We have been reviewing and comparing nootropics (and nootropic supplements) since 2015. In this long period, we developed what is known as the most effective and detailed process for evaluation and comparison of nootropic supplements. 

Such a system allows us to get many objective and subjective data, which are optimally weighted to provide accurate results for all of you. 

Since the number of supplement brands is rapidly increasing, we are giving our best to provide in-depth comparisons of similar supplements as quickly as possible.

Sadly not all supplements can be compared, even though they might look similar for an average reader. Therefore, we always review individual nootropic supplements before we decide on further comparisons. 

To be able to compare two products, they need to:

  1. Solve the same problem
  2. Use similar ingredients
  3. Provide similar effects

How Do We Pick The Best Nootropic Supplements

There are over 50+ factors that we check during our review process. When we find similar nootropics, we usually look at:

  1. Similarities between the products
  2. Key differences
  3. Pricing
  4. Objective & subjective effects
  5. Overall experience

Based on all the points, we usually recommend one of the two products. Sometimes, we don’t endorse any of the products, and sometimes, we do recommend both.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Besides the fact that we are the most recognized brand reviewing nootropics (based on the survey we conducted), we developed the most advanced system for evaluating nootropics. 

We are NEVER sponsored by any brands, and we never review scammy products. 

We run our blog to provide the best know-how for all of you – and not to make money out of it. That’s why we avoid reviewing products with the highest commissions that we would never personally take ane recommend.


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