Pampa Direct Review

We are big fans of Yerba Mate teas, no doubt about that.

Actually, we wrote one of the most detailed guide about this awesome tea (read more here).

Now, buying a high-quality Yerba Mate can be quite challenging nowadays. Sure, you have tons of online providers of this South American tea, but which are really trustworthy?

Well, today we’re going to review one of them – Pampa Direct. 

Pampa Direct Store
Pampa Direct Store

This is an online store based in Argentina, but it offers worldwide shipping.

It has a wide range of Argentinian products including Yerba Mate teas, gourds, bombillas, beverages, chocolates, and more.

What we were most interested in are obviously Yerba Mate teas.

So we decided to order some to see if they are any good.

What happened?

Pampa Direct Experience

We received a huge package to our office in Europe from Argentina in about a week after our order.

The shipping was extremely fast and all the products arrived well-wrapped and in great condition.

We didn’t expect that, honestly.

Pampa Direct
Pampa Direct

Now, our experience with Pampa Direct online store was fantastic. They manage to build a very modern, fast, and reliable online store.

When it comes to customer support, we were positively surprised.

They are fast, responsible and very, very friendly. Nothing to add there.

All in all, we were very satisfied with Pampa Direct online store.

Not just that, we have been drinking their teas for the past weeks and they are fabulous. Also, the gourd we received it’s really high-quality. We love it.

But is there anything we don’t like about Pampa Direct?

Pampa Direct Improvements

Honestly, we always find stuff that has to be improved.

Well, with Pampa Direct, we really searched for something that bothered us, but we couldn’t find it…

We don’t want to say they are the “perfect vendor for Yerba Mate”, but well, they are not far from that.

Their products are amazing, the customer support is outstanding, their shipping is fast, and their prices are reasonable.

What else do you want?

Pampa Direct Yerba Mate & Gourd

As we mentioned before, we ordered a couple of Yerba Mate teas and their fantastic gourd with a bombilla.

We have been drinking Yerba Mate teas since 2015 and we tried a lot of different teas in the past years. Like A LOT.

But this one, Yerba Mate Playadito, just became our new favorite Yerba Mate tea.

It’s delicious, not as bitter as most others we tried, it makes you very relaxed and focused.

If you want to try it, you can order it here >>


Your Inception recommends Pampa Direct online store. Pampa Direct is a fantastic online provider of Argentinian products, mainly focused on Yerba Mate teas and related products. It has a great variety of products, fast worldwide shipping, and awesome customer support. 

You can easily find lots of positive reviews about their products, even though most are in Spanish (just saying).