Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Review

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi is one of the most advanced multivitamin supplements available on the market.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It contains high-quality vitamins and minerals
  2. Customized for men’s and women’s performance
  3. 100% of the daily value for 17 essential vitamins and minerals
  4. Nature-identical vitamins and minerals

Besides that, this Whole-Food Multi supplement is suitable for vegans, contains no soy, fish, dairy, peanut, egg, wheat, or any other allergens.

It’s also non-GMO, free of gluten, additives, artificial colors, and any other banned substances.

But the question is – is it worth the price?

Let’s investigate.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Ingredients

Since 2015, when we started researching and reviewing nootropics and supplements, we have put a lot of time and resources to understand the real quality of specific supplements.

While taking a couple of capsules of most supplements shouldn’t do me any harm, multiply the capsules with four years of basically full-time testing.

And then we have a problem.

So, having said this, we wanted to understand the real quality of vitamins and minerals in the Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi supplement.

And here is a couple of important stuff that we figured out.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Ingredients

First of all, most brands that are developing and selling multivitamins are using low-quality synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

This is not true for Performance Lab Multivitamin. 

A special BioGenesis process makes vitamins and minerals in Performance Lab supplements. A quick description:

BioGenesis™ vitamins and minerals are innovative, enhanced-potency nutrients that are lab-grown using a patented process that replicates nutrient genesis in nature. In BioGenesis™, single-cell organisms (Lactobacillus probiotics and brewer’s yeast) are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium.

Besides, unlike most other products that we tested, Performance Lab Multi contains special enzymes and cofactors, which are usually paired with nutrients in our food. 

The third interesting fact is that most vitamins and minerals in the Performance Lab Multi are NOT overdosed, which is usually valid for multivitamin supplements.

As you probably know, excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals in our body can do us a lot of harm, so we definitely want to avoid that.

Performance Lab understood that well, so by using particular high-quality and nature-identical vitamins and minerals, our absorption is better.

Therefore, lower amounts are adequate and preferred.

All right, let’s check out all vitamins and minerals in this supplement.


Here is the list of ingredients in the Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi:


Benefits and General Areas of Support

Vitamin A *Vision, skin, immune, protein synthesis, tissue repair, bones, antioxidant
Vitamin C *Immune, cardiovascular, skin, joints, antioxidant, gums, bones, muscle
Vitamin D3 *Immunity, bones, testosterone, cell function, protein synthesis
Vitamin E *Antioxidant, cardiovascular, hair, skin, nails, tissue repair
Vitamin K1 + K2 *Bones, cardiovascular, connective tissue
Vitamin B1 *Nervous system, energy metabolism
Vitamin B2 *Red blood cell formation, cell growth, energy metabolism, antioxidant
Vitamin B3 *Circulation, protein and fat metabolism, nervous system, skin
Vitamin B5 *Energy metabolism, hormone production, cardiovascular
Vitamin B6 *Brain chemical synthesis and conversion, immune, blood cell formation, oxygen transport, nervous system, blood sugar, cognitive function
Vitamin B7 *Hair, skin, nails, energy, blood sugar, cell growth, nervous system
Vitamin B9 *New cell formation, DNA synthesis
Vitamin B12 *Energy metabolism, heart health, nervous system, cognitive function
Calcium *Bones, joints, cardiovascular, muscles, nervous system, hormones
Iron *Blood cell formation, oxygen transport, brain chemical synthesis/td>
Iodine *Metabolism, thyroid function
Magnesium *Energy, cardiovascular, bones, testosterone, muscle relaxation, nervous system, blood sugar
Zinc *Immune, vision, testosterone, nerves, cell growth
Selenium *Immune, antioxidant, thyroid
Copper *Energy, nervous system, connective tissue, cardiovascular, antioxidant, red blood cell formation, vision, immune
Manganese *Enzyme cofactor, metabolism, blood sugar, antioxidant, bones
Chromium *Metabolism, energy, weight management, blood sugar
Molybdenum *Enzyme function, metabolism
Strontium *Bones, joints
Inositol *Nervous system, skin, cognition, mood
Vanadium *Blood sugar, cardiovascular, bones, muscles, enzymes, growth factor
Boron *Bones, testosterone, joints, connective tissue

Our Experience With Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi

We guess a lot of you wonder what our experience with Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi was.

Did we like the supplement? Would we change something?

Well, based on the quality of ingredients, we expected a lot, but you never really know…

Anyhow, during our test, we discovered many exciting things about this multivitamin supplement.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Experience
Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Experience

Firstly, we can tell you that we really enjoyed taking Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi.


Because the capsules they are using are pretty small for multivitamins.

They do use regular-size capsules, which are very often used in nootropics, but most multivitamin supplements that we tried before have bigger capsules.

And this is a big deal because swallowing all those capsules can be quite uncomfortable. Well, not with Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi.

Secondly, we felt extremely good when taking this supplement. 

Don’t get us wrong, multivitamin supplements do not provide any kick-ass energy boosts or similar. But most people quickly discover that their mood and overall performance improves when taking them.

And we can tell you the same happened to us. Honestly, we didn’t expect it, but whenever we took the recommended 4 capsules, we were in a better mood. Also, we were less irritated and calmer.

Don’t expect a significant mood change, but a mild improvement which, if combined with the right nootropics, can multiply.

And that’s what we all want. Right?

Thirdly, we didn’t have to think about individual vitamins and minerals anymore.

Most multivitamin supplements are overdosed.

The main issue with is that if you are taking multiple supplements (for example, multivitamins, multiminerals, nootropics for cognitive performance), you are taking a too higher dose of some compounds.

This can be harmful, it can be dangerous, and it can destroy your mood. Luckily, this does not happen with Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi.

The reason for that is that because they are using such high-quality minerals and vitamins, they can be slightly less dosed.

They will still provide the same benefits (due to their higher quality) while ensuring you can’t overdose.

So, even if you take multiple supplements, the chances are that if you combine them with Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi, you will still be in the safe zone.

This makes taking supplements a delightful experience. And you don’t have to worry about it.

And that’s what we love about them.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Dosage

The recommended suggested use of Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi is 4 capsules per day. It is recommended taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that the recommended daily dosage is based on being on a 2000 calories diet. If you are eating more than you should consider taking additional capsules/day.

However, in this specific case, we recommend consulting a nutritionist or talking to your doctor.

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Review
Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Review

Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi Side Effects

During our test and review of Whole-Food Multi, we experienced no adverse side effects.

Actually, thinking about it, it would be bizarre to have any issues with this supplement.

If you do experience any issues, do consult your doctor.

Where To Buy Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi?

If you are searching for a high-quality all-natural multivitamin, we are convinced that Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi is a product to go for.

You can order it here >>


Your Inception recommends taking Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi. This is a high-quality multivitamin supplement that was developed for men and women. The price of this supplement is justifiable and competitive. Besides, Performance Lab offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you’ll get your money back.