Nootropics Depot Review: Is This Online Store Legit?



Nootropics Depot is on the verge of becoming the most popular online vendor for nootropics and other food supplements. It offers a wide variety of supplements, it’s providing thorough testing of their products, and it’s offering their products at affordable prices. But do I recommend it? Here is my full Nootropics Depot review.



Nootropics Depot is my favorite online vendor for nootropics

High-quality products & great customer support

Affordable prices


Not the nicest webshop design ever

Sometimes they don’t have all nootropics on stock

Nootropics Depot Review

I first came across Nootropics Depot in 2017 when I was searching for reliable nootropic vendors for myself.

There were some great alternatives available, but Nootropics Depot caught my attention by providing a wide variety of supplements at affordable prices.

Since then, I have been regularly ordering nootropics from their store.

In this post, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about Nootropics Depot.

Let’s start with my experience.

Nootropics Depot
Nootropics Depot

My Experience

To learn more about Nootropics Depot, I have decided to order some nootropics (through my friend to avoid any “special treatment”) and see what happens.

Honestly, there is a lot of things I immediately liked about Nootropics depot:

  1. Huge variety of products (most products are available in different forms such as capsules and powder)
  2. Different packaging sizes
  3. A lot of additional tips & recommendations
  4. They have a select category called TOP SELLERS – Great for beginners
  5. They have their laboratory for testing ingredients (find more data below)

Besides all, the whole procedure of ordering nootropics through their store has always been smooth.

They even offer free shipping for orders over 50$ in the US or 200$ internationally.

However, there are a couple of things that slightly bothered me:

  1. Some products are not always on stock (I know, it happens)
  2. I never liked the design of their shop – a lot of people believe it looks slightly “scammy” which you don’t want to happen in such an industry

Apart from that, nothing else to complain about.

Testing Nootropics and Quality Control

Whenever I try to identify reliable supplement vendors, I always check out their testing procedures.

Even if the products are sourced from third world countries (in general, there is nothing wrong with that), and they are appropriately tested, that’s good!

Nootropics Depot stands out when it comes to testing. They use 3d party services and own a laboratory where they conduct purity testing.

They have described a whole range of testing activities on their website, but to make a conclusion – they are big on testing and providing high-quality ingredients. Like REALLY BIG!

You also have to know that the Reddit Nootropic community, where you can find some of the most advanced and hardcore tips about nootropics, is very positive about the quality of Nootropics Depot.

They often recommend it to fellow enthusiasts.

Currently, I don’t believe there is a better nootropic provider available on the market.

If this changes, I’ll definitely keep you informed.

Nootropics Depot Review
Nootropics Depot Review

Fulfillment and Customer Support

Based on my experience with Nootropics Depot, they provide fantastic customer service and support, and they have a rapid fulfillment. 

But how rapid?

Nootropics Depot Shipping Time

Nootropics Depot shipping time is 1-2 days. They offer same-day shipping on most orders from Monday to Saturday (9 am – 3:00 pm).  

Based on my experience, this is correct. They ship their products very quickly, and you can expect to receive them in no time. 

Even when they sent my order to Europe, the delivery time was only a couple of days.

So, shipping is fast, and I have never experienced any issues with the delivery. 

Nootropics Depot Reviews

Reading other people’s reviews and experience with Nootropics Depot, I noticed tons of positive feedbacks. I had also seen that when issues happened (for example, a wrong product was shipped), the Nootropics Depot team reacted quickly and provided a solution.

Besides all, I occasionally receive emails from my followers thanking me for mentioning Nootropics Depot.

Honestly, this means a lot to me – first of all, that so many people trust me and secondly, that they have a great experience with companies I recommend them.

So, you’re good to go with Nootropics Depot.

Is Nootropics Depot Legit?

Absolutely, Nootropics Depot is a legit online nootropic provider by all means.

And besides that, it stands out as a high-quality provider compared to the majority of other stores.

So, thumbs up!

Is Nootropics Depot Safe?

Yes, Nootropics Depot is a safe online provider of nootropics, and other supplements.

Nootropics Depot Coupon

Many people wonder if it’s possible to get a discount code or a promo code for Nootropics Depot. Currently, that’s not possible. If you are searching for a Nootropics Depot discount code, I would instead invest your time somewhere else.

But keep in mind if there will be a discount code available, I will be one of the first who will share it with you.

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception recommends buying nootropics on Nootropics Depot. Yes, if you are searching for high-quality nootropics and supplements, Nootropics Depot is worth checking. Expect excellent service and affordable prices. If you decided to order any nootropics, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Should you have any questions regarding my Nootropics Depot Review, or if you have any complains or ideas, do let me know and I’ll try to assist you in the best way possible.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to get Nootropics Depot Coupon?

Currently, there are no discount coupons available. You’ll find scam sites saying they are, but be very careful with that (especially with leaving them your private data).

2. How long does Nootropics Depot take to ship?

They usually ship nootropics in 1-2 days from the order. Their fulfillment is quick, and it works very well.

3. Is there an alternative shop to Nootropics Depot?

Sure they are but keep in mind that no one is as great as Nootropics Depot.

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  1. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your article on Nootropic Depot. Since the FDA recently pulled Biotics Phenitropic, I am looking for a reliable supplier for Phenibut capsules. I use them periodically to help with sleep issues. Do you know if the Nootropic Depot’s phenibut capsules are lab tested in the USA and safe from contaminants ?

  2. Hi Colette, thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure if this specific supplement has been tested, but in general, Nootropics Depot do a lot of tests (they outsource some, and have their own laboratory as well) of their supplements, so they can provide the highest quality products. While you can directly ask them about Phenibut, I’d say there is nothing to worry about if you order from them. Hope this helps :)

  3. Same here. I just found out about Biotics not selling Phenitropic anymore. Found it at Nootropic Depot. Hey Colette, did you end up order the Phenibut from Nootropic Depot and if so, are you happy with the product? Thank you.

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