We recently received three nootropic supplements from Illuminate Labs. This online store is known for providing results of the third-parties lab testings of their supplements.

We really appreciate any efforts of companies trying to ensure that their supplements meet all the required standards, so we decided to review this online vendor. 

Here is what we found out.

Illuminate Labs Review

Illuminate Labs is a US store that is currently offering a few nootropic compounds. It has been recently established with a goal to provide high-quality supplements to its customers.

This start-up is currently offering about four products on their store – we receivedf three of them (Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Ceylon Cinnamon Extract, and Panax Ginseng Extract).

They have a very clean and modern website; the same goes for their packaging. The founder is Calloway Cook, who works with an expert on the field of Biochemistry, Jose A. Villa Rodriguez.

Unlike many other brands, Illuminate Labs decided to use third-party laboratories to test their products for purity. It’s a great approach to increase trust in customers.

Also, they decided to invest 5% of their profits to charity.

Our Experience

We had a great experience with Illuminate Labs. Communicating with them was easy. Products arrived in a couple of days after we ordered them. So, the shipping time was quite short, and the delivery was smooth.

We tested all three products and we were satisfied with the results. All their supplements are vegan, which is why they are slighlty more expensive.

During our review, we noticed that Illuminate Labs does not have any social media presence right now (if we don’t count Linkedin account from the founder). This is a bit troubling because it is hard to verify any information about them. Since they still lack customer reviews, we would definitely want to see some feedback on their Facebook page, for example.

Apart from that, our experience with Illuminate Labs was good, no doubt about that.

Do We Recommend The Store?

Based on all the information available, yes, we would recommend buying nootropic compounds from Illuminate Labs. They are at the beginning of their journey, which is the reason for the lack of customer reviews.

Once they increase their product portfolio, they will reach a wider range of potential customers. By having more customers, we hope they will slightly decrease their prices, which will probably bring even more sales.

As long as they continue following their plan and providing high-quality supplements, we will definitely recommend them to our followers.

To learn more about Illuminate Labs, click here: https://illuminatelabs.io/

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