Mind Lab Pro Vs OptiMind: Which Nootropic Is Better?

mind lab pro vs optimind

Mind Lab Pro and OptiMind used to be two very popular nootropic stacks. While Mind Lab Pro stayed on the top for years, OptiMind seems to start losing this battle. Or am I wrong? Let’s find out.

Mind Lab Pro Vs OptiMind

Mind Lab Pro and OptiMind have been the first nootropic stacks that I ever tested.

It happened back in 2015 when I started researching nootropics.

Back then, the competition was non-existent. There were just a few companies developing nootropics.

And with such low competition, it was quite easy for both nootropic stacks to be on the top.

Today, this is quite different.

While Mind Lab Pro is still one of my favorite nootropic stacks, this is not true for OptiMind anymore.

The main reason is that OptiMind stayed behind (far behind) Mind Lab Pro in the development, innovation, customer support, etc.

And this is the main reason it’s tough to compare to Mind Lab Pro.

You’ll soon see why.

Mind Lab Pro Vs OptiMind: Similarities

Let’s first check the similarities between both nootropic stacks. There were many similarities in 2015, but they aren’t many nowadays.

Let’s check them out.

mind lab pro vs optimind

Both stacks were developed to improve your mental performance

Both stacks were indeed designed and developed to help you perform better.

This hasn’t changed in the past years.

Both companies invested a lot of time into research

OptiMind and Mind Lab Pro have been known to put a lot of time and funds into research, which helped them win the market years ago.

Sadly, OptiMind seems to stop developing the product, but we’ll talk more about it soon.

They contain many similar nootropics

Both stacks contain identical ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin B12.

And this is great to know.

However, their formula was much more similar back in 2015 than it is today.

And there is only one clear winner here. Before I share it with you, let’s check out the differences.

Mind Lab Pro Vs OptiMind: Differences

I guess you are wondering what’s the real difference between both stacks.

There are more than you probably thought. Let’s check them out.

optimind vs mind lab pro

OptiMind contains more ingredients, but they are worse compared to Mind Lab Pro 

OptiMind contains 12 nootropics, while Mind Lab Pro 11. However, Mind Lab Pro contains much better nootropics.

Besides, nootropics in Mind Lab Pro are better dosed.

So no matter the number of ingredients in both stacks, the quality difference is huge.

Pricing of both supplements

Mind Lab Pro has a more affordable price per serving compared to OptiMind.

Let’s check it out:

Mind Lab Pro$6530$2.16

Even though the initial pricing of Mind Lab Pro bottle is higher compared to the OptiMind bottle, the actual price per serving is lower.

And this is what counts at the end.

There isn’t a significant difference in the price/serving. However, if you include the fact that Mind Lab Pro has a superior formula, then the absolute difference is huge.

Overall performance

During my test and review of both supplements, Mind Lab Pro always won the tests.

It delivers a stronger focus, long-term brain support, it helps with memory, and might even lift your energy.

OptiMind also delivered a very mild energy boost, but this is mainly due to the stimulants in the formula.

In general, the majority of users prefer Mind Lab Pro.

It simply gives you more.

Which Nootropic Stack Is Better? 

I used to take both stacks. And I used to like them both.

But in recent years, Mind Lab Pro made a dramatic improvement in their formulation, development, customer support, branding, etc.

And OptiMind slowly, but steadily fell behind.

After my thorough review of both stacks, I have to admit that Mind Lab Pro is a clear winner here.

No matter which brand you prefer, OptiMind just isn’t as good as its rival.

So, if you are choosing between both stacks, then I’d recommend going for Mind Lab Pro.

mind lab pro winner

Where To Buy Mind Lab Pro? 

If you decided to order Mind Lab Pro, you can do it here >>

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

After years of researching nootropics and nootropic stacks, we clearly understand the differences among nootropic supplements. In this comparison between Mind Lab Pro and OptiMind, we saw a few similarities, but way too many essential differences. The final result is clear – no matter our biases, Mind Lab Pro wins this battle by a mile.

So if you are searching for a better nootropic stack between the two, go for Mind Lab Pro.


[1] https://www.yourinception.com/comparisons-of-nootropics/

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