We recently received a bunch of nootropics from a relatively new online vendor of nootropics, HR (Hard Rhino) Supplements. Even though I haven’t heard about them before, our quick research showed that they offer a whole-range of different supplements, and they already have hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.

So, we decided to try their supplements to see if there are any good.

This is our full review of HR Supplements.

An Overview

We did a detailed review of the HR online store. During the review we came across many exciting things we want to share with you.

First of all, they have a huge range of various nootropics and supplements in their store from 5 of their own brands. You can find basically all legal nootropics in their store. 

Another important thing we noticed is that they are very open towards testing the purity of their supplements. As we were explained by one of their managers, they put a lot of effort into testing their supplements, buying high-quality raw materials, and ensuring top quality end products.

Now, many brands talk about the importance of “high-quality supplements,” but you can usually find little evidence that they really care. With HR Supplements, we were convinced that they do care, and we give them another point for that.

The third point we want to mention is that our overall experience with HR supplements was great. Their store is well-organized and fast, their customer support was superb, and we were more than happy with their distribution process.

Now let’s quickly talk about our experience with their products.

Our Experience

The online store is user-friendly, and the list of products is categorized. There are over 100 different items available from HR Supplements. You can purchase some of their products in powder, capsule, or a combination of both forms.

In addition to nootropic supplements, they also offer sports supplements, vitamins and minerals, mushrooms and herbs, amino acids, proteins, men’s health supplements, general health and wellness products, and more.

You can also browse all their products by choosing the shop all option or check it based on your goal. They have listed them to help you to be more specific and choose the right product for your body. They have Cognitive Health, Cardiovascular Support, Digestive & liver Support, Energy & Performance, Hair, Skin and Nails, Immune Support, Joint & Bone Health, Muscle Building, Sleep Health, and Weight Management.

We ordered 3 products from their store: Caffeine + L-Theanine, a choline complex, and Focus Point. We had tried them all, checked the bottles, labels, and overall quality.

Now, we don’t want to review supplements and every product by itself, because we are reviewing the store, but we can tell you that we were satisfied with the quality of the products.

The bottles are great and well-sealed; the design is pretty nice and clean. The capsules are standard size. Some supplements contained a few unnecessary fillers, but that’s about it.

We were especially satisfied with the combination of Caffeine + L-Theanine and with Focus Point, which seemed to be two of their most popular nootropic supplements.

Shipping And Return Policy

Even though they had to ship all products to Europe from the US, the products arrived in about a week after we ordered them. That was surprisingly fast if you know the strict supplement policies that exist in European countries.

In addition to our positive experience, we noticed that Hard Rhino Supplements offer a 30-day return window if you are not satisfied with their supplements. Great stuff!

hr supplements review

User Reviews

Part of our screening process includes finding the reviews of other customers. Luckily, we managed to find many on Amazon, and most of them were very positive.

Most complaints that we found (and they were quite rare) were not related to the product quality, but rather to the effectiveness of a particular supplement.

This is quite normal based on our experience because many people expect way too much from nootropic supplements.

Any Complaints?

No online provider of nootropic supplements is perfect – and HR Supplements is not an exception.

In general, we are very satisfied with their store and how they provide categories and options so the customer could easily see the right nootropic supplements for them, but there are a couple of things that we’d like to see improved.

One is that if possible, we would like them to remove some unnecessary fillers from their nootropic formulas to make them even higher-quality. Fillers are quite standard in this business, so they are not a big deal, but if you can manufacture supplements without them, that’s even better.

Our second complaint is about the lack of information about the team that stands behind this nootropic vendor. We’d love to see more details from the founders, their vision, mission, etc. This would make their store even more user-friendly.

Apart from that, we have nothing to complain about.


Your Inception recommends buying nootropics from HR Supplements. Based on our detailed review, we find HR Supplements a reliable online vendor for individual nootropics and nootropic supplements.

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