Do you want to boost your focus, become more relaxed or improve your sleep quality? Out of all the tools that can help you achieve all that, music is one of the most effective ones. But not just any music – I’m talking about specifically designed functional music with unique effects that will help you boost your brainpower or wind it down when necessary. From now on, you can access such music through an app called Brain.FM. This is my full Brain.FM review. review

What Is Brain.FM?

Brain.FM is a mobile (and web) app with functional music that positively affects your brain waves. Brain waves are electrical impulses in your brain that occur at various frequencies. [1] Faster brain waves are associated with states of mental focus and concentration. However, very slow levels are associated with relaxation and sleep.

With the help of neuroscientists and psychologists, the Brain.FM team started developing music that can provide a whole list of benefits. For example, functional music can:

  1. Affect our emotions
  2. Increase our energy
  3. Boost our productivity
  4. Improve our memory
  5. Make us relaxed
  6. Improve our sleep

By using Brain.FM app, you choose your primary goal (focus, relax, sleep) and then get access to playlists of functional songs and effects. As an obvious bonus, forget about listening to ads in between the songs.

What Does Science Say?

First of all, you can learn more about the science of the Brain.FM on their homepage. We are still in the early phase of research, but we already know that listening to specific music improves memory and emotional state [2], relaxation and sleep [3] [4]. But not any kind of music works well – for example, music with lyrics can do just the opposite. Studies show that background music with lyrics had a negative effect on concentration and attention. [5]

Since Brain.FM songs are without lyrics, you don’t need to worry about any negative effects. Just the contrary, they designed their music to improve focus, sleep, and productivity.

Does all of that sound too good to be true? Well, I was slightly skeptical as well, so I decided to test the Brain.FM app.

Here is what happened.

My Experience With Brain.FM

I decided to test Brain.FM on different occasions – during work, while relaxing, and even during meditation. I listened to music through my Audio Pro speakers and my Sony noise-canceling headphones.

brain fm

Initial Test

I started my test while writing a new blog post. I logged in the Brain.FM web app, chose focus music, I set-up the time, and whoila, I was ready to start working.

I immediately noticed that the music caught my attention, but it wasn’t disturbing like most songs that I usually listen to. It felt like my brain is more focused, yet, it doesn’t spend much energy on the processing.

After 15 minutes of use, I was focused, engaged, and productive. But more importantly, I started seeing the main benefits after a few weeks of use.

Whenever I needed to work, I opened the Brain.FM app, clicked on the desired goal, and I was ready to work. It was as simple as that. No ads, no distraction, no choosing.

I also used Brain.FM for meditation and relaxation, where I had a similarly pleasurable experience. The set-up was easy and the songs were fantastic.

Since I prefer a guided meditation, I didn’t use Brain.FM for meditation that often, but my short experiment showed that it’s useful for that as well.

I decided not to use Brain.FM for sleeping, because I hate sleeping with my headphones on. However, based on my research, people are satisfied with sleep songs as well. If that’s why you would use it, I definitely recommend trying it out.

Long-Term Results

After months of using Brain.FM, I definitely recommend it to people who:

  1. Want to get more focused during work
  2. Want to be more productive
  3. Want to get in the flow
  4. Need a quick way to become more relaxed
  5. Want to wind down after a busy day
  6. Have issues with sleep

The more I used Brain.FM, the more I liked it. Sure, there were days that I listened to some of my favorite playlists on Tidal and Youtube, but the next day, I returned back to Brain.FM.

For the best results, I recommend listening to music with noise-canceling headphones. They block about 90% of all the sounds around you, which can additionally boost your productivity. But there is one issue with headphones that I’ll explain below.

Any Complaints?

Generally, there is nothing regarding the Brain.FM that really bothered me. I was more than satisfied with the whole user experience.

Still, there are 2 things I want to point out:

1.You probably won’t like all the songs from the playlist

Sometimes I skipped a particular song because it didn’t really work for me.

2. Using headphones for long-hours may not be the best

Obviously, this is not in the domain of the Brain.FM, but it is something you need to consider. I could use my comfortable headphones for about 4 hours per day, but not more. After that, my ears started to hurt and I started feeling uncomfortable. Then I switched to my speakers.

Obviously, the experience was better by using headphones, but speakers also work well.

Brain.FM Cost

Brain.FM costs about $6.99 per month (or about $49.99 for an annual subscription). Compared to other popular music streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, it’s more affordable. Of course, neither Spotify nor Tidal have music for focus, sleep, or relaxation, but it’s good to know that Brain.FM is far from an expensive service.

Brain.FM also offers a free trial. If you are not convinced about subscribing to Brain.FM, then go ahead and try listening to some of the free songs available.

Brain.FM app is available for iPhones and Android phones, but you can also use its web edition. I preferred the web app while working, and their mobile app for relaxation, meditation, and reading.

Brain.FM Discount

To help you save some money, I reached out to the Brain.FM team who provided me a special discount for my followers.

Feel free to use a discount code yourinception for a 20% discount.

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Brain.FM Reviews

What do others say about Brain.FM? I searched for independent and honest reviews of other users. Here I share some of the reviews:

"I bought a lift time brain fm membership and pumped I made the move. I find this really helps me stay on task especially if I've had a bad night sleep or an intense day."

"I have been using Brain fm consistently since purchasing a lifetime membership back in January. I mainly use it during work (programming), sometimes when sleeping."

"Well-researched and effective product! Turning It on before starting project/tasks is now as much a part of my daily routine as coffee."


My final verdict is yes, Brain FM can boost your productivity, improve focus, and help you get more relaxed. The combination of scientifically-designed songs with unique effects will do the work.

If you can afford the low monthly cost, Brain.FM is absolutely a tool to use.