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What’s All About?

Neurohacker Collective, the company behind Qualia Mind, Focus, Eternus, and other fantastic nootropic supplements, is one of the most recognized companies in this fantastic industry.

They are developing premium supplements, which come at a price that not everyone can afford.

Sure, they are targeting biohackers, entrepreneurs, high-achievers, etc., but why wouldn’t others also take it?

Now, because our brand Your Inception is one of the most recognized & respected brands in the nootropic industry, we were able to negotiate an exclusive deal with Neurohacker Collective.

That’s how we came to the point where we can offer all our readers a special 15% discount code, which will help you save money on any order you make.

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Is Qualia Worth Your Money?

We have researching nootropics for a VERY long time. In the past years, we managed to try over 100+ supplements. And only a few of them stood up.

You guessed it right – one of them was Qualia.

So here is what happened. We started taking it, and only after a few months of supplementing, we decided to reach out to the team and convinced them to create a unique code that we could share with of all you.

Because we knew it back then that Qualia simply is an amazing product which people should try out.

What Makes It So Unique?

Here are a couple of reasons that make this supplement so special.

  1. It contains 28 individual compounds (more than most other supplements we ever came across)
  2. It is a premium high-quality product
  3. Even the bottle “screams quality”
  4. It provides multiple benefits including an improved focus, energy, attention, and a better mood
  5. It also brings long-term benefits (which is rare)
  6. It contains some of the unique nootropics that you can find on the market

It doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Who Is Qualia For?

As we mentioned before, it was primarily developed for biohackers, entrepreneurs, high-achievers, etc.

But we think it also targets all other active people who want to achieve better performance – even students. 

So no matter where you work – if you want to work better and achieve better results, this is a supplement for you.

And here it is…

Get The Qualia Coupon

Keep in mind that the brand does not sponsor us in any way. If you, however, use the code, we can guarantee you will pay the lowest price possible. Also, we will get a small commission from the order, which we will use to continue providing incredible content to you.

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