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Unleash Your Potential

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It’s great to see you here! This website will provide critical support to both high-end achievers with clear goals and objectives and individuals who are looking to make changes to precipitate success in their lives.

Who we are and what do we do?

  • We’re a group of life-hacking enthusiasts who want to perform on a long-term sustainable high limit; who want to push over (so far) possible; we want to unlock the “impossible”.
  • We analyze, review and compare tricks and tips that’ll help you achieve more.
  • We research nootropics and nootropic stacks, we test nootropics, review and compare them, and we share the best nootropics with you.

This is the ideal place to tap into your enormous potential.

Making something extraordinary is challenging. Not impossible. Just damned hard. There is so much hype out there. Instead of getting a clearer picture and a step-by-step guide for success, you are just becoming more frustrated:

“I have tried literally everything! I read books, online articles, I went through hundreds of courses, but the same bullshit theory repeated itself all the time. There was no real advice. I am kind of stuck. What should I do?”

Do you recognize yourself in this story? 

Now ask yourself:

  • Do you feel like you are stuck, but you know you have the capability to move further?
  • Do you want to learn about nootropics and food supplements that can help you boost your cognitive performance?
  • Do you want to become more productive, more focused, have more energy and finally start achieving your goals?

Well, you are not alone. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

I know how you feel!

This is how I began my mission to become a hyper-productive person and share my story with you.

That’s why I created Your Inception. To advise. To help. To show you the direction, when you are lost. To share with you my know-how on nootropics and food supplements. And to give you that extra push when you feel like giving up!

Now, it’s your choice to take the next step.

The question is: How much do you want it?

Žan Bračič - nootropics and your inception

Zan Bracic, The Founder of Serious Blends 

“Grega is one of the most inspiring, talented and fun people i have ever met.
I’m very glad for having had the chance to work with him. He is always pushing the envelope

Monika about Nootropics and Your Inception

Monika Horvat, CEO and the Founder of Marketing Agency Kuka

“Grega is very organized and talented; he loves implementing new ideas. He has helped many entrepreneurs, including me, with his advice on how to improve productivity and master my skills. It is a great pleasure working with him.”

klemen selakovic

Klemen Selakovic, Award-winning UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer & Creative

“I’ve known Grega since UNI and we instantly connected. He is that type of guy who thinks a lot about the world around him, but with one MAJOR difference. He believes (and rightly so) that he can manipulate and change the world not just for him, but most importantly, for the people around him. Breaking the rules is in his DNA.”