While Mind Lab Pro is the most popular nootropic stack on the market, Qualia Mind is not far behind. If you are wondering which one is better, let’s share my detailed Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind review with you.

mind lab pro vs qualia mind

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind

Comparing Mind Lab Pro to Qualia Mind is like comparing Mercedes to BMW. Both supplements are established giants of the nootropic industry that are often pitted against each other for their potential to enhance cognition and preserve brain health.

In general, both preformulated stacks are highly potent and definitely among the best nootropic stacks on the market. But they have a different approach to improving your cognitive performance.

Formulated by Opti Nutra and Neurohacker Collective respectively, both products showcase advanced formulas with Mind Lab Pro tackling brain health with only a few of the most researched nootropics on the market.

Qualia Mind from Neurohacker Collective, on the other hand, decided to develop a super-advanced all-in-one supplement that may be a substitute for all other supplements you are currently taking.

So, the main question is which supplement is better? Or rather, which one is better for you?

Let’s reveal the main differences and similarities between both supplements before I share my winner with you.


Do both products have anything in common? Sure thing. When I was reviewing the products, I was surprised to see that these two over-the-counter nootropic stacks shared very similar fundamentals, yet they are trying to achieve goals in entirely different ways.

Let me explain.

Both nootropic stacks can improve your mental performance

First things first, both companies have a goal to develop nootropic supplements that would help you achieve better cognitive performance and enhance different parts of your cognition.

By developing such advanced formulas, they managed to achieve that goal. My tests and evaluations show that both products help you become more focused and productive.

For instance, with Mind Lab Pro you get a nootropic stack that focuses on cognitive enhancement in its entirety. This is a comprehensive formula that covers all aspects of brain function, productivity, performance, and neurogenesis. Plus, its carefully selected ingredient profile promises long-term mental well-being.

According to manufacturers, Mind Lab Pro targets six brain pathways that help boost learning, concentration, and clarity.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers of Qualia Mind assure both short and long-term effects that not only sustain but also improve mental health and wellness by working on the aspects of executive functions, creativity, stress regulation, and improving energy levels.

This makes Qualia Mind slightly more effective for the short-term boost, whereas Mind Lab Pro is the preferred supplement for long-term performance. As you can already see, they have a lot in common.

They contain high-quality and natural nootropics

After my detailed research, I can say without a doubt that both supplements contain only the highest-quality nootropics. Most of them are natural extracts and compounds. Sadly (or luckily), they are among only a few companies on the market that do that.

With Mind Lab Pro, users get the satisfaction of knowing that the brand only uses superior and often patented forms of potent nootropics whereas the high efficacy of Qualia Mind stems from its precise blend of various nootropic ingredients.

To be honest, Qualia Mind does have a much more complex formulation, but Mind Lab Pro seems to match that up by including more bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Both supplements are optimally dosed

There are hundreds of supplements on the market that are underdosed. But that does not stand true for Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind. In fact, both supplements contain optimally dosed ingredients that lend them their high potency and efficacy.

If you compare Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind, it’s easy to see that the former has a more basic formula than the latter with fewer ingredients. However, many of the carefully selected ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are patented and come with superior bioavailability. This lets the body absorb them more readily than generic nootropics and exert more potent effects.

In contrast, the busy ingredient list in Qualia Mind uses a complex combination of nootropics some of which yield instant effects whereas others take longer to present results. This advanced nootropic stack not only offers an instant surge of energy but also pairs it nicely with the long-term benefits of nerve cell and synapse support.

Given their optimal dosing and all-inclusive formulas, it is often recommended not to use either Mind Lab pro or Qualia Mind with other stacks.

The manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro call their product a universal nootropic which means that it contains everything you need for a complete nootropic so it need not be stacked with anything else.

Likewise, the exhaustive ingredient list of Qualia Mind uses so many nootropics that it should only be used on its own.

Currently, they stand out from the competition

There aren’t many people in the world that know the nootropic market as well as I do. And I can honestly say that both nootropics are among the best on the market. That’s why they are also so popular.

Apart from what comes inside each capsule, both Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind seem to meet all safety standards. Mind Lab Pro is third-party tested that verifies its label accuracy, potency, purity, and overall quality.

By contrast, Qualia Mind does not present any evidence of third-party testing but the brand has a well-founded reputation for marketing safe and quality products. It has solid endorsements from professional athletes and health experts.

With few other nootropics that come close in the debate for Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind, it’s hard to go wrong when you go with either of the two. Trust me on that.

So, I looked at the main similarities between the products. How about the differences? Are there any? Let’s find out.


Just as the two nootropic supplements share some similar features, there are a few critical differences as well. Let’s check them out.


The ingredient profile of Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind is equally impressive in terms of not only ingredient choice but also its working mechanism and effectiveness. There is a substantial overlap in both supplements’ primary nootropic ingredients, just as there are some differences.

Let’s start with Mind Lab Pro first.

This comprehensive nootropic stack owes its efficacy to potent ingredients such as Cognizin, a patented form of citicoline. Citicoline is a true and tried nootropic for enhancing mental performance, improving focus, boosting mood, and heightening concentration.

Other well-known nootropics include n acetyl l tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, rhodiola, rosea, maritime pine bark extract, l-theanine, lion’s mane, and bacopa monnieri. The formula also uses B vitamins including vitamins B6, B9, and B12.

Taken together, this collection of 11 ingredients makes Mind Lab Pro an effective supplement for enhancing mood, fighting fatigue, lowering stress, and boosting executive function. This makes it a full-spectrum nootropic that delivers complete results.

However, since these effects are not felt immediately and typically take a while before they become noticeable, Mind Lab Pro is considered a nootropic better suited for long-term use.

With fewer nootropics, it is safer to take and contains many well-researched compounds. While it may lack some of the more noticeable short-term benefits, there is really no doubt it will help to improve your long-term cognition and overall performance.

In terms of numbers, Qualia Mind boasts a titanic list of ingredients that includes 28 nootropics. This is quite in line with the company’s practice of packing a supersized ingredient list within its top formulas. 

Qualia Mind also uses nootropic staples like bacopa monnieri, rhodiola rosea, n acetyl l tyrosine, l-theanine, phosphatidylserine and citicoline as found in Mind Lab Pro as well. Its other primary ingredients include alpha GPC, gingko biloba and huperzine A.

A closer look at this ingredient profile will tell you that this combination of nootropics is better suited for both short and long-term use.

Instead of the singular citicoline used in Mind Lab Pro, Qualia Mind partners this with alpha GPC to promote choline activity and signaling. Additionally, the stack also engages glutamate signaling as well as promotes dopamine signaling. 

In the comparison of Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind’s list of secondary ingredients is much longer and contains a few ingredients that are under-researched and underdosed.

This indicates that not every ingredient included in the formula may possess cognition-boosting potential. While some components do exhibit success in enhancing brain performance, others may not be very potent for nootropic effects.

The one concern with Qualia Mind ingredients, though, is the inclusion of huperzine A. This ingredient acts as an acetylcholine inhibitor causing changes in acetylcholine activity. It has a long half-life which means that it doesn’t leave the system as quickly as other nootropics and this makes it necessary to cycle Qualia Mind. The recommended suggestion is to cycle Qualia Mind with 5 days on and 2 days off.

Now if you take another look at the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro, its formula does not contain any potentially risky ingredients which is what makes it a safe supplement for most healthy people.  

That being said, given their different ingredient profiles, both nootropics still work to stimulate the nervous system either by promoting the production of different neurotransmitters or mimicking the role of neurotransmitters.

User experience

What does user experience have to do with nootropics? As you will see, quite a lot.

Here is the issue: In the Qualia Mind vs Mind Lab Pro debate, Qualia Mind comes with the recommended dosage of 6-8 capsules of Qualia Mind per day.

This far exceeds any other recommended daily dosages for similar supplements and may be a deterring factor for many users. On the other hand, you only have to take about 2-4 capsules of Mind Lab Pro which is the standard for many such supplements.

So, if you are used to taking capsules and pills every day then the additional 6-8 capsules per day might not be a big deal. But based on feedback, most people struggle with taking so many capsules almost every day. I have the same issue – I can easily swallow 3-4 capsules, but taking 6-8 capsules per day is not that fun.

As such, in terms of user experience, Mind Lab Pro wins without any doubt.


Mind Lab Pro is a stimulant-free formula and does not contain any caffeine. This can hold major appeal for users who want to enjoy their daily cup of coffee without worrying about taking a supplement with additional caffeine in it.

However, Qualia Mind does contain caffeine and l-theanine, which is my favorite combo for boosting energy. With 90 mg of caffeine in a 7-capsule serving or 13 mg per capsule, caffeine consumption is fairly restrained and safe for healthy brain stimulation.

It is the right amount of the stimulant without causing jitters or crashes and helps deliver a substantial energy boost. Plus, the addition of l-theanine and l-tyrosine works synergistically to mitigate any potential stimulant-based side effects.

Based on this, I prefer Qualia Mind and recommend it for users looking for short-term boosts.

However, do keep in mind to take Qualia Mind earlier on in your day so that its mildly stimulant formula does not interfere with your sleep.


In the pricing category for Qualia Mind vs Mind Lab Pro, Mind Lab Pro is the more affordable option. That said, since the pricing of both products is often changing, do check the current prices on their shop (more info below).

However, last time I checked, the pricing for both products was as follows:

Qualia Mind $139 22 $6.30
Mind Lab Pro $65 30 $2.17

Sure, sometimes, it is hard to compare apples and oranges, but I think that the price comparison, in this case, is entirely fair. If you want to choose a standout supplement for improving cognition, both options are among the best. They work differently, but they tackle the same goal. Even though one is much more complex (and hence, more expensive), that’s how it is.

So, without any doubt, Mind Lab Pro is more affordable than Qualia Mind. It offers the same benefits as Qualia Mind but offers them at almost half the price.

Plus, I feel that it also provides better value for the price as its formula caters to both beginner and seasoned biohackers alike. Qualia Mind, on the flip side, has a fairly complex formula and is recommended for users who already have a bit of experience with such ingredients.

Overall performance

To compare the overall performance of both supplements, you need to consider all factors. I did that, and my conclusion is quite obvious.

Qualia Mind is the ultimate nootropic supplement that provides all crucial (and a few less important) nutrients for optimal cognitive performance. Once you start supplementing it, you can probably throw away most other supplements you are currently taking. It provides short- and long-term benefits. In this manner, it does offer better overall performance. But…

Mind Lab Pro is much more affordable. It may seemingly lose the short-term battle, but in my opinion, it is equally good for long-term use.

Where To Buy The Supplements? 

If you want to buy Mind Lab Pro, do it here. That’s how you will get the best possible price.

If Qualia Mind is your preferred supplement, you can buy it here. 

You can use the discount code YOURINCEPTION for a 15% discount for Qualia.


Yes, that was a tough comparison. With so many factors to consider, it is really hard to choose a winner. But keeping everything in mind, here is what our final suggestion looks like.

  • If you are ordering nootropics for the first time, go with Mind Lab Pro
  • If you have already used nootropics in the past, but you don’t need all those additional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, stay with Mind Lab Pro
  • If you used nootropics in the past and you prefer to have all additional ingredients in the stack, go with Qualia Mind
  • If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with one or another product after 1-2 months, try the other option and you’ll see how it works on your body

Oh, and just so you know, personally, I stick to Qualia Mind because it is a superior product afterall.