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Here is your brain performance score:


Crucial brain regions need to be optimized

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Our brain assessment is scientifically validated and analyzes the activity in crucial brain regions responsible for your cognitive performance like the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, limbic system, and others. 
 To achieve an optimal result, you need to optimize the crucial brain regions with the solutions provided below. 

You need to boost your neurotransmitter levels

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the body that regulate many necessary functions like focus, attention, memory, mood, sleep cycles, and more.
One of the reasons for your brain score is suboptimal neurotransmitter levels which can be improved quickly with the solutions provided below.

You need specific nutrients for peak performance

The best way to unlock your “A” game, boost your mental performance, enhance focus and control your stress is by taking scientifically proven nutrients for optimal nervous system functioning. 
Check below your personalized recommendations based on the results of this assessment. 


Boost Your Brain

Get the crucial brain nutrients to boost your brain performance. The best nootropic stack (brain supplement) for your needs is Qualia Mind. Qualia contains all crucial nutrients and nootropics to enhance your neurotransmitters and neuronal function. It will adequately stimulate your brain to achieve the desired results safely and sustainably. 

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Enhance Your Sleep

Great sleep is the prerequisite for lots of energy, motivation, and brainpower. The best way to improve your sleep with nootropics is by taking Qualia Night, the king of sleep nootropics. 

We suggest taking 2-4 capsules of Qualia Night 3-5 times a week. 

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Protect Your Brain

Enhance your brain with top-quality omega-3 fatty acids. Taking enough omega-3 fatty acids is crucial to ensure proper cell function, boost your cognition and protect your immune system. 

We suggest taking 2 grams of a quality omega-3 supplement daily.

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