What is it?

Gorilla Dream is marketed as a potent blend of natural ingredients designed to assist with deep sleep. This includes providing access to a wide array of strong nootropics for lucid dreaming, recovery, and stress reduction.

It’s aimed at those wanting to rest peacefully while letting their body recover during the night.

This supplement is for those wanting to improve their quality of life by improving their sleep patterns.

Whether your reason for taking sleep aid is to get rid of poor concentration, brain fog, reduce anxiety or fatigue, Gorilla Dream aims to provide an all-in-one solution in the form of a simple supplement.

The Ingredients

Gorilla Dream contains 120 capsules per bottle, and each capsule is made of 13 powerful ingredients for optimal sleep and recovery. Let’s check them out.

Vitamin B6

Gorilla Dream offers a good dose of vitamin B6, which is renowned for offering brain-related benefits including improved focus and better sleep patterns.

With 39 mg in the formulation, this is a respectable amount of vitamin B6 and enough to add value to your overall sleep quality. Studies have shown vitamin B6 does an excellent job of improving your natural sleep patterns and is perfect as a natural sleep aid. [1]

In this formulation, Gorilla Mind has included vitamin B6 in the form of Pyridoxine HCL.


Gorilla Dream is comprised of 15 mg of zinc and it comes in the form of aspartate and monomethionine. This is a power-packed ingredient that is designed to help you sleep better and help with sleep recovery over the long-term.

The brand has taken the time to craft something unique with a small amount of zinc.

We believe zinc is a good ingredient as studies have shown it helps with lucid dreaming and can also add value to sleep aids through reducing stress. [2]

Gorilla has done an excellent job in using just the right amount of zinc in its formulation. This is one of the ingredients that has been appropriately included in the supplement in comparison to something like L Ornithine or L Theanine.

We feel Gorilla Dream had a good start with these ingredients but it was let down later on.


Magnesium has been studied over the years for assisting with sleep quality and insomnia. [3] This allows it to have a powerful role in Gorilla Dream while offering a natural solution that’s renowned for helping users sleep better.

With Gorilla Dream, the formulation offers 225 mg of magnesium in the form of aspartate.

This is a good starting point to help you fall asleep just like other ingredients such as GABA and melatonin. We believe any meaningful supplement needs to have these ingredients and that applies to Gorilla Dream too.

Valerian Root

This is where the problems start in our opinion.

Valerian Root is a great ingredient, but it needs to be used with a purpose. Unfortunately, Gorilla Dream doesn’t do this and underdoses the ingredient to the point it’s ineffective.

With only 300 mg included in Gorilla Dream, this is not enough to have an impact. We believe the brand should have included at least 400-900 mg to produce potent results, especially when combined with ingredients such as melatonin and/or GABA.

Since Gorilla Dream doesn’t have enough of this ingredient, it’s not as effective at helping you fall asleep.


L-Theanine is a powerful amino acid that’s known for assisting with restlessness and can help elevate GABA levels in the body.

This makes it a potent ingredient that can help with sleep over the short and long-term.

We believe Gorilla Dream has done a good job with the use of L-Theanine and it does add to the formulation’s quality. For this supplement, they have included 250 mg of L-Theanine, which goes well with other ingredients such as GABA and melatonin to name a few.

For us, this is one of the plus points with Gorilla Dream and it is an ingredient all supplements should include.


GABA is a must and it’s something Gorilla Dream has in abundance. The formulation is comprised of 500 mg of GABA, which is a good starting amount of any modern-day sleep solution.

The GABA receptors in the human body play an essential role in calming your nerves during a sleep cycle. If these nerves are restless and/or interrupted, it becomes difficult to have lucid dreams and feel good about your night’s sleep.

This is why more and more supplements take the opportunity to include a good amount of GABA in their formulations just like Gorilla Dream has.

Gorilla Dream has also made sure to combine GABA with melatonin to create a good foundation for its formulation. Of course, it’s the underuse of other ingredients that let the supplement down when it comes to improving sleep patterns.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract

With the mucuna pruriens extract, the emphasis is on including enough to assist with your sleep. However, this ingredient is one that is known for offering average sleep-related benefits especially at the amount that’s included in this formulation.

Based on our research into sleep supplements, mucuna pruriens at 105 mg is not enough.

This is a negative in our opinion when it comes to analyzing the supplement’s power in this review. Just like other ingredients such as melatonin, GABA, or l ornithine, it’s important to find harmony with each nootropic to see good results.

This is lacking here and that’s a loss for the supplement.


Phenylalanine is included in a small amount (375 mg) and does a respectable job of improving your sleep over the long-term.

We believe at the right dosage, this does add value to any supplement that uses it. However, we feel other ingredients in the formulation render this useless and that’s a major loss.

Even when combined with melatonin, it just can’t overcome some of the other hurdles this supplement has to offer. However, it is one of the bright spots for what the brand was hoping to put together.

Chamomile Root Extract

This is one of the problem areas with the supplement and it has to once again do with underdosing. With a mere 175 mg of chamomile root extract, there’s not enough juice in the ingredient to see results.

We feel they have reduced the effectiveness of the formulation by limiting this ingredient.

By increasing the amount by double, they could have helped to improve a user’s relaxation and sleep while also empowering other ingredients such as melatonin.

L-Orthinine HCL

L-ornithine is a well-known ingredient when it comes to sleep supplements and it can help with restlessness during a sleep cycle.

Unfortunately, just like the chamomile root extract, the formulation just doesn’t have enough of this ingredient.

To help you dream Gorilla aimed to include all the right ingredients, but their underdosing leads diminishing returns. Even when combined with melatonin, it just doesn’t have enough of a spark to produce quality results.

Skullcap Extract

To add to the formulation’s woes, the ingredients list includes a relatively unknown addition such as the skullcap extract.

This extract is not as well-researched as other ingredients including melatonin.

This is a major concern because it throws up a red flag about the amount of research gone into the product before putting it all together.

The Side Effects

Gorilla Dream acts as a powerful sleep aid for those wanting to improve their sleep patterns during the night and to have a better mood the next day. While it does offer a long list of benefits, there are certain side effects to keep in mind as a user.

The blend of natural ingredients includes some that are known for causing side effects such as skullcap.

To create a well-rounded Gorilla Dream review, it’s important to dig through these side effects before providing a verdict.

In general, the underdosing of multiple ingredients in the Gorilla Dream means it doesn’t have overwhelming side effects. The issues that are present include certain users having to deal with stomach pain, nausea, and/or diarrhea. This isn’t a major concern, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Any side effects that do pop up with Gorilla Dream tend to go away as soon as it is stopped. This means it’s okay to try out and then quit if it doesn’t suit your body.

We believe Gorilla Dream as a sleep aid has other issues that may make it a difficult product to purchase, but it does provide results and isn’t going to become unusable.

The Limitations

In this Gorilla Dream Review, we have shed light on certain ingredients that are either underdosed and/or underresearched.

This is a troubling fact with any sleep aid because each ingredient plays a role in the formulation’s potency. If the ingredients are lacking, how will the sleep aid work to help someone fall asleep?

This is something we always look at when dissecting a sleep aid based on its ingredients.

One of the problems with Gorilla Dream has to do with the poor use of ingredients such as Skullcap and Valerian Root. While some of these ingredients such as melatonin are renowned in the world of nootropics, others have been misused by Gorilla Mind in their product.

This means you are not going to gain the sleep-related advantages that you are hoping for as soon as you take the supplement.

We believe these ingredients are a major limitation when it comes to sleep quality and making the most of your natural sleep patterns. If you aren’t getting those advantages from a sleep aid then it is not going to offer long-term results.

With Gorilla Dream, you are going to enjoy certain elements of the supplement such as the melatonin boost, but it does have limited effects due to these underdosed ingredients.

Users Feedback

With this sleep aid, most of the reviews have been hit and miss.

Some users believe they have enjoyed the perks of using this supplement, while others have stated it doesn’t work as well as other sleep aids on the open market.

Our belief is this is one of those formulations that isn’t a home run and is only going to work depending on specific circumstances. If you are dealing with limited issues when it comes to your natural sleep patterns then this type of low-powered supplement is going to help.

Gorilla Dream has been made with natural ingredients, so there is validity to what they have put together. However, Gorilla Mind has offered a solution that doesn’t work for some users regardless of how consistent they are.

This is a problem and it’s something that has to be kept in mind before using it as a sleep aid.

Where to Buy?

If you are intrigued by this Gorilla Dream review, feel free to grab Gorilla Dream from a trusted supplier and online shop. Keep in mind to consult your doctor before taking any supplements or products and follow the recommended dosage or servings.

However, we believe there are better sleep supplements on the market. 


We believe Gorilla Mind has created something that is a half-hearted attempt at creating a good sleep aid. Yes, it works for some, but it’s not a consistent powerhouse that’s required in this day and age.

With more and more research being done into sleep aids, it was essential for Gorilla Mind to create something monumental, impactful and beneficial to everyone. Instead, they have formulated something that works as an average sleep aid, but also brings along with it inefficient results for most people.

For this Gorilla Dream review, we believe it’s an average supplement but there are better options out there on the open market.

It’s not the worst supplement you can invest in, but there are others that are heavy hitters in this industry and get the job done.