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CILTEP is a natural nootropic stack that was developed to improve our cognitive performance and help us achieve strong focus which lasts for hours. But how effective CILTEP is? And do I recommend it?

Your inception recommends

It has 100% natural formula

It was developed to enhance the brain’s ability to form long-lasting memories 

Great reviews & feedbacks

Your Inception does not recommend

The formula is slightly underdosed

It lacks some vital nootropics

There are more effective nootropic supplements available

CILTEP® is a nootropic stack that consists of natural nootropics and was developed to help us achieve better focus, concentration, and to improve our memory.

CILTEP stack is one of many products of Natural Stacks company, which used to be one of the world’s first open-source supplement company with a strong mission to help people achieve better results in a natural way.

And that’s the main reason why CILTEP is a product that brings a lot of attention. and it is worth trying – it definitely stands out of the crowd.

But does it work?

Let’s find out what happened during my test & review period.


Compared to many other nootropic stacks that I tried and reviewed, CILTEP nootropic has the most straight-forward formula with the lowest amount of different ingredients in the formula.

At first, I thought that was their advantage. But I changed my mind later on.

What initially caught my attention was the fact that this formula is quite different than formulas from most nootropic stacks on the market.

Instead of wondering how CILTEP works, I’ve decided to try it out and see it for myself.

Ciltep Review

Ciltep Review


As I usually do when conducting research, I stopped taking any other nootropics and drinking coffee before testing CILTEP.

That’s how I get my body on a “natural” level.

I started taking CILTEP about 3-4 days after I took my last nootropic. After the first couple of days, my first impression was that I missed a bit of caffeine besides CILTEP.

As you probably know, most nootropics (there are exceptions) don’t really kick-in like caffeine for example.

During the first week I felt slightly more motivated and focused.


I couldn’t resist coffee, so I started drinking a cup of coffee while taking 2 capsules of CILTEP. And I began to like CILTEP stack more and more.

Increased focus with a slight feeling of being “high”.

But I didn’t stop there, because I wanted more.


 ….sure enough, I increased the dosage of CILTEP to 3 capsules + I added my favorite Bulletproof Coffee. And the fun began.

I felt motivated, focused, and most time in a good mood.

I felt the difference, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. With added coffee, I performed very well, but without it, I didn’t notice a huge difference.

For the price, I’d want more. And if I compare it to other (better) nootropic stacks, it seems like CILTEP stays quite far behind.

While CILTEP seems an excellent nootropic supplement at first, when you have a look at the formula, you can quickly understand that’s not completely true.

I’ll tell you more about it below.

CILTEP Ingredients

CILTEP nootropic has a 100% natural, open-source formula. Its formula is suitable for vegans, it is non-GMO, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly.

Here is the list of all ingredients in CILTEP:

  • 900 mg Artichoke extract
  • 20 mg Forskolin
  • 750 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • 5 mg Vitamin B6
  • 500 mg  L-Phenylalanine

To get a more detailed explanation of those ingredients, please read further.

This CILTEP formula is based on taking three capsules.

Artichoke extract, 900 mg

Artichoke extract contains Luteolin, a natural inhibitor of PDE4. Studies have correlated lower levels of the enzyme PDE4 to significant increases in normal mental performance, including increased cognition, improved long-term memory, increased wakefulness, and neuroprotection.

Forskolin, 20 mg

Forskolin is derived from the plant Coleus forskohlii. Combined with Luteolin from Artichoke Extract, forskolin is theorized to increase the duration of cAMP in neurons synergistically.

This is the first time I came across Forskolin. So far, it shows a lot of potentials.

Vitamin B6, 5 mg

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin and a crucial enzymatic cofactor in normal metabolic and psychological function.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 750 mg

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps combat feelings of brain fog and fatigue.


Ciltep Dosage

Ciltep Dosage

According to Natural Stacks, it is recommended taking 1-3 capsules of CILTEP on an empty stomach.

At the beginning of my test period, I only took 1-2 capsules, but then I added the 3rd capsule as well. I definitely noticed a difference between taking 1 or 3 capsules.

You can add some caffeine to it if you want to get an energy boost.

During the 3rd week, I drank the Bulletproof Coffee with CILTEP, which provided a powerful and long-lasting focus.

That’s how you’re going to feel even better.

CILTEP Side Effects

During my 3-week test period, I experienced no adverse side effects of taking CILTEP pills.

Due to the low amount of very safe ingredients, CILTEP is considered a very safe nootropic stack.

Can Your Body Build Up a Tolerance To CILTEP?

There is no evidence showing that you can build up a tolerance to CILTEP. Also, the formula contains no addictive substances.

However, to be 100% on the safe side, I would recommend cycling it.

I usually follow five days on, two days off formula, or 3 weeks on one week off.

Now let’s check out CILTEP alternatives.

CILTEP VS Mind Lab Pro

How does CILTEP compare to my favorite Mind Lab Pro? Many wondered who is the ultimate winner in this duel, so I’ve decided to write a short comparison.

CILTEP and Mind Lab Pro are quite different nootropic stacks which share a similar goal – increase your cognitive performance and memory.

And both are successful at achieving this goal. They just do it differently.

Update 2019:

After years of taking nootropics (I’ve tried over 100+ since 2016), I can tell you that Mind Lab Pro is the clear winner here.

It has a more complex formula that contains a whole bunch of amazing nootropics, it makes you feel better and looking at science, it should work much, much better.

So, between the two, I’d go for Mind Lab Pro.

CILTEP VS Qualia Mind

Comparing CILTEP to Qualia Mind really isn’t fair.

Qualia Mind is just such a complex and advanced formula that it easily wins against CILTEP.

Compared to CILTEP, Qualia Mind contains 28+ advanced ingredients including a whole list of fantastic nootropics.

To read more about it, click here >>

CILTEP Reviews & Feedbacks

Although there are better nootropics on the market, CILTEP stack stays a popular product in the world of nootropics.

There are two main reasons for that:

  • Firstly, the brand who developed CILTEP, Natural Stacks, has an excellent reputation for its quality and research
  • Secondly, you can find thousands of satisfied customers who use CILTEP by Natural Stacks

But that’s not all – three well-known influencers also recommend CILTEP >>


Those are such recommendations that barely any company in this field receives.

Where To Buy CILTEP Nootropic?

To make a short summary of CILTEP benefits:

  • Increases motivation and mental endurance
  • Improves concentration and alertness
  • Improves mood and social ease
  • Enhances the ability to study

So, you feel like trying CILTEP?

You can order it HERE >> 

P.s. If you want to get a special CILTEP discount, use code YOURINCEPTION15 and you’ll get 15% off ALL Natural Stacks products.

Your Inception Final Recommendation
Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception does not recommend supplementing CILTEP.

Based on my detailed CILTEP stack review, CILTEP used to be one of the best & most popular nootropic stacks on the market.

Sadly, competition has arrived and developed much better nootropic stacks.

Since 2019, I no longer recommend it.

Don’t understand me wrong, CILTEP is not a bad supplement.

There are just better alternatives available.

To check them out, click on the button below.





1. Is there a CILTEP free trial available?
No, there is no free trial available. However, by using the discount code YOURINCEPTION15, you can get a 15% discount.

2. What is CILTEP?
CILTEP is a nootropic stack that was to developed to improve our cognitive performance. It was specifically designed to help us remain motivated and focused for hours.

3. Is CILTEP safe?
Based on our research, CILTEP is considered a safe supplement when taken as prescribed. Having said that, we still recommend consulting your doctor before supplementing it.

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