Performance Lab Prebiotic Review

Performance Lab Prebiotic is a prebiotic that was developed by Optinutra, one of the most popular companies in the nootropic industry.

This dietary supplement was developed to:

  1. Nourish beneficial microflora growth
  2. Promote digestive health
  3. Support a healthy immune system
  4. Optimize microbiome-gut-brain axis
  5. Enhance food metabolism 

Basically, it is one more product in the whole Performance Lab line that was developed to help you achieve ultimate performance and great health.

While other Performance Lab supplements are very high-quality and popular, the question is how good their prebiotic supplement is? 

And that’s what we intended to find out.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Ingredients

So, what do we know about Performance Lab Prebiotic ingredients? It’s quite interesting.

This supplement contains two grams of Inulin-FOS (FructoOligoSaccharides) as Orafti Synergy1 (from Chicory Root).

Do you wonder what the hell Inulin-FOS is? Let us quickly explain.

Inulin and FOS are both soluble fibers (what prebiotics actually are) that have prebiotic properties. And because of that, they can improve our digestive health and our overall well-being.

Both are also found naturally in chicory root (about 20% of Inulin and 10% of FOS).

How do Inulin and FOS work?

After we take the capsules, they pass undigested in the colon, where they start feeding probiotic strains. That’s how they stimulate their growth.

Now, so-called Bifidobacterium bacteria should make up the vast majority of your microbiome. They are the ones that prevent the growth of pathogens, help with food breakdown, and mineral absorptions.

Having a robust microbiome is crucial for our metabolic and digestive health.

While you can get the right bacteria in your gut through eating foods high in probiotics, it is simply easier and more convenient taking a capsule of a high-quality prebiotic once a day.

Problems With Digestion?

Many people across the world suffer from digestion problems, the cause of which is unknown. We are talking about bloating, cramps, constipation, mineral deficiencies, etc.

If you have similar issues, increasing the amount of Bifidobacterium should help. However, keep in mind you need to take a high-quality prebiotic supplement to get the benefits and to avoid causing even more health issues.

Prebiotics And Weight Loss?

Someone recently asked us if taking prebiotics can help lose weight. While we don’t see prebiotics as your go-to “weight-loss pill,” they might help with overall weight management.

How exactly?

As we mentioned before, they promote better digestion. Also, they increase the absorption of nutrients as well (especially the minerals).

By doing that, you should faster feel full and more satisfied after each meal you eat.

If you do, however, trying to lose weight, we definitely suggest combining prebiotics with other supplements and an intense workout program.

Our Experience

We are not sure if you knew, but our founder had tons of health issues when he was in his 20s.

He was really struggling with his health back then, and it wasn’t until he dramatically changed his diet that his situation improved.

During this change (it happened when he was around 23 years old), it was the first time that he started supplementing prebiotics.

After years of researching and experimenting with prebiotics, he found that most prebiotic supplements were made from grains, which he always wanted to avoid. So it was quite a struggle to find high-quality natural prebiotics.

Well, today, this is quite different.

Performance Lab Prebiotic is a 100% natural prebiotic supplement on the market. And it seems one of the best.

If you start taking prebiotics, you can expect the following benefits: 

  1. Your immune system improves
  2. Your cognitive performance improves
  3. You are in a better mood (less brain fog)

After four weeks of taking Performance Lab Prebiotic, we can say that we feel fantastic. There is no brain fog, no mental issues, and we can operate at our maximum.

Honestly, we cannot say to which extent did the prebiotic help, but it did, and that’s what matters.

Since Performance Lab Prebiotic is an all-natural supplement, we see no reasons why we wouldn’t take it daily.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Dosage

The recommended dosage of Performance Lab Prebiotic is 6 capsules per day, 3 after the first meal, and 3 after the second meal.

Follow the recommended daily dosage, and you should experience no side effects.

If you do, however, do consult your doctor. Just to be on the safe side.

Where To Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic?

If you are searching for a high-quality all-natural prebiotic, Performance Lab Prebiotic is a product to check.

If you want to order it, you can do it here >>


Your Inception recommends supplementing Performance Lab Prebiotic. Based on our personal experience, review, and comparison, Performance Lab Prebiotic is one of the best all-natural prebiotics available on the market. It’s high-quality, it works great, and we had a great personal experience.

Of course, you can take the prebiotic supplement on its own, you can combine it with your favorite nootropic supplement or even a multivitamin supplement.