What is Your Inception?

Yourinception.com is one of the most comprehensive online platforms that researches, experiments, and tests supplements that can help people achieve ultimate energy, focus, brainpower, sleep, regeneration, and personal performance. It’s an independent research-based platform that uses an objective system for evaluating supplements. 

Our Professional Know-How & Experience

We work with multiple experts across a varied of fields including chemistry, biology, biochemistry, nutrition, general health, cognitive psychology, and biotechnology.

The History Behind Your Inception

Your Inception started as a private blog of a nootropic enthusiast who wanted to share his experience with nootropic supplements. After a few years of hard work, a professional team of supplement enthusiasts and experts was formed. 

“Your Inception is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the biohacking and supplement industry.”

meet our amazing Core team

We have a full team of absolute professionals and dedicated people. 

Grega Gostincar

CEO & Founder

Monica Horvat



Video Editor

Jan Skok

Head Of Design


Web Developer



Your Inception Support Team

Besides our core team, we work with a group of neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, biotechnologists, personal coaches, and other experts who provide valuable input and scientific data.

Your Inception Test Team

We have a great team of people who help us test and analyze all the supplements that we decide to review.
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