Ultra Brain is a nootropic supplement developed by an Indian company Giver Nutrition. According to its founder, it is the first clinically-advanced nootropic supplement developed in India

Each capsule contains 9 well-dosed nootropics. It is the most affordable nootropic supplement we ever tested.

Interestingly, this supplement contains 42 capsules instead of the regular 60 capsules. It seems to me that the company cares about its customers’ well-being and health. That is why they recommend cycling the product.

But the question is: What can you expect from a nootropic supplement that costs about $14?

Check out my full review. 

Ultra Brain Review

Ultra Brain was developed to:

  1. Promote cognitive enhancement
  2. Boost focus
  3. Improve memory
  4. Help with stress and energy
  5. And increase performance

It is caffeine-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, banned substance-free, and gluten-free. It is produced in India by the highest-quality supplement standards.

Its low price comes from the fact that most compounds are directly sourced in India. This gives Giver Nutrition a unique competitive advantage.

But how does it work? Does it deliver any benefits?

My Experience

I received my first 3 bottles of Ultra Brain at the beginning of February. I started the test about a week later. 

Every morning I took 2 capsules with or after my breakfast. 

My experience was very positive. I got a small brain energy boost about 20 minutes after I took the capsules.

I was focused and relaxed for about 3 hours – much longer than without taking the supplements. I also felt very clear in my mind.

I would prefer to get a stronger energy boost, but the supplement would have to contain caffeine for that. For long-term use, having no caffeine is definitely an advantage. 

Overall, I had a great experience with Ultra Brain.

ultra brain 


Ultra Brain contains 9 nootropics. They are: 

Each ServingAmount Per Serving 
Vitamin B610 mg 
L-Tyrosine200 mg 
L-Theanine150 mg 
Phosphatidylserine100 mg 
L-Alpha GPC200 mg 
Bacopa Extract150 mg 
Huperzia Serrata Extract400 mcg 
L-Luecine40 mg 
Vinpocetine5 mg 
Pterostilbene20 mg 

Recommend Dosage

Giver Nutrition recommends taking 2 capsules of Ultra Brain per day. 

I recommend taking the capsules in the morning with or after breakfast.

If you can also take them on an empty stomach if you tolerate the ingredients.

I also suggest you take the capsules during the week and stay off during the weekend. That’s how you will avoid any potential side effects.

Side Effects

I experienced no side effects during my 2-week test. Ultra Brain contains proven ingredients, so side effects should not occur.

If you experience any issues, stop taking the capsules and consult with your doctor or the brand.

Where to buy Ultra Brain?

You can order Ultra Brain on their official website >>

Use discount code YOURINCEPTION10 for a 10% discount!

The company is based in India, but they ship their supplement to most countries of the “developed world.” 


Your Inception team recommends supplementing Ultra Brain. It’s a well-formulated nootropic supplement that boosts focus, memory, and cognition.

Unlike many of its competitors, it’s an extremely affordable supplement.

If you are just starting with nootropics, you are a student or an active individual, this is a great supplement for you!