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MagTech Magnesium Complex is 100% chelated and also nutritionally optimized which makes it one of the best magnesium supplements on the market. It includes three types of magnesium – L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate each with unique effects. But why exactly would you use it? 

It promotes relaxation and supports the quality of sleep

It has several other cognitive benefits

By combining it with GABA Brain Food, you should sleep like a baby

It is made in the form of capsules – some of you might prefer it in a different form 

MagTech Magnesium Complex Review

Magnesium supplements have been part of my diet for the past 10 years.

When I was in high school, I was for a short time learning Jiu-Jitsu.

Because I sucked at it and most kids were easily fighting me, I had tremendous issues with cramps. Therefore, I started taking magnesium supplements and sooner, the situation got better. Probably because I never again showed up on training, but I’m sure magnesium supplement played an important role as well.

Years later, I started using different magnesium supplements as a part of my sleep regime. That’s how I got across MagTech.

And since I’m a fan of the company who developed the product, I was eager to give it a try.

To be straightforward, don’t expect you’re going to feel any extra effect after taking MagTech.

Some might feel a smooth relaxing effect, but the majority probably won’t.

Even though there are studies proving several positive effects of taking Magnesium [1], it’s still hard to actually feel anything.

BUT this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Just contrary, by using MagTech your sleep should definitely improve.

Personally, I’m a big fan of MagTech Magnesium Complex. I don’t take it every day, but occasionally, especially after a hard gym training or when I had a busy day and I feel my head is going to explode.

And for those days, MagTech is perfect for me.

MagTech Ingredients (Is it safe taking it?)

MagTech has an open source formula, it is gluten-free, paleo friendly, non-GMO and it is suitable for vegans.

Here are all of the ingredients that you can find in MagTech Magnesium Complex:

  • 1000 mg Magnesium L-Threonate
  • 630 mg Magnesium Taurate
  • 690 mg Magnesium Glycinate

MagTech Suggested Use

The suggested use is taking 2 capsules per day. The best time to take MagTech is one capsule in the afternoon and one in the evening.

If you use MagTech as a sleep aid, then I would recommend you taking both capsules in the evening before going to bed.

Besides, you can also take the supplement after hard physical training.

Regarding the dosage: I have always stuck to the recommended dosage (2 capsules per day)  and I’d recommend you to do the same. Of course, if your doctor recommends something else, listen to him/her.

MagTech Supplement

MagTech Supplement

MagTech Reviews & Feedbacks

When I did my research, I was able to find tons of positive effects of using MagTech.

It seems like people simply love it.

Let me share some feedbacks with you:

“Noticed an immediate effect on sleep within 2 days. The depth of sleep was greater and the energy and clarity when waking was most pronounced.” 

“Mostly I liked the sleep aid part. It is not like a pharmaceutical feeling. It does not make you drowsy at all. When you take it in the evening you still are wide awake to finish your evening chores. Then when you get in bed and close your eyes you are a sleep in seconds! I do wish they would relax the muscles in my neck that I deal with. I guess the 3 forms of the magnesium are not for relaxing them. Over all I am a fan of this product. I have given some to 2 friends who couldn’t sleep and now do. They love it.”

“This product was recommended by my doctor and I love it. I suffer from foot cramps and have none since I began taking it.”

There is not much more to add.

Where to Buy MagTech Magnesium Complex?

To sum up, MagTech is a great product that:

  • Promotes relaxation and supports the quality of sleep
  • Supports learning and memory
  • Supports healthy cognitive aging

If you’re interested in trying MagTech, you can order it here. 

At the price of 34,95 USD, it is definitely worth the money.

My Secret Formula

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of experimenting with combining different food supplements to achieve even better results.

If you take MagTech (or any other magnesium supplements) for relaxation, I have a special recommendation for you.

To achieve a maximum effect, I would suggest you combining MagTech with GABA Brain Food (read my review here).

GABA is an outstanding supplement that was developed to induce calmness and help you relax and fall asleep faster.

I have tried combining both supplements and I’ve been extremely satisfied.

Combining the GABA supplement with MagTech will not ensure better sleep, but you will wake up in a better mood and energized.

GABA Brain Food Dosage

Whenever you have tons of energy in the evening, or contrary, you feel totally crushed, take both supplements and you’ll immediately understand why I love both products so much.

If you want to order GABA Brain Food, you can do it here. 


  • What is MagTech made of? 

It contains three forms of magnesium: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate. MagTech is a really great product for improving brain function, aids relaxation, it also helps with your sleep problems and decreases anxiety.

  • When is the best time for taking MagTech?

The best time for taking MagTech is 2 capsules before going to bed. This can help your muscles relax and might improve the quality of your sleep. 

  • Would you recommend combining MagTech with GABA Brain Food supplement? 

I would definitely recommend it to people who want to improve the quality of their sleep. 

Your Inception Final Recommendation

Your Inception Guarantee

Your Inception recommends supplementing MagTech Magnesium Complex. 

If you are searching for a high-quality magnesium supplement, MagTech is definitely a product for you.

Highly recommended!

VERDICT: 4,5/5


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