developed an advanced system that includes over 30 ranking factors. 

To mention a few:

  1. Formula effectiveness
  2. Ingredients quality
  3. User experience
  4. Benefits and side effects
  5. Packaging
  6. User reviews & feedbacks

So, which are the best nootropic stacks of 2020?

*Keep in mind that we are not sponsored by any brands. 

Product Name



Best for





Qualia Mind



Mind Lab Pro


People who like customized nootropics 

Total Human


High-performers & athletes

Qualia Focus


People on budget

The Best Nootropic Stack Of 2020:

STAQ Performer

STAQ Performer is currently the best nootropic supplement on the market. 

STAQ Performer

RECOMMENDED TO: Anyone who is looking for optimal brain performance and great short- and long-term results without overspending on a supplement

STAQ Performer contains some of the most researched, well-dosed, and high-quality nootropics on the market. Our experience shows that it delivers outstanding short-term effects, such as improved focus, energy, attention, and optimal brain performance.

It is also one of the safest supplements for long-term use. Due to a moderate pricing and great user experience, it scored to highest on our Nootropics Ranking List. 

That's why it is our favorite nootropic stack of 2020!


  • 12 scientifically researched ingredients
  • Short-term effects are fantastic
  • Expect lots of energy, focus, motivation, creativity, and overall well-being
  • It’s a premium product for a reasonble price


  • Due to high demand, the brand is running low of stock

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#2 Nootropic Stack:

Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind is one of the most effective nootropic supplements ever developed.

Qualia Mind Experience

RECOMMENDED TO: Anyone who is looking for an advanced nootropic supplement

Qualia Mind is one of the comprehensive nootropics in the world today. With 28 scientifically researched ingredients, Qualia’s formulation has been designed to amplify all the aspects that matter most for optimal cognitive and nervous system functioning.

If you consider all important factors such as quality, research, formulation, dosages, customer feedback, etc., Qualia is among the best supplements ever developed. 

We highly recommend it to people with bigger budgets, because it's a quite expensive and premium supplemen​t.


  • 28 scientifically researched ingredients
  • It tackles focus, mood, energy, and creativity
  • Some of the worlds most famous health and fitness experts recommend it
  • It’s a premium product


  • You have to take 5-7 capsules for the maximum effect
  • Expensive

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#3 Nootropic Stack:

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a great nootropic for memory, focus, overall productivity & long-term brain support. Besides, it can positively influences memory, overall performance, mindset, and has a structural impact. 

However, compared to STAQ Performer and Qualia Mind, it lacks stronger short-term effects such as an energy boost, more focus, and a better mood.

Mind Lab Pro

RECOMMENDED TO: People who search for long-term brain support & everyone else, who is searching for a straight-forward nootropic stack (without too many additional ingredients).

Mind Lab Pro has been one of our all-time favorite nootropic stacks. It has been on our best nootropic stack 2016, best nootropic stack 2017 & best nootropic stack 2018 list

It’s caffeine free, Non-GMO, soy-free, allergen free, gluten free, and vegan-friendly. Everyone who’s been following us in the past years knows that we are a big fan of MLP. And there are many reasons for that.

Mind Lab Pro has been one of the first nootropic stacks on the market. Since the very beginning, they have been upgrading and optimizing their formula based on the research and experience from users.

This led to one of the most effective and well-researched formulas that Mind Lab Pro is currently offering. Mind Lab Pro is well dosed, it’s using very popular nootropics, and it provides incredible benefits.


  • Mind Lab Pro is excellent for those who are just starting to explore nootropics and its effects
  • The formula was designed to improve your overall cognitive performance (memory, speed, clarity)
  • Besides the short-term impact, Mind Lab Pro uses several nootropics that can improve your brain health in the long-term
  • The formula was optimized in 2017, and it is now even stronger as before (also, they removed one doubtful ingredient from the formula)


  • It lacks a few vitamins for ultimate brain support
  • Compared to Performer and Qualia Mind, the short-term effects are weak

#4 Nootropic Stack:

Total Human

Total Human is the best nootropic supplement from Onnit, the legendary supplement company from the US. 

Total Human

RECOMMENDED TO: People who search for an ultimate day & night solution and can afford to spend over 115$/month

Total Human is one of the most complex supplements on the market that offers 24/7 brain and body support.

It contains two main products: Day Pack & Night Pack.

Both packs contain over ten individual supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, nootropics, and other ingredients. 

Together, they provide ultimate performance to every individual. We like Total Human a lot, and we often recommend it to our friends. 


  • Complex formula
  • Day & Night support
  • Very effective


  • On the expensive side
  • Slightly riskier for the long-term use

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#5 Nootropic Stack:

Qualia Focus

Qualia Focus is the younger brother of Qualia Mind, one of our favorite nootropic supplements. 

Qualia Focus dosage

RECOMMENDED TO: People who want to improve their focus, energy, and memory, but are on budget.

Qualia Focus is, without a doubt, an amazing supplement. It contains 24 ingredients and it is a very effective product.

It was developed for people who want to improve their performance, but are on budget. Keep in mind that Qualia Focus is almost two times cheaper than Mind.

No matter the lower price, it's still a great supplement! 


  • An effective formula
  • Great nootropics
  • More affordable


  • It lacks some nootropics
  • Slightly lower dosages

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What to Look for in a Pre-Made Supplement

Before buying, how do you know if a pre-made supplement is good or not? If the label says, “#1 Best Doctor Recommended Brain Health Stack Ever!!” do you just take it at its word??

I really hope not.

While you can’t be 100% certain of a formula’s results until you try it for yourself, there are a few observable criteria (five, to be exact) that may help guide you through your nootropic buying process. These criteria are:

1. Smart Ingredient Choices

Do the ingredients deliver the benefits advertised on the supplement’s packaging?

For example, if you’re looking at a sleep aid, do all of the ingredients contribute towards better sleep and relaxation? (Or is that 300 mg caffeine on the Supplement Facts going to be a problem?) A supplement that advertises “Better Focus, Memory, and Energy,” it should cover these bases with its ingredient choices.

Research the ingredients. And be thorough: oftentimes supplements make big promises, yet deliver a simple, common caffeine pill, obscuring its caffeine content by listing it as something like “Guarana Extract.”

Nootropics backed by clinical research are solid choices, and you can easily find that research by searching the name of the nootropic with “ncbi” included in the search.

2. Sufficient Dosages

Are the dosages high enough to work? Are they too high?

More often than not, supplements tend to go on the lower end when it comes to dosages – with exception to caffeine, in which case they often give us too much to give the impression that the formula’s actually working.

For there to be sufficient dosages across the board, a supplement needs to pack only a modest amount of ingredients with a high enough serving size (e.g., capsules per serving).

With exception to multivitamins, formulas with 20+ ingredients tend to have weak dosages.

3. Bio-Available Ingredient Forms

Choline bitartrate is a common ingredient that fails to do much of anything for brain health. This is because it’s unable to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

Cognizin is a more bio-available source of choline, given its ability to cross the BBB.

Likewise, standardized herbal extracts generally offer a higher potency than plain powder herbal ingredients.

4. No Proprietary Blends

If you can’t see the dosages, how can you know if they’re sufficient or not? Uh, duh, you can’t.

This is the problem with proprietary blends, which hide a formula’s individual ingredient dosages beneath a catch-all dosage.

The supposed intent here is to hide a formula’s “proprietary secrets” by concealing its ingredient dosages.

This is pretty much BS, for the most part. Supplement companies that offer great dosage levels tend to proudly reveal those numbers, not hide them.

Try to avoid proprietary blends.

5. No Additives or Fillers

After surveying the Supplement Facts, look next to the “Other Ingredients” and take count of how many additives are found here.

In general, if the number’s high, you’re likely dealing with junk. FD&C colorants, magnesium stearate, fillers – these aren’t necessarily.

And some additives can be detrimental to your health.

Plus, vegans may inadvertently consume animal byproduct by eating gelatinous capsules.

Look for supplements with simple, clean, and, ideally, green capsules with a minimum amount of additives.

Best Pre-Made Nootropic Stack to Buy in 2020

If you had to take one – and only one – nootropic supplement, you’d want one that covers all bases on brain health and cognitive performance. One that you can take every day without worrying about any long-term adverse effects or risk of tolerance build-up.

My experience with STAQ

And one nootropic supplement that fits that bill is STAQ Performance, a 12-ingredient nootropic stack that covers all brain bio-pathways without resorting to any cheap stimulants or bunk ingredients.

Off the bat, here’s what we like about STAQ Performance: 

  • High-quality nootropics
  • Only well-researched nootropics that are supported by science
  • The dosages are great for short- and long-term potential
  • Quality of ingredients is exceptional
  • No proprietary blends
  • No junk additives and fillers
  • Amazing short-term effects

All-in-all, it’s an impressive, comprehensive nootropic stack that you can supplement daily for both short-term performance enhancement and long-term cognitive longevity.

And by avoiding “risk of abuse” substances, STAQ Performance works as a solid foundational stack upon which to stack other nootropic supplements.

That’s why it has been chosen as the best premade nootropic stack.

You can buy STAQ Performer here >>

Your Inception Final Recommendation 

Your Inception Guarantee

With so many great supplements on the market, it is sometimes quite challenging recommending the best one.

It really depends on person to person - what you want to achieve, how many supplements are you willing to take every day, how much you can afford...

No matter which nootropic supplement you choose from our list, you cannot go wrong. It is important to remember that.

However, if we have to pick one supplement for the long-term use, we would currently choose STAQ Performer. It is simply the most effective, convenient, and affordable supplement on the market.

Our second choice would be Qualia Mind. If this changes in the future, we will, of course, immediately update our list.

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Grega Gostincar, MSc, is the founder of Your Inception. He has been researching, testing, and experimenting with nootropics since 2015. Greg, a certified expert in nutrition and brain biohacking from Emory University, is one of the most recognized researchers in the field of nootropics.

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