Where To Buy Nootropics? – Top 10 Suppliers 2018 4/5 (4)

You want to buy a stack of nootropics, but don’t know where? I had the same issue years ago. Before I’ve found reliable suppliers, I spent at least a couple of hundreds of dollars and months of research. That’s why I created this guide so you won’t need to repeat my mistakes and you’ll be able to get the highest-quality nootropics and smart drugs on the market.

Where to buy nootropics?

Where to buy nootropics?

There are a lot of reliable online vendors for buying nootropics

Ordering nootropics were never as easy as it is nowadays

Order nootropics only from reliable sources

Buying nootropics online can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to start.


Because you want to find the highest-quality nootropics available at a decent price. Anything else is out of the question.

So if you’ve decided to start taking nootropics, you’re definitely in a search for a reliable supplier of nootropics or nootropic stacks.

After years of ordering nootropics online (and spending thousands of dollars for my personal use & reviews), I have created a list of reliable vendors that will provide high-quality nootropics, great support, affordable and quick shipping, and, most importantly, a large list of amazing nootropics.

This list is an active document that I constantly update in case there are new reliable suppliers on the market, or if something changes with existing suppliers.

Let’s have a look at what you have to be careful with when searching for an online supplier.

P.S. The list was updated in October 2018. 

Buy nootropics

1. Buying Nootropics Online? (Be Aware)

Here is the thing – nowadays it is quite easy to build a nicely-designed webshop, insert some products on it and market it as a high-quality nootropic provider.

I have seen that a dozen times and in most cases, I was shocked to see that it was either a scam or another crappy vendor that sells low-quality products.

To avoid this happening to you, here is what you should be careful about:

  • Look at the recommendations

    If people/experts/influencers you trust advise you a certain supplier, you are good to go. Look, if I spent over 200 USD/month for ordering nootropics on a specific webshop and I am satisfied with the products, why the hell would I not recommend you this shop? If, on the other hand, I get scammed, I would also share it with you. I rather see you buying no nootropics than getting a shitty product. So, trust is an important factor here.

  • Products quality

    To double check, all recommendations, try to gather as many data of a selected supplier as possible. I would suggest checking the production standards, policies, reviews, etc. User feedbacks are also crucial, especially when it comes to understanding customer support, shipping times and returns that suppliers offer. Luckily, I carefully analyzed all suppliers you are going to find in this post, but if you want, you can always double-check everyone.

  • Nootropic pricing

    Another thing to check out is pricing. If you order a nootropic stack (mixed nootropics) expect a higher pricing since you don’t have any additional work with nootropics. If, on the other hand, you go for bulk nootropics, you can save some money. When it comes to pricing, you will quickly realize that most providers offer a similar pricing for a similar product. There are exceptions, but I will warn you about them.

  • Availability and product range

    Some suppliers have a huge product range but most products are never available. Therefore, before you decide on ordering any nootropics, have a look at the availability so you save yourself from waiting weeks or months. Regarding the product range – my rule (for bulk suppliers) is the bigger the product range the better.

  • Shipping and support

    Last but not least, try finding some data about standard delivery times and even more importantly, to which countries they ship nootropics. It already happened to me that I placed an order, I paid for the supplements and weeks later I figured out that they are not shipping them to my country.

Those are just some basic rules I would suggest following so you will avoid having any issues and will receive high-quality nootropics.

2. Nootropic Stacks vs Single Nootropic

For the majority of people, ordering nootropics in bulk, weighing them and taking them on a specific schedule is not realistic nor desired.

Luckily, there are many fantastic nootropic stacks available on the market that offer high-quality, well-tested products for improving cognitive performance, decreasing anxiety and making your sleep better.

I am a big fan of nootropic stacks because of:

  1. You know exactly what you get in a specific stack
  2. They are well-researched
  3. Usually, they are produced in FDA (or similar) approved laboratories
  4. You can expect outstanding customer support
  5. Some offer free samples

I share my top nootropic stacks below, but let’s first check out where you can order individual ingredients/compounds/nootropics.

Order nootropics

3. TOP Online Vendors To Buy Nootropics 

1. Nootropics Depot (nootropicsdepot.com)

Nootropics Depot

Nootropics depot is my 2nd favorite online store for buying nootropic powders and bulk nootropics. The sell a lot of different nootropic stacks, are reliable and offer a great support.
Nootropics Depot has a great reputation on the market. I had no bad experience with them, but it already happened that they didn’t have my desired nootropic on the stock.

My satisfaction level: 4/5

2. Amazon (www.amazon.com)

Amazon nootropics

We all know Amazon, right? Yes, you can order nootropics also on Amazon. They provide hundreds of different types of nootropics, even though it is quite challenging finding more advanced nootropics on Amazon. But for beginners and for those, who want to improve their sleep, Amazon is a store to check.

On Amazon, you can find both – single nootropics and more advanced nootropic stacks. However, there are better options available.

My satisfaction level: 3,5/5

There are some other options is available which I’m still evaluating. I’ll be updating this list in the future.

4. TOP 2 Online Vendors To Buy Modafinil 

Buy Modafinil

Buy Modafinil

You want order Modafinil but don’t know where?

Before ordering Modafinil please keep in mind, this is a smart drug and not a typical nootropic. Check out my review here so you know what you are getting into. I really want you to be on the safe side.

So, if you have done your homework and decided to order Modafinil, here are my 2 favorite options:

1. AfinilExpress (www.afinilexpress.com)

Afinil Epress

AfinilExpress is my favorite online store for buying Modafinil. Modafinil is a fascinating smart drug, but it is quite challenging to buy it in many countries around the world. AfinilExpress provides different types of Modafinil and I highly recommend it!

I stopped counting all my orders from Afinil Express and I really, really love their service. Though keep in mind you might have to use cryptocurrency for the payment, which can be a bit pain in the ass.

2. ModafinilXL (www.modafinilxl)

Modafinil XL

ModafinilXL is a new player in this industry that I came across at the beginning of 2018. I gave it a try and I was satisfied with the products and their service. Nothing to complain. The good think about them is that they offer a 35% discount if you pay in bitcoins. You can definitely save some money there.

5. My Favorite Nootropic Stacks

So, what are my favorite nootropics stacks that I recommend based on my personal experience, reviews, studies and feedbacks from users?


Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind

If you search for the most advanced nootropic stack that will deliver you all essential ingredients, Qualia Mind is a product to check. Here are 3 main reasons why Qualia Mind is a product for you.

  1. Qualia is definitely the most advanced nootropic stack that I ever reviewed.
  2. With over 28 ingredients, it provides a full list of nootropics, vitamins, minerals and much more.
  3. It is well-dosed and it delivers on its promises.

To read my whole review about Qualia Mind, please click here >>
If you want to order Qualia Mind, you can do it here >>


Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro Review: Does it Work?

If you want to improve your overall cognitive performance (memory, speed, clarity and get a long-term brain support), MIND LAB PRO is a product to check. Mind Lab Pro is definitely one of the most advanced nootropics on the market. The formula was designed to improve your overall cognitive performance (memory, speed, clarity). Besides the short-term effect, Mind Lab Pro uses several nootropics that can improve your brain health in the long-term.

To read my whole review about MIND LAB PRO, please click here >>
If you want to order MIND LAB PRO, you can do it here >>


Ciltep nootropic

CILTEP is a natural formula designed to safely enhance the brain’s ability to form vivid, long-lasting memories and remain sharply motivated and focused for hours. CILTEP is used to increase endurance and motivation, to improve concentration and mood and to enhance the ability to study.

Check out my review here >>

If you want to order CILTEP, you can do it here >>

To find other nootropics that I recommend, check out my list of Top Nootropics 2018 >>

6. My Final Thoughts

First of all, nootropics are a fascinating topic that is getting more and more popular. And that’s great. The market is growing, there are better products coming on the market, more scientific research is being done and we are more aware of which nootropics really provide benefits and which not.

Consequently, there are more scams happening. You can find lots of brands selling “high-quality” products, or even “FDA-approved” brands etc.

Since I spent a lot of time researching nootropics, I’m fighting against such fake brands to help protect as many people as possible.

So, my final thought is to be smart, check online vendors before you order anything and don’t take nootropics that you are not 100% sure they are safe.

Because you never really know…

I definitely hope my guide will help you find the best vendors on the market that offer high-quality and well-research products.

But if you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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