Where To Buy Nootropics: Top 7 Reliable Suppliers

You want to buy a stack of nootropics, but don’t know where? I had the same issue years ago (before I launched Your Inception). That’s why I created this guide so you won’t need to repeat my mistakes and you’ll be able to get the highest-quality nootropics on the market. So, let’s check out the best stores where to buy nootropics online.

where to buy nootropics

Buying nootropics online can be a challenging task if you don’t know where to start. It is important to find the highest-quality nootropics available at a reasonable price. If you see a “nice-looking, but totally underpriced supplement” on a newly designed web shop, run away.

Instead, you should buy nootropics only from reliable nootropic vendors. So if you’ve decided to start taking nootropics (or at least try them), you’re definitely in a search for a reliable supplier of nootropics and nootropic stacks.

After years of ordering nootropics online (and spending thousands of dollars for my personal use and reviews), I have created a list of best nootropic vendors that provide high-quality nootropics, great support, affordable and quick shipping, and, most importantly, an extensive list of amazing nootropics.

This list is an active document that I regularly update in case there are new nootropic companies on the market, or if something changes with existing suppliers. But first, let’s have a look at what you have to be careful with when searching for an online supplier.

The list was updated in May 2020.  

Buying Nootropics Online

Nowadays it is quite easy to build a nicely-designed webshop, insert some products on it and market it as a high-quality nootropic provider.

I have seen that a dozen times, and in most cases, I was shocked to see that it was either a scam or another crappy vendor that sells low-quality products. To avoid this happening to you, here is what you should be careful about:

  • Look at the recommendations

    If experts advise you certain nootropics vendors, you are good to go. Look, if I spent over 200 USD/month for ordering nootropics on a specific webshop and I am satisfied with the products, why the hell would I not recommend this shop to you? If, on the other hand, I get scammed, I would also share it with you immediately. I rather see you buying no nootropics than getting a shitty product. So, trust is an essential factor here.

  • Products quality

    To double-check all recommendations, try to gather as many data of a selected supplier as possible. I would suggest checking the production standards, policies, reviews, etc. Also, check where are the products manufactured and which laboratory is testing the products. If you can’t find any data, this should be a big RED alarm for you. User feedbacks are also crucial, especially when it comes to understanding customer support, shipping times, and returns that suppliers offer. Luckily, I carefully analyzed all the suppliers you are going to find in this post, but if you want, you can always double-check everyone.

  • Nootropic pricing

    Another thing to check out is pricing. If you order a nootropic stack (mixed nootropics), expect higher pricing since you don’t have any additional work with nootropics. If, on the other hand, you go for bulk nootropics, you can save some money. When it comes to pricing, you will quickly realize that most providers offer similar pricing for the same product. There are exceptions, but they are rare. Underpriced products are something that I’d try to avoid.

  • Availability and product range

    It happens that you’ll find suppliers with a vast product range but without most products on stock. How is this possible? Well, one thing is for sure – I’d be cautious in this case. Therefore, before you decide on ordering any nootropics, have a look at the availability, so you save yourself from waiting weeks or months. Regarding the product range – my rule (for bulk suppliers) is the bigger the product range of products on stock, the better.

  • Shipping and support

    Last but not least, try finding some data about standard delivery times and even more importantly, to which countries they ship nootropics. It already happened to me that I placed an order, I paid for the supplements, and weeks later, I figured out that they are not shipping them to my country.

Those are just some basic rules I would suggest following so you will avoid having any issues and will receive high-quality nootropics.

I would warn you about the information you get on different forums such as Quora or Reddit. While you can find some great experts there, you’ll also find some scammers, so be careful with that as well.

Anyhow, to help quicken the process of finding the best nootropic brands, I’ve done the homework for you, and I’ll share the best nootropic vendors with you.

Best Nootropic Vendors

Here is the list of my favorite nootropic vendors and best nootropic sites. I’ve bought products on all of them, I made a thorough review, and I can honestly tell it’s hard to find better vendors.

#1 Pure Nootropics

pure nootropics

Pure Nootropics is one of my favorite online providers of nootropics and nootropic supplements. It offers a huge variety of nootropics, it great customer support, and has very fair pricing.

Pure Nootropics is known to do independent lab tests of their supplements. You can find all data on their store.

Want to check my complete review of Pure Nootropics? Then click here: Pure Nootropics

#2 Nootropics Depot

nootropics depot

Nootropics depot is my favorite online store for buying nootropic powders and bulk nootropics. The sell a lot of different nootropic stacks, are reliable and offer great support.

Nootropics Depot has an excellent reputation on the market. I had no bad experience with them, but it already happened that they didn’t have my desired nootropic on the stock.

They offer a wide variety of nootropics, and if you want to buy single nootropics, they are currently my favorite online provider.

Want to check my complete review with Nootropics Depot? Then click here: Nootropics depot

#3 Lost Empire Herbs

lost empire herbs

I first came across Lost Empire Herbs in 2018. I’ve ordered a couple of products, tested them out, did research, got in touch with the brand, and only after that I’ve decided to put the brand on this list.

Lost Empire Herbs provide a considerable variety of nootropics, herbs, and other supplements. They offer excellent customer support, their delivery time is short, and I had an overall great experience.

They currently have one of the best nootropics websites.

If you don’t find any great nootropics on Nootropics Depot or if Lost Empire Herbs brings positive vibes, you have a green light.

Want to read my full review with Lost Empire Herbs? Then click here: Lost Empire Herbs

#4 HR Supplements

HR Supplements

HR Supplements is a reliable online vendor of nootropics, supplements, and nootropic stacks. My detailed review showed that they offer a huge variety of high-quality and well-researched supplements.

Do you want to learn more about them? Then click here: HR Supplements

#5 Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood Supplements

I came across Double Wood Supplements at the beginning of 2019. My team has ordered a couple of products, tested them out, and see if they are any good.

Based on my review, experience with the store and comparison, go ahead and purchase nootropics from Double Wood Supplements.

Want to read my full review with Double Wood Supplements? Then click hereDouble Wood Supplements

#6 Illuminate Labs

Illuminate Labs logo

Illuminate labs is a newly established provider of nootropic supplements. It offers a small variety of high-quality supplements.

Learn more about them here: Illuminate Labs

#7 Amazon

amazon logo

We all know Amazon, right? Yes, you can also order nootropics on Amazon. They provide hundreds of different types of nootropics, even though it is quite challenging finding more advanced nootropics & stacks there. But for beginners and for those, who search for more basic & affordable products, Amazon is a place to check.

Click here to order nootropics from Amazon.com.

Here you go, these are the best nootropic vendors in 2019. I’m currently evaluating some other vendors as well, but for now, these are the best.

If I find any others, I’ll put them on this list as well.

Stacks vs Single Compound

We just checked the best places where to buy nootropics online.

But there is one issue that people often come across when searching for nootropics online.

For the majority of people, ordering nootropics in bulk, weighing them and taking them on a specific schedule is not realistic nor desired.

Luckily, there are many fantastic brands available on the market that offer high-quality, well-tested nootropic stacks for improving cognitive performance, decreasing anxiety, and even improving your sleep.

I am a big fan of nootropic stacks because of:

  1. You precisely know what to expect from a nootropic stack
  2. They are (usually) well-researched
  3. Those that I recommend  are produced in GMP approved facilities
  4. You can expect outstanding customer support
  5. Some brands offer free samples

Do you prefer buying nootropic stacks? Then check my favorite ones here:


Buy Nootropics Locally?

Should you consider buying nootropics in store?

It depends.

Most high-quality nootropic vendors still don’t sell nootropics in local stores.

Well, you could probably still find some quality brands in your local stores that sell nootropics in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries you come from, but you can never be sure about the quality of the products.

Until the most respected brands decide to start offering their supplements in the stores, I’d avoid local stores and instead order nootropics online.

That’s the only way to 100% sure you’ll buy a high-quality stack.

My Final Thoughts

First of all, nootropics are a fascinating topic to discuss. Their popularity is growing, and I know dozens of people who take them daily. And that’s great. Due to the market growth, better products are coming on the market, more scientific research is being done, and we are more aware of which nootropics provide benefits and which not.

With the growth come scams, shitty products, and all other crap. You can find lots of brands selling “high-quality” products, or even “FDA-approved” brands, which they aren’t.

Since I’m a big fan of nootropics (and I’ve been researching them for the past years), I’m fighting against such fake brands to help protect you and many other people.

Therefore, I provide such lists of my favorite nootropics so you can be 100% sure you’ll take only the best of the best. I would recommend checking my guide every single time before you decide to buy nootropics online.

I believe it’s very important to know where to buy nootropics.

Here is the list of best nootropic sites combined:

  1. Nootropics Depot
  2. Pure Nootropics
  3. Lost Empire Herbs
  4. HR Supplements
  5. Double Wood Supplements
  6. Amazon

So, my final thought is the following: No matter where you come from (US, UK, Canada, or any other country), please be smart, check online vendors before you order anything and don’t take nootropics that you are not 100% sure they are safe.

Because you never really know…

I hope my guide will help you find the best vendors on the market that offer high-quality and well-research products.

But if you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Grega Gostincar, MSc, is the founder of Your Inception. He has been researching, testing, and experimenting with nootropics since 2015. Greg, a certified expert in nutrition and brain biohacking from Emory University, is one of the most recognized researchers in the field of nootropics.

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