Alpha Brain Vs Qualia Mind: Which Nootropic Wins?

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alpha brain vs qualia

Alpha Brain and Qualia Mind are two very fascinating nootropic stacks. While Alpha Brain used to be one of the best-ranked nootropic supplements on the market, Qualia Mind showed a reliable performance in the past years. But which one do I prefer? Here is my full Alpha Brain vs. Qualia Mind comparison.

Alpha Brain VS Qualia Mind

I was looking forward to this exciting comparison among two best-sellers: Qualia Mind and Alpha Brain. When I started reviewing nootropics in 2015, everyone was talking about Alpha Brain, while Qualia didn’t even exist.

Years later, more people talk about Qualia supplements, while Alpha Brain seems to be losing its market share. It looks like Qualia is taking the position of Alpha Brain.

But that doesn’t mean that Qualia Mind is better than Alpha Brain by default. Or is it?

Anyhow, this is a tough comparison for several reasons. Before we announce the winner, let’s reveal the similarities between both supplements.


What do both supplements have in common? That’s what we are about to find out. Here are the 3 most essential similarities between both supplements.

qualia mind vs alpha brain

1. Both supplements are high-quality and well-recognized

I am very well aware of the strategies that Onnit (the company behind Alpha Brain) and Neurohacker Collective (the company behind Qualia Mind) use to dominate the market.

Both companies are recognized as companies, which are developing premium supplements. And their flagship nootropic stacks show their real power.

2. Do you search for high-quality nootropics? You just found them

There is no doubt that both supplements contain high-quality nootropic compounds. They are among the best supplements ever developed.

That’s why they are also ranked on our top 10 nootropic stack list.

3. Both supplements target high-performers with bigger budgets

It’s funny to think about it, but based on my research, it is evident that both companies decided to target people with bigger budgets.

And not just that, they both target high-performers – people who really want the best for themselves. You might think most companies do the same, but you would be surprised to see the truth.

Anyhow, what about the differences between the supplements?


Let’s check out why I recommend only one of these two nootropic supplements.

alpha brain vs qualia mind

1. Qualia Mind has a more complex and advanced formulation

Did you know that Qualia Mind contains no less than 28 nootropics, while Alpha Brain “only” around 12?

While having more ingredients does not mean that one product is superior, there is a vast difference between both you should be aware of. Qualia Mind is, without any doubt, a more complex supplement.

2. Pricing

Since Alpha Brain contains less than 50% of the nootropic compounds that Qualia Mind, it is by far more affordable one.

Let’s compare the pricing:

Alpha Brain $59 15 $3.90
Qualia Mind $99 15 $6.60

3. Overall Performance

During my tests of both supplements, Qualia Mind showed to be the better product. By all means, Qualia Mind is a more refined nootropic stack.

It contains more nootropics. It is better dosed. It provides better effects, which last longer. Short-term effects are much more noticeable compared to those from Alpha Brain.

Qualia does make you more focused, improves your mood, and overall productivity.  Also, many people report feeling sick when supplementing Alpha Brain.

I didn’t have these issues, but it’s something important to mention. So in terms of performance, Qualia Mind is much better.

Which Supplement Wins?

Based on my detailed research and review of both supplements, Qualia Mind is a winner here. Alpha Brain hasn’t been optimized for way too long, it doesn’t have an open-sourced formula, and too many people report sickness when supplementing it.

Even though it’s more affordable than Qualia Mind, it is simply not as good.

So, if you are searching for the best nootropic supplement among the two, Qualia Mind is the absolute winner here. 

qualia winner

Where To Buy It?

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Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Sometimes it is hard to prefer one product against a fierce competitor. And this comparison was, without a doubt a very challenging one. But if you consider all the essential factors, Qualia Mind is a better product among the two. That’s why it wins this test.


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  1. I tried mind lab pro for 2 years. Nothing has changed…….. i still suffer from terrible memory recall and mental focus. Should I try qualia……I do not wish to waste my money. THERE MUST BE A POWERFUL SUPPLEMENT IN THE MARKET THAT COULD BOOST MEMORY PROWESS . HELP. RICKY.

  2. Hi Ricky, Mind Lab Pro is a great nootropic, but if you didn’t notice any difference, then Qualia Mind is the next logical step! You can use the discount code YOURINCEPTION for 15% discount, so you’ll save some additional money :) Keep me posted.

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