mind lab pro vs qualia

While Mind Lab Pro is the most popular nootropic stack on the market, Qualia Mind is not far from it. I’m sure you wonder which one is better. That’s what I am about to share with you.

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind

Comparing Mind Lab Pro to Qualia Mind is like comparing Mercedes vs. BMW.

In general, both products are amazing and definitely among the best nootropic stacks on the market.

But they have a different approach to improving your cognitive performance.

While Mind Lab Pro tackles it directly with only a few of the most researched nootropics on the market, Neurohacker Collective decided to develop a super-advanced all-in-one supplement that may be a substitute for all other supplements you are currently taking.

The main question is which supplement is better? Or rather, which one is better for you?

After my review, I came to a conclusion.

But before I share it with you, I have found a couple of similarities between both supplements.

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind: Similarities

What do both products have in common?

qualia vs mind lab pro

Both nootropic stacks can improve your mental performance

Companies developing the products had a very similar goal – to develop a nootropic stack that would enhance your cognitive performance.

And both managed to achieve this goal.

They contain high-quality nootropics

After my detailed research, I can say without a doubt that supplements contain only the highest-quality ingredients.

Sadly (or luckily), they are among only a few who do that.

Both supplements are moderately dosed

There are hundreds of supplements on the market that are underdosed. But that’s not true for Mind Lab Pro and Qualia Mind.

In general, both supplements contain a moderate amount of most ingredients. As always, there are a few exceptions, though.

Currently, they stand out from the competition

There aren’t many people in the world that know the nootropic market so well as I do. And I can honestly say that both nootropics are among the best on the market.

That’s why they are also so popular.

As you can see, both nootropic stacks are amazing. Whichever you finally buy should work great.

Mind Lab Pro Vs Qualia Mind: Differences

Obviously, there a few critical differences among both supplements.

Let’s check them out.

qualia mind vs mind lab pro


Qualia Mind contains 28 ingredients while Mind Lab Pro 11. In term of ingredients, Qualia Mind is by far a superior supplement.

It contains more than double nootropics compared to Mind Lab Pro.

However, Qualia Mind contains a few ingredients that are underresearched.

While they might be safe in the short-term, we don’t know how secure they are in the long-term.

That’s why the winner is Mind Lab Pro.

The recommended daily dosage

While you need to take between 6-8 capsules of Qualia Mind per day, you only have to take about 2-4 capsules of Mind Lab Pro.

The user experience with Mind Lab Pro is better. 


While Qualia Mind contains caffeine, this is not true for Mind Lab Pro. Caffeine delivers a substantial energy boost, and therefore, I prefer Qualia Mind.

Qualia Mind wins. 


In terms of pricing, Mind Lab Pro is more affordable compared to Qualia Mind. Since the pricing of both products is often changing, do check the current prices on their shop (more info below).

However, last time I checked, the pricing for both products was as follows:

Qualia Mind$9922$4.50
Mind Lab Pro$6530$2.17

Without any doubt, Mind Lab Pro is more affordable, and it provides a better value. 

Overall performance

With Qualia Mind, you don’t need to take any other supplements such as vitamins and minerals. That’s not true for Mind Lab Pro.

For optimal performance, you should consider combining Mind Lab Pro with additional vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D3, Omega 3, etc.

If you search for a one-in-all supplement, then Qualia Mind wins. If you only want to improve your cognitive performance, then Mind Lab Pro wins.

Final Suggestion 

Here is my last suggestion.

  • If this is the first time ordering nootropics, go with Mind Lab Pro
  • If you already used nootropics in the past, but you don’t need all those additional ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, stay with Mind Lab Pro
  • If you used nootropics in the past and you prefer to have all additional ingredients in the stack, go with Qualia Mind
  • If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with one or another product after 1-2 months, try the other option and you’ll see how it works on your body

In the end, you’ll be satisfied. I’m sure about it!

Where To Buy The Supplements? 

If want to buy Mind Lab Pro, do it here. That’s how you will get the best possible price.

If Qualia Mind is your preferred supplement, you can do it here. 

You can use discount code YOURINCEPTION for 15% discount for Qualia.

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Comparing Qualia Mind vs Mind Lab pro has been quite challenging.

Both nootropic stacks are outstanding, there is no doubt about that.

But they were both developed for different people.

Currently, Mind Lab Pro stands out and it is a better overall nootropic stack.

It has a cleaner formula, it’s better dosed, it’s more affordable and safer.

That’s why we recommend Mind Lab Pro.

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