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Tools & resources for peak brain performance

These are the products I use myself and recommend to my friends and family. I have partnered with a few premium brands that offer the best biohacking products on the market.

My favorite supplements

Here you can find the essential supplements that will help you achieve peak brain performance, optimal health, and restorative sleep.

qualia mind review

My favorite nootropic supplement: Qualia Mind. If you care about your brain performance, Qualia Mind should be on your list. Here’s my full review >>

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Qualia night

My favorite sleep supplement: Qualia Night. I recommend this all-natural sleep supplement to everyone who cares about top-quality sleep. Read my full review here >>

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qualia life

My favorite anti-aging + longevity supplement: Qualia Life. I’m very picky when recommending supplements, especially if we talk about “anti-aging” supplements. But Qualia Life is a product that I think everyone should be taking. It’s one of the best-formulated supplements that may add years to your life, but if not, it will add life to your years. In both cases, it’s a win-win situation for you. Read my full Qualia Life review >>

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