Certified Brain Health Professional


Greg Gostincar is a certified brain health professional and the creator of Your Inception.

Greg, MSc, has successfully finished multiple trainings and education in nutrition, brain science, sleep improvement, supplement development, biology, speed reading, memory improvement, and biochemistry. He is also a certified expert on Brain Biohacking from Emory University & Amen Clinic. 

He shares science-based brainhacks that will help you optimize your brain and mental performance. 

He is an active contributor in the personal development industry and consults with multiple companies, market leaders, and start-ups.



Grega Gostincar


As a young kid, I was shy, quiet, and lazy. Being a head taller than everyone around me and weighing 15 kilograms too much didn’t really help me get the “needed attention.”

On a cold winter day, I decided to change this. I wanted to show my non-existing ice-skating capabilities to a bunch of friends and nice-looking girls.
But before I realized it, I slipped on an icy hill and hit my head pretty hard. I don’t remember the next couple of hours (well, days), but I was told that my parents found me half-naked freezing in front of a house. I told them that I wanted to build a snowman; hence, I waited for them to come home. I didn’t have any reasonable explanation for being half-naked.

A few days later, I woke up in a hospital. I was confused and had no idea what was I doing there.

Days later, when I was released from the hospital, my doctor told me that I suffered from a “mild concussion.” Apparently, I would feel better in a couple of weeks.

But I didn’t it.

Since that moment, I have suffered from a lack of focus, attention, and severe memory issues. I had no interest in anything, so I was pretty lonely for most of my childhood. Being emotionally abandoned also left grievous consequences.

I didn’t change much as a teenager. I continued being the “untalented silent geek.” As a matter of fact, I couldn’t introduce myself in English until my early 20s. My lack of brainpower, attention, and motivation resulted in inferior grades. Additionally, I was always sick, suffering from dermatitis, stomach pain, nerve issues, and several other conditions. This ultimately led to an almost failure at the school of economics.

Grega Gostincar


But I didn’t give up. Some weird combination of the right timing and my realization that I want more out of life than self-pity and constant dissatisfaction led me to Lund University in Sweden (one of the world’s top 50 universities at the time).

So I decided to show myself I am the one in control of my life. And that I’m more capable than it seems.

With the help of mentors, online programs, a stimulative environment, and books, I slowly started my transformation. Or so I had thought. Months passed by, and I was getting more productive, more focused, more motivated, and most importantly, healthier. 

In about a year, I lost 15 kg, I regained my energy, and I finally found my passion. As a result, I even became the best student of the year. Simultaneously, I co-founded my first company that was soon worth over $3 million. 

When life seemed (almost) perfect, I burnt out. I quickly recovered, but I crashed again. Money, success, and a bit of fame didn’t make me happy. The more financial success I gained, the less I valued it. The bigger goals I achieved, the more I wanted to accomplish the next year. I was progressively working 24/7, living on coffee and weekend naps. I just wanted to achieve this one more goal to be happy. Just one more, then I’d slow down.

Luckily, I crashed again. If I hadn’t crashed, I would have probably hustled to my inevitable end.

grega gostincar


During my last burnout, I got much-needed help. You know how they say, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?” Well, I figured out that’s true. That’s when I started my spiritual transformation: regular meditation, psychotherapies, and lots of hard mental work led towards my current state of mind.

I’m present, living in the now, and most importantly, I am joyful. I enjoy my life more than ever. I am productive and relaxed. I am focused, my memory is amazing, and I have no brain fog. I learned how to control stress and balance my life to protect my body and mind from total destruction.

And funny enough, I’m more successful than ever before.
So, stay true to yourself, stop hustling, and start living. Because everything you need to be happy, you already have. You won’t find happiness when you reach your goals; it is hidden in the process of achieving them.

You just have to realize it.

With love,

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