Smart Drugs List: 7 Most Popular Ones

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Smart drugs are getting very popular among students, entrepreneurs, managers, and other high achievers. If you are interested in smart drugs, here is the ultimate smart drugs list.

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Why Having A Nootropic Drugs List?

We’ve been researching nootropics and smart drugs for several years. In the beginning, most people thought that smart drugs are nootropics. And vice versa. Today, we know there is a significant difference between both groups.

There are still many “experts” that don’t differentiate or that they intentionally talk about smart drugs as nootropics. We still don’t get it why they have been doing it, but anyhow, that’s part of the game, we guess.

As a result, we still receive tons of questions each month about which “nootropic” is better – Modafinil or Adderall. That’s wrong for several reasons, but let’s instead focus on why having such a list is useful for you.

Based on our research, most people avoid smart drugs due to potential side effects, their partly illegal status, and lack of research. However, you can find some people that still love to take smart drugs. We used to like them as well.

But when we started researching them, it was tough to understand the difference. Since there is not a clear distinction between nootropics and smart drugs, we’ve decided to create a separate list for both groups. That’s the way to make this distinction as clear as possible.

If you are more interested in nootropics, then check our nootropics list. But if you want to find more about the benefits of specific smart drugs, then continue reading this post.

What we’ve done for you is that we’ve gathered the most popular and commonly used smart drugs that you can currently find on the market. As we said before, some of them are illegal in certain countries, you might need a prescription for others, and you might be able to find some of them online.

Whatever the reason for your interest, please promise you will do thorough research before you try any smart drugs. We’d really appreciate that.

So, here is our promised list.

List Of Nootropics Smart Drugs

  1. Adderall – Drug used for ADHD treatment
  2. Adrafinil – A smart drug used for improving alertness, mood and wakefulness
  3. Aricept (Donepezil) – Used to improve memory
  4. Centrophenoxine – A synthetic smart drug-related to DMAE suggested in animal research to help brain energy and cerebral vascular function
  5. L-Deprenyl – Drug used for improving mood and attention
  6. Modafinil (Provigil) – One of the most popular smart drugs for treating sleep-related disorders
  7. Ritalin – A popular study drug

Why Are They Problematic?

There are many reasons why you should avoid smart drugs. To mention a few:

  1. They can be illegal
  2. You might need a prescription
  3. They are drugs, not supplements
  4. They have quite different effects on people
  5. Some of them are VERY strong
  6. Lack of long-term benefits
  7. Addiction might be a problem
  8. They can be risky to take

Yes, that’s quite contrary to nootropics, which are most of them side-effects free.

So, stick to the best nootropics and nootropic supplements. You can thank us later.

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