Lost Empire Herbs Review

Lost Empire Herbs is an online provider of high-quality natural supplements, herbs, and nootropics of all kinds. Most of them provide several benefits such as energy, focus, attention, better sleep, overall health, and some others.

Since they are not many quality and reliable providers of natural supplements on the market, we decided to make a thorough review of this store. After receiving and testing a couple of products from the store, we’re please we came across it. 


Our Experience With Lost Empire Herbs

Since we are big fans of nootropics such as Lion’s Mane, Bacopa, Schisandra Berry, and Rhodiola, these were the exact products that we ordered from Lost Empire Herbs. 

We received the package in a couple of days, which was quite a nice surprise. 

After we got the products, we wanted to test them out immediately, but since we were testing some other nootropics at that time, we had to wait a bit.

Anyhow, we finally managed to test the supplements, and they were great — nothing to complain about.

The taste was as expected (all right for powder supplements), the products were well-dosed, and the packaging was excellent.

Btw, we were also in contact with Lost Empire Herbs team during the test, and they supported us and answered a few of our questions. 

So, our overall experience with Lost Empire Herbs was very good.

But what do others say about this store?

Lost Empire Herbs
 Lost Empire Herbs

Lost Empire Herbs Reviews

Part of our screening process was checking the reviews of their customers, which was quite easy to do since Lost Empire Herbs sell on Amazon as well.

We found hundreds of positive reviews for a bunch of the products they sell

Superman Herbs has incredible products! The Pine Pollen is one I will be reordering often. I use this product to help my testosterone levels as I am in my forties in "andropause". This is a great product!

I have ordered from Lost Empire Herbs a few times. They are very prompt in responding to my questions, and ship out very quickly. The herbs are outstanding quality. Yes, you are paying more, but you get what you pay for. They have the absolute best quality herbs I have found. Outstanding!

However, you can find a few negative feedbacks as well. After our research, we can say that 99% of complaints are related to the effects that customers feel (or not feel) when taking specific supplements.

While the supplements that we got are well dosed, they are still nootropics. Some work great, but for others, the real efficacy is still unknown. This means that while most people are satisfied with the brand itself, some expected more benefits from the products.

Now, if you know anything about nootropics, we would expect such feedback from people.

The good thing is that most people are satisfied with the brand itself, their customer support, delivery times, etc.

There is no doubt Lost Empire Herbs is giving their best to satisfy their customers.

Lost Empire Herbs

Where To Buy Lost Empire Herbs Products?

If you want to order some amazing nootropics and herb supplements, Lost Empire Herbs definitely looks like a very reliable online vendor.

Here you can check their products portfolio and get the lowest price >>

There are no discount codes available, but if you click on the link above, you will get the lowest price possible.

Let us know if you have any questions related to the brand.


Your Inception recommends Lost Empire Herbs vendor. After our careful review, Lost Empire Herbs seems like one of the most reliable and high-quality brands on the market.

So we give it a green light!

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