Which nootropic supplement to choose – Performance Lab Mind or one of its biggest competitor Mind Lab Pro? Let’s find out.

Performance Lab Mind Vs. Mind Lab Pro

We know, we know, those names are slightly confusing, but you’ll get used to them. The market is becoming saturated with all those “brain” and “mind” supplements, but that’s how it is.

Luckily, some of them are really amazing. Mind Lab Pro is a great example of that. But what’s the difference between Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind? Do they have anything in common?

And which supplement do we recommend? 


Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab Mind were developed and designed by the same company (OptiNutra). They are branded as entirely different products, but the team behind them is the same. This is great because you can be sure both supplements are of high-quality. But it is also troubling because either they are very similar or one of them has some issues. We will talk about differences later on.

Both were designed to help you achieve better cognitive performance. They were designed to help you achieve the same goal, but they try to do that differently.

Last but not least, both formulas are high-quality, contains well-researched ingredients, are free of GMOs and additives, and are vegan-friendly.


If you do a quick overview of the products, you will notice a lot of differences between PL Mind and Mind Lab Pro. Our detailed research confirmed that both supplements are much harder to compare than you might think. Here are the reasons.


Performance Lab Mind contains only four nootropic ingredients, while Mind Lab Pro consists of 11 nootropics. All four ingredients in PL Mind are also found in Mind Lab Pro. This means that PL Mind is a simpler version of Mind Lab Pro. 

Based on our review, we know that Performance Lab Mind was developed in a way that has to be combined with other nootropic stacks. The opposite is true for Mind Lab Pro, which is a great standalone supplement.


Short-term effects

Mind Lab Pro delivers smooth energy and focus boost, which lasts for a couple of hours. After weeks of taking it, you can feel being more productive. Performance Lab Mind does not deliver any short-term effects if it is not combined with other compounds (especially caffeine or/and L-theanine). Therefore, many people prefer Mind Lab Pro.

Long-term effects

Because Mind Lab Pro contains many more nootropics, it should provide better long-term results. Among other ingredients, it contains our favorite mushroom (Lion’s Mane) and also adaptogen herbs. So there is no doubt that you can expect better long-term results by taking Mind Lab Pro. Many users confirm that.


You can get one bottle of Mind Lab Pro for about $65, while one bottle of Performance Lab Mind costs around $40. The small price difference is relatively unfair because Performance Lab Mind lacks so many essential nootropics. As soon as you combine it with individual compounds that provide short-term effects, the actual price increases.


If you love to combine different nootropic supplements together, we would choose Performance Lab Mind. If, however, you are searching for a standalone supplement, Mind Lab Pro is a better choice, no doubt about. 

That is why Mind Lab Pro wins this test.