I first compared Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain in 2016. But a lot has changed since our first review. What exactly? And which nootropic supplement is better? Check it out.

mind lab pro vs alpha brain

Mind Lab Pro Vs Alpha Brain 

Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are pioneer nootropic blends that I chose to pit against one another in my earlier attempt to find the best nootropic supplement. Back then the nootropic market was limited and these two supplements ruled the nootropic industry so I decided to test both of them. And my findings showed there wasn’t much of a difference between the two products.

But a lot has changed since 2016. While Mind Lab Pro has been continuously evolving and developing, Alpha Brain has stayed pretty much the same.

And that’s the main reason why it slowly started losing to Mind Lab Pro. But the question remains: Has Alpha Brain stayed in the game? Or has Mind Lab Pro wholly taken over the throne?

Let’s find out.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement devised for individuals with active lifestyles. It is cited as the preferred brain supplement by professionals, students, athletes, and even the elderly who want to boost cognitive abilities and enhance cognitive function.

Mind Lab Pro’s formula includes a list of solid brain-boosting staples such as citicoline, phosphatidylserine, organic lion’s mane mushroom, maritime pine bark extract, Rhodiola Rosea, and bacopa monnieri herb extract along with the amino acids l-theanine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine.

Manufacturers have also included B vitamins such as B6, B9, and B12 for their nootropic benefits.

Combined within the Mind Lab Pro formula, these nootropic ingredients work synergistically to amplify six brain pathways that optimize brain function and ramp up mental energy.

On the flip side, the short-term effects of Mind Lab pro are relatively weak. But regardless of its short-term effects, the truth is that Mind Lab Pro gives you your money’s worth in the form of a top-notch nootropic stack.

Alpha Brain

The brand Onnit launched Alpha Brain based on research that shows alpha brain waves to improve several cognitive functions.

As such, focusing on the mechanism of increasing alpha brain waves, the ingredients in this brain supplement promise to boost cognitive function by supporting memory and reducing brain fog while thinking clearly when under stress.

Alpha Brain uses three unique proprietary blends, namely Onnit Flow Blend, Onnit Focus Blend, and Onnit Fuel Blend.

Among these, Onnit Flow targets the production of alpha waves to calm the brain by using relaxing ingredients such as cat’s claw extract, and oat straw extract among others. Onnit Focus promotes and maintains acetylcholine levels in the brain while Onnit Fuel helps generate optimal nervous system communication.

However, Alpha Brain contains huperzine A which is an ingredient that requires recycling.

So, can Alpha Brain still compete with Mind Lab Pro?


Two of the best nootropic supplements, Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro have some elements in common just as there are distinct differences as well. Let’s first check what both nootropic supplements have in common.

Improve Cognitive Performance

If you carefully investigate the products, you will quickly figure out that they aren’t very different. Both are known for being exceptionally good at what they do which is to lift brain fog, improve memory, and enhance overall cognitive function.

In addition, both formulas share certain ingredients that offer neuroprotective benefits such as improving brain plasticity and assisting cell membrane regeneration. These ingredients also help sustain nerve cells, improve cerebral blood flow, and offer other noticeable long-term benefits.

Contain High-quality Nootropics

Created by Onnit and Opti Nutra respectively, Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro are both flagship nootropic supplements for their brands. This means that there is no doubt that both supplements contain high-quality nootropic ingredients. 

Mind Lab Pro’s formula uses top-notch, patented forms of nootropics that promise superior performance than their generic counterparts.

There is also a fair degree of overlap in the ingredient choice of both supplements as Alpha Brain contains five of the eleven researched-backed ingredients found in Mind Lab Pro. These include bacopa monnieri, the two amino acids l-tyrosine and l-theanine, phosphatidylserine, and vitamin B6.

Other healthy supporting ingredients in these popular nootropic supplements boost neurotransmitters that enhance brain health by enhancing thought processing and boosting creativity.

Stimulant-Free Formulas

Both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain use stimulant-free formulas, so you get results without the risk of experiencing jitters and crashes. The two supplements are designed to be caffeine-free products that yield sustained mental energy that does not cause nervousness, fidgeting, or restlessness.

Expensive Supplements

Both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro boast a much higher price tag than many of their competitors in the market. With that said, Alpha Brain costs less than Mind Lab Pro.

The makers of Mind Lab Pro give their customers various purchasing options that let users purchase one bottle at $65 containing 60 capsules to last 30 days. For bulk purchases, customers can get two bottles for $130 containing 120 capsules to cover 60 days and three bottles for $195 containing 240 capsules which are good for 120 days.

When customers choose to avail of bulk purchases, their purchase is shipped free of cost. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the products but this applies to bigger orders only.

Alpha Brain sells their supplements in two bottle sizes containing either 90 or 30 capsules. The bigger bottle with 90 capsules sells for $79.95 and the smaller bottle with 30 capsules sells for $30. Free global shipping is valid on orders above $150 and the company provides a money-back guarantee for any product purchased via the official website.


The recommended dosages for both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are fairly standard and fall within the typical count of 2-4 capsules per daily serving for such supplements.

Manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro recommend taking 2 capsules alongside a meal and advise not to exceed 4 pills in a 24-hour timeframe. Recommendations are also made to cycle the supplement and take it for 4 months and then take a week off.

In the same manner, Alpha Brain also needs to be ingested as a dietary supplement with some food. Manufacturers recommended taking two capsules in a day which can either be taken together at once or one capsule each at two separate times during the day.

Like Mind Lab Pro, Alpha Brain should also be cycled given its huperzine A content.

Third-Party Testing

Ranked among the best nootropic supplements, both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro sell as third-party tested nootropics in the market.

For Mind Lab Pro, their manufacturing facilities are all FDA and cGMP-approved.

Likewise, Alpha Brain supplements also undergo strict third-party testing via agencies in compliance with the NSF’s goal to provide customers with high-quality products.


Now that we have discussed the similarities and certain overlaps between both nootropic supplements, it’s time to take a look at how the two differ from one another.

Mind Lab Pro Regularly Updates Their Nootropic Formula

Ever since its introduction into the nootropic market in 2015, Mind Lab Pro has repeatedly optimized its formula. The official website shows the brand to have done so four times over with each update perfecting the formula ever so much.

The makers of Alpha Brain, on the other hand, seem to have stayed put with their original offering. There does not seem to be any evidence of the brand having tweaked or fine-tuned their formula in any way leading us to conclude that they really haven’t optimized the formula since the supplement’s initial launch.

Mind Lab Pro Has An Open-sourced Formula

One of the first things that evoke a comparison between the two nootropic stacks is their ingredient profile. Both products showcase multiple ingredients on their labels with Mind Lab Pro giving clear information regarding the amounts used within its formula while Alpha Brain conceals the amounts within proprietary blends.

Here, one of the biggest benefits of Mind Lab Pro is its open-sourced formula. Every nootropic ingredient is presented clearly on its label with complete information regarding individual dosages and giving full transparency to their customers.

Unfortunately, this is not true for the Alpha Brain formula which most experts find really disturbing.

The brand has somehow chosen to hide its ingredient details within proprietary blends making the efficacy of individual nootropic ingredients questionable.

Plus, there is concern over some of its ingredient choices that seem to serve no nootropic benefits.

Working Mechanism

Another important aspect that often draws comparisons between Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain is the way the two supplements work. Even though designed to offer similar benefits, the way things work for both nootropic supplements is quite different.

For Mind Lab Pro, every ingredient serves a specific function to assist brain health and performance. Here we have a nootropic stack that boosts cognitive function by fueling brain cells with energy. This mechanism involves citicoline which plays an important part in improving cognitive performance by boosting brain acetylcholine levels.

Other nootropics like lion’s mane mushroom trigger the production of nerve growth factor which serves nerve cell integrity whereas bacopa monnieri is exceptionally supportive of memory enhancement and cognitive function.

Yet other nootropics like the amino acid l-theanine mitigate excitatory neurotransmitters while l-tyrosine enhances cognitive performance in stressful situations.

Other nootropics including Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Rhodiola Rosea exert antioxidant and anxiolytic effects respectively.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s easy to establish that Mind Lab Pro truly does work on several brain pathways and qualifies as a comprehensive nootropic supplement on its own.

Meanwhile, when we compare Alpha Brain to Mind Lab Pro, its main purpose appears to boost brain alpha waves.

Alpha Brain manufacturers hold the opinion that a calm brain is better able to perform and focus than one which is stressed or tired. As such, the primary focus of this nootropic supplement is to assist the brain make more alpha waves to promote a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Alpha Brain strives to achieve these effects by using soothing ingredients like oat straw extract and cat’s claw extract along with certain amino acids which possess sleep-inducing benefits as well.

According to animal studies, the use of pterostilbene which is a derivative of the nootropic drug resveratrol is able to potentially lower anxiety and improve the state of mind.

This popular nootropic supplement also offers other nootropic staples like alpha GPC paired with phosphatidylserine which is one of the main components of nerve cell membranes and is often used to slow down age-related memory impairment.

To sum up, Mind Lab Pro focuses on stimulating the brain by energizing nerve cells while Alpha Brain works to produce alpha waves to promote brain relaxation.

Alpha Brain Is More Focused on Athletes

The Onnit brand specializes in developing supplements that cater more to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

A detailed Alpha Brain review will show that this seems to be the case with this supplement as well. For instance, a closer look at Alpha Brain ingredients shows that the inclusion of ingredients such as l-leucine is a popular choice for workout enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

L-leucine is an essential amino acid that plays a crucial part in protein synthesis and is considered beneficial for improving athletic performance. When paired with other performance enhancers like Alpha GPC that help fight fatigue while increasing stamina, Alpha Brain remains a favorite supplement among sports enthusiasts.

Mind Lab Pro, on the other hand, stays more focused on catering to a wider range of users. It establishes itself as a true universal nootropic given its wider appeal to different demographics and suitability for new and seasoned neurohackers alike.

Side Effects

While both nootropic supplements are fairly safe, there are some considerations to keep in mind when setting any adverse concerns of Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain side by side.

For starters, Mind Lab Pro boasts clean labeling with the absence of any allergens or stimulants added to its formula. Regular users of this product have not reported any noteworthy adverse effects and this nootropic stack appears to have a reliably risk-free safety profile.

Opti Nutra asserts that every ingredient is sourced in its most potent form from fresh nutrients. Plus, there is a brand guarantee that all their supplements are chemical and stimulant-free.

Alpha Brain also presents a good safety profile when used following the manufacturer’s directions. However, because of the proprietary blends used in its formula, some people may experience some unexpected effects due to unknown doses.

Plus, the inclusion of huperzine A makes it necessary to cycle Alpha Brain and not use it continuously. At the same time, using huperzine A side by side with bacopa monnieri may affect the efficacy of bacopa as this nootropic requires continuous use for optimal results.

Additionally, phosphatidylserine can potentially have a blood-thinning effect so it is not recommended for anyone using blood thinners or individuals with blood-clotting issues.

Even though Mind Lab Pro also uses phosphatidylserine in its formulation, Opti Nutra gives complete information about its included quantity. But Alpha Brain lacks transparency by making it part of an obscure blend.


Even though both are top-of-the-line nootropic supplements, there are still some limitations to consider.

For instance, Mind Lab Pro stands as a comprehensive nootropic not to be stacked alongside other supplements. Basically, this becomes restrictive for people who prefer stacking their nootropics as they are advised not to do this with Mind Lab Pro.

As for Alpha Brain, this supplement offers many potent nootropics which sadly remain undisclosed inside proprietary blends.

Which Supplement Wins?

The verdict regarding Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain is fairly close in most respects. Both supplements have been devised to improve brain health and cognitive abilities, so it’s hard to go wrong either way.

The two nootropic supplements also have loyal followers who vouch for the nootropic’s efficacy in enhancing focus, recall, attention, concentration, and other cognitive functions.

However, the fact that Mind Lab Pro’s formula caters to different age groups along with the elderly gives it the winning nudge over Alpha Brain. Other factors that add to its success include complete transparency, clean labeling, superior ingredient choice, and consistently steady results.

Alpha Brain offers promising results as well but some comparison shows that its effects may be somewhat subtler than those of Mind Lab Pro. As such, it is probably not the right nootropic for the seasoned biohacker or anyone who has had a lot of experience with complex nootropics.

Also, if Onnit were regularly updating and optimizing Alpha Brain, the final result could change. 

Sadly, this is not happening, so I recommend buying Mind Lab Pro. 

mind lab pro review

Where To Buy It? 

If you want to get the lowest price for Mind Lab Pro, click here. 


I would really like to see a fair battle between once such great rivals. Until Onnit focuses on Alpha Brain again, Mind Lab Pro will be my product of choice. It’s simply better in all aspects.