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Supplement review process

Our company strives to develop the most advanced systems for independent and objective tests of supplements.

Since the early beginnings, we have been continuously upgrading and optimizing our testing procedures. We are constantly aiming to provide the most accurate, objective, and honest reviews and test results. Only by improving the processes can we stay ahead of the supplement brands, who are rigorously searching for ingenious ways to promote their products, which rarely meet our high standards.

We Find Popular Supplements

Among hundreds of supplements in every niche, we start our research process by finding the most popular supplements that need to be reviewed first.

We Carefully Analyze Them

After we have the review list of products ready, we start our analysis, which consists of 30-50 factors.


We Provide Complete Reviews

Besides analyzing the objective factors, we also do a complete product review, which includes personal tests, experience, product comparisons, background checks, and more.

Our Algorithm Calculates The Final Score

After we get all objective and subjective results, our algorithm calculates the final score, which we present and share with our community.


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Our Review Factors

We rely on 30-50 ranking factors to provide the most objective reviews possible. Below we share some of the most important factors.

Product Formulation Quality

We check all possible data and partner sites to learn all about the formulation quality.

Production Standards

We carefully analyze and check production standards, which are crucial for evaluating the final product quality score.

Ingredients & Compounds Quality

To understand the quality of a particular supplement, we also analyze ingredients quality to the best of our ability.

Short, Mid, And Long-Term benefits

Based on the initial product quality, we use different tools and mechanisms to evaluate the benefits of a particular supplement.

Price/Performance Ratio

We check standard pricing, pricing/amount of compounds, price/daily dosage, and other factors to get the final price/performance ratio.

Final Score

After we properly evaluate all important factors, our algorithm calculates the final product score. And that is how we know which supplements are the best.

Partners & Trusted Sources

Whenever we review supplements, we rely on research and other objective data from trusted sources.



How Do We Provide Objective Reviews?

Reviewing supplements is a costly task. Therefore, we ingeniously thought of different income streams, which help us finance our reviews and allow us to be completely transparent.

Your Inception does not sell any supplements to avoid any incentive for favoring particular brands.

We occasionally charge for product reviews that cover part of our review costs, material production costs, and other costs.

Only after we make a top-10 list of a particular supplement category, we go into affiliate agreements with brands that scored the best-results in our review process. We earn 20-30% commissions from affiliate partners. 

We do everything we can to fight fake reviews, scam products and brands, and all kinds of bribes that companies use to get positive reviews of generally low-quality products.

We have a team of great experts who do everything they can to make the reviews as objective as possible. Our CEO, Greg Gostincar, is currently leading this amazing team at Your Inception. 

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